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Thread: Check which old tower monsters you can kill / have new factoids (useful for flyers)

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    Default Check which old tower monsters you can kill / have new factoids (useful for flyers)

    So I've been ascending a lot lately, and for the rock band/jam band flyers in the frat war, I've always been using the genie to call up an old tower monster and use the flyers on them to instantly complete the quest. But I can never remember their names or what items kill them, so being too lazy to look them up, I always end up summoning the beer batter and getting beat up after I use the flyers because I don't have a baseball.

    I wrote this short script to quickly tell me the following things, so that I can quickly and efficiently choose one to use the flyers on and kill:
    1. Which tower monsters can I kill with my current inventory?
    2. Of those, which ones have new Manuel factoids that I haven't gotten yet?
    3. Which item works on each one, and how many of them do I have?

    Sample output:
    > call scripts\oso_towerCheck.ash
    New Manuel entries in RED below!
    You can kill Fickle Finger of F8 (3 razor-sharp can lids)
    You can kill Tyrannosaurus Tex (2 chaos butterflies)
    You can kill fancy bath slug (3 bottles of fancy bath salts)
    You can kill malevolent crop circle (1 bronzed locust)
    You can kill the darkness (3 inkwells)
    Scanning complete. Don't forget to equip a hovering sombrero!
    Anything that you already have all 3 factoids for will be green, and anything with a new factoid will be red.

    Not sure how useful this will be for most people, but I figured I'd might as well share it!
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