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Thread: Basic OnLogin script

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    Default Basic OnLogin script


    Hopefully a very basic question

    As my first foray into scripting I have an onlogin script which has:

    genie item pocket;
    genie item pocket;
    genie item pocket;

    For my multi without a genie the script fails, and so doesn't reach breakfast, so I need an if statement to test whether I have a genie. What is the syntax for that?

    Secondly, the script fails if I have already run breakfast that day, so again I need to test for it. What would be the syntax for that?

    thanks for any help

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    try this:

    try ; genie item pocket
    try ; genie item pocket
    try ; genie item pocket
    The "try" will make the next command not stop execution even if it aborts.
    Breakfast should not fail if repeated, it should simply not do anything (unless something is now avalable that wasn't available the first time?)

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