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Thread: New specialty combat/choice workflow functions

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    Default New specialty combat/choice workflow functions

    Revision 18247 adds a couple of functions:

    boolean in_multi_fight();

    If true, you are in the middle of a multi-fight and can (must) call run_combat() to handle it.

    This is a situation like Ed the Undying, Eldritch Attunement, or The Gourd where, immediately upon finishing a fight, you are presented with a non-optional "again" link which goes to fight.php. You can heal or change equipment; your only choice is to wade into the next fight.

    A script can always know what to expect with out this - if you are fighting Ed, you KNOW to expect multiple versions, and if you have Eldritch Attunement, you KNOW to expect a tentacle - but I'm considering not having to hardcode that last one in y own ASH functions which are called to execute a fight; to have them automatically do (however many) chained multi-fights, from whatever source.

    boolean choice_follows_fight();

    If true, you have finished a fight which is about to lead to a choice and you can (must) call run_choice() to handle it.

    This is a situation as in The Gourd, where you fight waves of foes in multi-fights and are then given a choice in which you can either take a breather or dive into the next wave of multi-fights. Ditto for the Tunnel of L.O.V.

    Again - a script should know when to expect this, but, here it is, for completeness.
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