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Thread: Eldritch Attunement stops automated adventuring.

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    Default Eldritch Attunement stops automated adventuring.

    Bug: The 'Eldritch Attunement' bonus fights are not automated.

    v1.6 r18244

    To reproduce, type in the client:
    eat eldritch mushroom pizza
    use bricko ooze

    Mafia stops fighting after killing the bricko ooze. No error message, it just seems to think it finished.
    User is forced to twiddle their thumbs in the Relay browser and fight the second battle manually.

    Long explanation:
    The Eldritch Attunement effect turns almost every combat into a multistage fight.
    (Exceptions: Eldritch Tentacles and fights that are already multistage such as LOV tunnel. There will also be no second fight if Attunement wears off due to the first fight costing an adventure.)

    In vanilla KoL, beating the first monster creates a link called "The barrier between world is torn..." which directs to fight.php. Clicking the link starts the second stage of the fight vs. an Eldritch Tentacle. Can Mafia learn to automatically start the second fight?

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    Revision 18245.
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    Awesome, thanks!!

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