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Thread: Campground relay overrides

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    Default Campground relay overrides

    I've written a patch to support overriding specific parts of campground.php. This is for my Asdon Martin GUI script I plan to release, but I don't want to clobber over campground.ash.

    Follows the format "relay/campground.action_name.ash". Workshed items can be more specific; "relay/campground.workshed.workshed_item_id.ash". This allows multiple workshed override scripts to exist simultaneously.

    relay/campground.telescope.ash - overrides the telescope (campground.php?action=telescope)
    relay/campground.workshed.9508.ash - overrides asdon martin, when it is installed
    relay/campground.workshed.ash - overrides every workshed item without a specific script. (relay/campground.workshed.9508.ash will take priority)
    relay/campground.ash - Fall through script that handles every other request.


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    18256. I almost removed the "redundant" alternate_field block before realizing why it was there. Other than that, all the changes I made were trivial. Plus I took the opportunity to finally remove masterRelayOverride.

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