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Thread: Standard Rollover Bonus

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    Many moons late to the party here, but I'm looking for a script (or ASH/cli command or maximizer item) that tells me what other effects items could have at rollover, like "Uncle Crimbo's Hat", which

    In my ideal world, this would also work in a Two Crazy Random Summer run (if there are even any "at rollover" effects on that path), but it would be useful for choosing overnight garb in general.

    Any advice on how to get that?

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    Any advice on how to get that?
    Originally Posted by MCroft View Post
    I don't think mafia looks at things like that. I believe your best bet would be to do the research of what you want, and create an outfit.
    Scripts I have written:
    Unlock Dread A Script to save you a bunch of clicks.
    Standard Rollover Bonus A Script that shows best items to pull/equip for bonus turns.
    Standard PVP Bonus A Script that shows the best items to pull/equip for bonus PVP Fights.
    Rollover Management A Script that does all the daily deeds you might have forgotten, or might have missed.
    Chatbot A Chatbot script. Simple start for those who want/need one for their clan.
    Zap Wand A Dungeon of Doom ZAP WAND getting script.

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    foreach it in $items[] {
        if ( !it.can_equip() )
        effect roe = it.effect_modifier( "Rollover Effect" );
        if ( roe == $effect[none ] )
        int duration = it.numeric_modifier( "Rollover Effect Duration" );
        print( it + " -> " + roe + " (" + duration + "}" );

    > roe.ash
    Sasq™ watch -> The Rich Get Richer (30}
    ninjammies -> Morninja (50}
    ratskin pajama pants -> Pajama Party (40}
    red LavaCo Lamp™ -> Red Menace (50}
    blue LavaCo Lamp™ -> Blue Eyed Devil (50}
    green LavaCo Lamp™ -> Green Peace (50}
    Royal scepter -> It's Good To Be Royal! (5}
    octolus-skin cloak -> Octolus Gift (30}
    Quartet of Flare Masters Jacket -> Eldritch Concentration (1}
    Uncle Crimbo's hat -> The Spirit of Crimbo (100}
    Spacegate scientist's insignia -> Spirit of Galactic Unity (30}
    Spacegate military insignia -> Spirit of Galactic Unity (30}
    silent nightlight -> Nightlit (50}
    novelty monorail ticket -> Favored by Lyle (100}
    Crimbolex watch -> Watched Over (100}
    hewn moon-rune spoon -> Spoon Boon (50}
    Which is not quite correct, since at least one item gives you two rollover effects, and we don't support that.

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