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Thread: New You 2.0 (New New You?)

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    I found another odd place that causes problems. There seem to be so many. Today I was assigned the pygmy bowler. I had dozens of bowling balls in my inventory which were consumed wasting turns. I was watching and aborted it. Even with my balls in the closet, I still got one from every bowler, which then wasted another turn.

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    Heh. I had to manually closet every bowling ball when I got that one.

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    Personally, I have an AfterAdventure script that automatically closets bowling balls after the king has been liberated...

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    I was assigned the lobsterfrogman today and received this when I ran the script:

    > call scripts\NewYou.ash

    Sending kmail to digitrev...
    No New-You quest, so there's nothing to do
    Requests complete.

    I'm running the latest r of BatBrain.

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    Can you get to Sonofa Beach normally? The script does check can_adv for location viability, so that seems like the most likely point of failure to me.

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    Yes, I can get there normally; I'm in aftercore waiting for Lyle to happen.

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