The script most recently used list was designed to be case sensitive. That has served well but there are ways to get the same script listed twice (EatDrink, eatdrink) using the CLI (and the menu) on a case insensitive OS. This is enough of an edge case that I have chosen not to change it but I am mentioning it in case doing so generates a chorus of "I've seen that and I wish it were changed".

The list only stores the file name. Thus if the file is in a subdirectory of scripts it is not found when selected from the MRU list. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or a feature request but it would be better if any script that exists and has been previously invoked from the list could be invoked from the list again. This is becoming an issue as script writers are choosing to install all their scripts in subdirectories.

I have looked at this before and never found a solution that was localized enough to be worth doing but it may be time to revisit that.