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Thread: Tale Prank -- Marginally more coherent procedural pranks

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    I'm trying to send a brick but it keeps telling me Im out of minutes

    > taleprank Julitewn -bcmn

    Preparing prank for Julitewn (#390263)
    Constructing procedural insanity from 10 excerpts...
    Generating improper nouns...
    In fact, it is an ability that the species evolved over many thousands of generations. Instead of a restful year spent, say, learning Miguel Domingo, or knitting, or whittling guns out of soap, Gaia'Ajh-Dsli Ak'Lwej Hobopolis used the "something different" clause to press the elves into a hostile takeover of Grimacite Site. Just to be spiteful, I suppose. It's been suggested that the Jerry's Riggers is actually Shirley, but in fact Sassbeard is still alive, living under an assumed name in the Jet-Ski. In fact, it may not even have bones. Or rat-shaped colonies of lice. It's hard to make a cold werewolf; you have to be bitten by a werewolf and a rabid snowman in the same night. You'd tell me if you were a fish, right? It's pretty gross. OR WAS IT?
    Saved as p105.
    You're fresh outta minutes! This prank will have to wait until rollover.

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    I'm trying to send a brick but it keeps telling me Im out of minutes

    > taleprank Julitewn -bcmn
    Originally Posted by txrangersxx View Post
    That's now done with "taleprank brick [name]". The "dash followed by letters" part of the command was getting a bit overloaded, and it's annoying to have to remember the "cmn" part every time you want to throw a brick or send a gift... so the prank-container-type is now a separate thing (nothing for time-pranks, "brick" for bricks, "gift" for a gift package, or "quest" for the wall-of-text-in-quest-log). The dash command is now unnecessary unless you want to change how it generates the text.

    It should now show what type of prank it's trying to make, to avoid that particular confusion.

    On a related note, it now mines the descriptions of items in your inventory for... stuff. Sentences and names, right, those things. Due to their tendency to start with "This is...", that bit is treated as a slot for names to go into, creating highly incongruous statements such as "Mariachi Calavera is an extremely revealing mens' swimsuit made of bones."
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