The following is an abbreviated version of the Subversion commit message logs. Please keep in mind that these messages are intended for other developers and they take the files which were modified into context in order to limit the amount of verbage. In general, they are not intended for general audiences and should not be treated as "official" documentation -- they are informal and abbreviated, at best.

If you do not understand what something says, try looking at the full version of the revision by following the accompanying link for the revision. The only difference is that the files which were modified will be listed, and sometimes, you can guess what happened from file names (though not always). If you still have no idea what happened, that's okay -- it probably doesn't relate to what you're doing with KoLmafia. ^_~

Furthermore, not everything marked as "fixed" is guaranteed to be fixed, not all changes are guaranteed to have a change. This is due the fact that both time and turns are finite and only a limited number of things can be tested. Some changes go in untested, assuming they would work, when they actually don't due to erroneous assumptions; alpha testers occasionally will be able to give feedback, but it's not always possible.

For example, if you read the revision logs for what changed between 10.2 and 10.3, the plus sign choice adventure was meant to get a use link. Something as seemingly insignificant as KoL using two spaces instead of one space in the sentence "It's actually a book. Read it." would mean the change didn't actually work -- anyone can verify that, in fact, the change didn't work for this very reason. If you ever encounter something like that, a non-accusatory mention of it (non-accusatory meaning anything that neither implies "ZOMG FALSE ADVERTISING" nor "You guys said this was fixed, but...") somewhere will usually result in the problem getting addressed.

Finally, if you've got a bug to report, make sure you read up on how to post a detailed bug report. While the rules outlined apply specifically to bugs related to scripting, many of them are applicable to KoLmafia bug reports in general. Most importantly, I hate the words "annoying" and "frustrating". Never use them when describing a bug/feature. Ever. Thanks. The abridged revision logs follow.

Revision: 16496
Add "test spleen X" to set your current spleen use to X (as far as KoLmafia
knows; obviously it does not actually change KoL's value).
The "numberology" command will now report that your desired prize is available
in X turns or Y spleen (if Y is <= your unused spleen).

Revision: 16497
Update id for The Road to the White Citadel

Revision: 16498
Add ice hotel bell banish

Revision: 16499
A couple of Advent items

Revision: 16500
A few new items

Revision: 16501
More new stuff

Revision: 16502
New familiars

Revision: 16503
Some more IotM items.

Revision: 16504
Recognise Deep Machine Tunnel monsters by image.

Revision: 16505
Beardfreeze gives Frostbeard

Revision: 16506
VYKEA Viking scaling

Revision: 16507
THE Deep Machine Tunnels

Revision: 16508
Add "test numberology adventureDelta spleenDelta"

Revision: 16509
Slight support for Antihangover. Doesn't work from last night's drunkenness, just updates if you look at the effect, otherwise defaulting to 5 as before. Also handle some Dis buffs that we could by calculations (untested).

Revision: 16510
Simplify skill/effect matching internally when they don't have the same name

Revision: 16511
Don't add anything to the effect/skill mapping for now, since it breaks the maximizer

Revision: 16512
Pressure penalty for The Ice Hole is -100%

Revision: 16513
Add skill/effect pairing back, without breaking the maximizer this time

Revision: 16514
chocolate bowtie

Revision: 16515
What is the sound of one barrel smashing? Originated by

Revision: 16516
Some abstractions can be used in combat

Revision: 16517
abstraction: comprehension stat gains, based on Ungawa's spading on G-D.

Revision: 16518
Update drop rates for bird rib and lion oil

Revision: 16519
When parsing charpane.php, update base stats internally if KoL's value for base stats doesn't match ours.
Add "test stats X" to set all three stat values to X substats (if X > 0).

Revision: 16520
Correctly implement the previous commit

Revision: 16521
Revert the previous commits for now

Revision: 16522
Add some item powers

Revision: 16523
Machine Elf arena parameters

Revision: 16524
Add a few missing effects. No, I don't know how to actually get them.

Revision: 16525
Fix a new effect

Revision: 16526
Four Advent items

Revision: 16527
Drop rate for perfect ice cube

Revision: 16528
Change tennis ball banish message

Revision: 16529
Recognize some items being used in haiku/anapest mode

Revision: 16530
Stop caching ML-based (computed) values of physical resistance.

Revision: 16531
compile errors

Revision: 16532
Update the MP cost modifier for Chilled to the Bone when you gain the effect or look at its description

Revision: 16533
Initial support for Crimbo Town 2015.

Revision: 16534
Add support for Crimbo 2015 quest items.

Revision: 16535
Some more new content

Revision: 16536
Crimbo monster cap

Revision: 16537
Crimbo rewards for day 3

Revision: 16538
More for those rewards

Revision: 16539
Evaluate Crimbo 2015 only modifiers. Note that this is based on a guess of that Crimbo 2015 event will finish at rollover on 1st January, after adding adventures to characters. If we know nearer the time when it'll actually end, that can be tweaked.

Revision: 16540
Get rid of one of the accountings for +adventures, as we don't need both. Whoops.

Revision: 16541
Fix modifier entries

Revision: 16542
New Crimbo quest rewards, and tracking for them.

Revision: 16543
Appearance rates for Oil Peak, Adventurer Contests and Nemesis Lair. Lightly tested.

Revision: 16544
bundle of "fragrant" herbs can banish three monsters at once.

Revision: 16545
Some missing effect notes from consumables.

Revision: 16546
Another day of crimbo rewards

Revision: 16547
Add basic session logging for proselytization.

Revision: 16548
Address issues in ASH function appearance_rates.
The issues resolved here are twofold: one, base rejection rates weren't
taken into account, causing totals of greater than 100%; two, conditional
rejection based on preferences weren't recalculated, as Ezandora pointed
There was also a typo in AreaCombatData.

Revision: 16549
Resolve NPE from previous commit.

Revision: 16550
Add tracking for Deep Machine Tunnels daily turns.

Revision: 16551
Add familiar tracker to Machine Elf, too.

Revision: 16552

Revision: 16553
New Crimbo 2015 rewards.

Revision: 16554
New crimbo stuff

Revision: 16555
Missing file from previous commit

Revision: 16556
Communism! daily limit

Revision: 16557
Set the bonus for Feelin' The Rhythm when using a circle drum

Revision: 16558
Add missing tab to item

Revision: 16559
More Crimbo items

Revision: 16560
Fix parsing of Feelin' The Rhythm!

Revision: 16561
Today's tiny plastic and some item powers.

Revision: 16562
Reverse appearance of meat blobs (overdone on even ascensions).

Revision: 16563
Move Landscaper's Lair to Antique Maps

Revision: 16564
Revert "Reverse appearance of meat blobs (overdone on even ascensions)."
This reverts commit a55ec61cc2b45e7afaff9eab586454622860148b.

Revision: 16565
Pirates now discriminate on the grounds of gender. Goblin King and Lord Spookyraven won't appear when dead / deader. Dense Lianas shouldn't appear after their zones reach have their first non-combats completed.

Revision: 16566
New crimbo items

Revision: 16567
Minor item tweaks

Revision: 16568
Appearance rates for Slime Tube and Cyrpt.

Revision: 16569
Today's items.

Revision: 16570
Merry Crimbo !

Revision: 16571
Renamed spoiler items

Revision: 16572
reusable shopping bag

Revision: 16573
Fix some autosell prices and item images

Revision: 16574
Add defaults for choice adventures when entering Jarlsberg and when encountering
the Avatar of Boris in the Tower.

Revision: 16575
Add Communism! to breakfast

Revision: 16576
Make it clearer that subscription links can't be used in KoLmafia

Revision: 16577
Track Snojo available (snojoAvailable) and Snojo Console setting (snojoSetting). Currently do not reset on ascension, as I do not know if they do. Also Crimbo event ends rollover of the 3rd Jan.

Revision: 16578
Add leave option of LavaCo Lamp Factory non-combat

Revision: 16579
Fix pattern to be less inclusive. Plural for Boosty Juice

Revision: 16580
Some snojo items.

Revision: 16581
optimalSwagger, ROMOfOptimalityAvailable, ROMOfOptimalityCost

Revision: 16582
Some effects and items from snojo (one effect id unknown)

Revision: 16583
Filter out hot dogs in the item manager if Clan hot dog stand is restricted.
Filter out speakeasy drinks in the item manager if Clan speakeasy is restricted

Revision: 16584
2016 Standard rewards

Revision: 16585
Put outfit pieces for new outfits into canonical slot order

Revision: 16586
Snojo skills

Revision: 16587
When we visit a room in the hedge maze, set the last location and quest progress
to indicate that we are there.

Revision: 16588
Fix Snojo fight parsing. Don't skip parsing things within /div in FightRequest. I'm sure there will turn out to be a reason it was there and this will break something else, but will have to find another fix for that when it appears.

Revision: 16589
Missing effect number for Ancient Fortitude. Spading for outstanding consumables. (Only now missing re-spading for evil pasta)

Revision: 16590
Add X-32-F Combat Training Snowman monster. Handle OCRS modifiers.

Revision: 16591
Properly handle event-expiring modifiers

Revision: 16592
Crimbo-only accessories now give 1 adventure

Revision: 16593
Training belt

Revision: 16594
Toggle Optimality

Revision: 16595
Check you haven't drunk 3 Speakeasy drinks before checking if one is available in the clan, as they are never available when you've drunk three. Untested.

Revision: 16596
You can't Calculate the Universe with no turns remaining

Revision: 16597
If the charpane shows that your base stats do not match what KoLmafia expects, update them to match. Skip this check for any stat that is limited or equalized.

Revision: 16598
Track Snojo free fights as _snojoFreeFights. Track progress in each Snojo setting with snojoMoxieWins, snojoMuscleWins, snojoMysticalityWins. Will correct the progress to a degree on getting a drop, based on current beliefs (drop every 7 free fights, item after 11th free fight, skill after 50th free fight). Lightly tested.

Revision: 16599
Correct Snokebomb spelling. Track snokebomb usage and banishes.

Revision: 16600
Open the relay browser by default for new users. The relay browser will not be automatically opened at startup for non-GUI users, though it can still be opened manually as before.

Revision: 16601
You can't hug yourself

Revision: 16602
Several items are now Free Pull

Revision: 16603
VYKEA is now indoors

Revision: 16604
As Snojo isn't usable in ascension til Control Panel has been visited, default to NONE initially and on ascension.

Revision: 16605
As what seems to actually matter is the monster, not the area, though the flavour is it is the area, mark some monsters NOBANISH and give an appropriate failure message.

Revision: 16606
Track royalty. Note, does NOT reset when royal scepter is obtained, so please reset it manually. Does not learn your current royalty, so please set that manually.

Revision: 16607
Do not confuse the blue (awesome) of consumables as the beginning of the
enchantments section of the item description.
Fancy cooking and mixing ingredients should get a [cook] or [mix] use link

Revision: 16608
For Manuel owners, parse monster stats from the visibly-displayed values instead of from a javascript variable, since the former now exists even for monsters without factoids

Revision: 16609
training scrolls grants skills when used

Revision: 16610
Detect completion of Spookyraven Necklace quest with text rather than gaining ghost of a necklace, as this can be pulled. Untested.

Revision: 16611
Don't increment snojo counters on fights 11+. Turtle Pheromones can be used with Eau de Tortue active. Untested

Revision: 16612
Crimbo 2015 zone removed

Revision: 16613
Add missing conditional skills.

Revision: 16614
Don't try to parse things in the mayo shop when they can't show up. Reduce mayoLevel when using a mayo lance.

Revision: 16615
Hustled Spectre is a Semi-rare

Revision: 16616
Brick Mulligan, the Bartender appears every 25 turns in Kokomo Resort

Revision: 16617
Track Shattering Punch uses

Revision: 16618
Show how many free fights have been used against the training snowman at the end of each combat

Revision: 16619
Only set _universeCalculated when you successfully get a result from Doing the Maths

Revision: 16620
Untested. Don't reduce quantity of ghost dog chow when the familiar is too full already.

Revision: 16621
The missing change for setting _universeCalculated at the right time

Revision: 16622

Revision: 16623
Untested - Fix Seal Clubber Nemesis quest tracking without breaking other classes - I hope!

Revision: 16624
Add machine elf snowglobe tracking. Add free fight info (fights_today, fights_limit) to familiar proxy record values.

Revision: 16625
Help text fix for edpiece command.

Revision: 16626
A bit of sanity to Deep Machine Tunnel combat logging. Doesn't log damage, as only (some) familiar actions show the amount, and it looks silly to just track them. No longer thinks it finds weird non-items. Might track Nanorhino buff being applied (untested). More to come another day (mainly tracking successs/failure of limited skills/items).

Revision: 16627
Fix names for training scrolls. Add Martialest Arts trophy.

Revision: 16628
Improve familiar annotations.
Among other things, this adds the drop name to the CompactSidePanel as well
as a free fight counter for the Machine Elf.

Revision: 16629
Add a line break after familiar weight in side pane. Shorten nickname for tales of spelunking.

Revision: 16630
Rename 'fights' to 'combats' in familiar annotation to reduce ambiguity.

Revision: 16631
Log that loss or gain of hp or mp happens in Deep Machine Tunnels, but not how much as we cannot tell. Recognise success/failure with using items and skills.

Revision: 16632
Recognise failure to successfully use A-boo clue.

Revision: 16633
Deep Machine Tunnels non-combat spoilers.

Revision: 16634
If an effect has a value that we check, and that effect comes from an item, also check that value when looking at the item

Revision: 16635
Add some new effects and items from the 2016 IotYs.

Revision: 16636
Add rockin' robin to familiars.txt.

Revision: 16637
Arena parameters for Rockin' Robin. When Learn Familiar Strengths in the
Familiar Trainer, ignore counters so they do not abort the training session.

Revision: 16638
recipes for robin nog and robin flan

Revision: 16639
Batfellow stuff

Revision: 16640
Clicking on the Orc Chasm when there is no bridge started will try to acquire
a bridge (via untinkering the abridged dictionary, if necessary), just as it
used to before KoL changed the displayed URL a few weeks ago.

Revision: 16641
Add more Batfellow potions.

Revision: 16642
Add missing skills and a straggling effect from Batfellow.

Revision: 16643
Add yet more batfellow items / effects. Update ailment ointment restore amount.

Revision: 16644
Better rendering for items which give both full and drunk. First cut at
adding Batfellow zones

Revision: 16645
Add telegraphOfficeAvailable setting. Set it when you use the telegraph office
deed or we see the telegraph office in the Right Side of the Tracks in town.

Revision: 16646
If you are not in a clan, set clanId to -1 (instead of 0) and clanName to an empty String (instead of null) so that get_clan_name() won't trigger a profile check every time

Revision: 16647
More Batfellow limitmode stuff. Also, some monsters.

Revision: 16648
Lots of LT&T stuff

Revision: 16649
Fill in the correct strange disc for the unusual construct. Not all color phrases are recognized yet, but adding more will be simple.

Revision: 16650
For the unusual construct, fill in a bogus item (seal tooth) if a color word isn't found, so that the cases that are recognized can be trusted

Revision: 16651
fix typo

Revision: 16652
All of the color words for the unusual construct (hopefully), including handling without a translator equipped

Revision: 16653
Add a default setting

Revision: 16654
Add telegram monsters. Still missing some bosses and monster stats.

Revision: 16655
If no weight is given, assume 4 for Clownosity and 7 for Raveosity.

Revision: 16656
Disco State of Mind and Frantic Gyrations are passive skills

Revision: 16657
Add Snowballed snojo debuff

Revision: 16658
More itemz

Revision: 16659
Some silver ring concoctions

Revision: 16660
Recognize batman limitmode ending

Revision: 16661
Change beehive and electric boning knife to be combat reusable.

Revision: 16662
Fix some monster stats. Add skill detection for Western skill books

Revision: 16663
More LT&T stuff. Remove strange discs after you finish fighting the unusual construct.

Revision: 16664
More LT&T items

Revision: 16665
Use KoL's copy of jquery instead of fetching from

Revision: 16666
Add some monsters from LT&T Telegraph and Batfellow

Revision: 16667
Missed one.

Revision: 16668
Put all Batfellow monsters into appropriate zones

Revision: 16669
Stationary Buttons really do require a more modern edition of jquery

Revision: 16670
Experimental coinmasters for Batfellow.

Revision: 16671
Add some items and effects

Revision: 16672
Cowboy Kick

Revision: 16673
Track daily use of Glenn's golden dice

Revision: 16674
Some basic quest stuff for LT&T quest. lttQuestDifficulty is 1, 2 or 3 for Easy, Moderate and Hard. lttQuestName has the name of the quest from the LT&T office. lttQuestStageCount has the count of appropriate monster kills for the current stage. questLTTQuestByWire SHOULD have the quest stage, but isn't currently working for some reason!

Revision: 16675
Split out parts of BatFellowRequest into BatManager. When a BatFellow combat
skill uses an item, remove it from inventory.

Revision: 16676
Save current BatUpgrades in batmanUpgrades setting, while in the comic

Revision: 16677
Better checking for when chateau rests are available

Revision: 16678
Arena parameters for Choctopus

Revision: 16679
More Batfellow support:
batmanStats - setting that contains current value of all of your stats.
(Note that BatHealth is not currently tracked)
batmanTimeLeft - number of minutes left before Gotpork City explodes

Revision: 16680
Must leave batman limitmode AFTER we have finished processing the choice.

Revision: 16681
Call BatManager.begin AFTER we clear out inventory and such.

Revision: 16682
When parsing charpane, update effects and modifiers before stats, in case a new effect means that substats should not be checked

Revision: 16683
exclusive club

Revision: 16684
Add Bat-Investigation Progress Bat-Stat

Revision: 16685
Clara's health is 5000, the other two silver rings

Revision: 16686
Fix logic for disambiguating monsters

Revision: 16687
Restore recognising Outlaw Leader.

Revision: 16688
Quest log handling for LT&T quest.

Revision: 16689
Adjust combat frequency and monster frequency when investigating a Plaintive Telegram. Untested

Revision: 16690
Concoctions for spurs

Revision: 16691
Fix NPE from Snojo combats.

Revision: 16692
Lots of improvements to Batfellow support: better logging, track zone, etc.
New settings: batmanFundsAvailable, batmanBonusInitialFunds, and batmanZone

Revision: 16693
Add ajax=1 to MindControlRequests for detuned radio.
This has the benefit of not loading the entire inventory every time someone
in a knoll sign wants to change the MCD.

Revision: 16694
Fix typo, update power

Revision: 16695
Recognize modifiers for your cowboy boots with spurs and skin attached. There is no support for changing decorations (other than just using a spur/skin), but modifiers will update when one is used.

Revision: 16696
Mark the Clothing of Loathing equipment recipes as manual so they will never be auto-created

Revision: 16697
Arena parameters for Restless Cow Skull

Revision: 16698
Work around a 'No match found' error.

Revision: 16699
Basic support for new path/classes

Revision: 16700
New LT&T Gift Shop items

Revision: 16701
Don't try to use spleen items mid-encounter

Revision: 16702

Revision: 16703
Modifiers for Egged On

Revision: 16704
Fix round logging of Batfellow fights. Parse BatZone from topmenu.

Revision: 16705
Batfellow choice adventures have options that remove items in inventory in order
to progress faster. Account for said removed items

Revision: 16706
Batfellow improvements: mooks have HP. booses have HP and avatar potions.
Bat-Upgrades give 50% resistance, not 10%. Track Bat-Zone better.

Revision: 16707
items and effects from the mall

Revision: 16708
Assault and Baguettery consumes a magical baguette

Revision: 16709
AWoL skills

Revision: 16710
Jokester outfit is a zap group

Revision: 16711
Transfusion atellite gives Bat-Health Regeneration +5. Update HP for various
Batfellow monsters. Add various AWOL items.

Revision: 16712
Add missing LTT bosses to combats.txt

Revision: 16713
Avatar of West of Loathing has different organ sizes

Revision: 16714
If Manuel explicitely says that a monster has 0 HP but KoLmafia has a non-zero
value for MP, don't count that as an error

Revision: 16715

Revision: 16716
Fix a typo

Revision: 16717
two more hat sizes

Revision: 16718
More AWOL items and effects

Revision: 16719
Add Slawdered effect. Fix 3 effect images.

Revision: 16720
Add combat rate modifiers for West of Loathing effects.

Revision: 16721
Fix all sorts of things revealed by checkeffects and checkitems

Revision: 16722
Fix battoo kit

Revision: 16723
Since moomy dust is a spleen toxin, its modifiers belong only in the spleen
toxin section of modifiers.txt

Revision: 16724
When freeing the king as an AWoL class, you keep your AWoL class. This includes limited organ space.

Revision: 16725
Consumption data for robin flan and robin nog. Some plurals. Fix a comment.

Revision: 16726
Fix NPE when using a Squamous Gibberer while starting a fight from using an item

Revision: 16727
Fix a typo

Revision: 16728
Only invoke ChoiceManager from GenericRequest when visiting choice.php.

Revision: 16729
Reduce weight of pageload from autoselling items.
Since KoL doesn't seem to support ajax=1 with sellstuff_ugly.php, always
use sellstuff.php when making requests.

Revision: 16730
Add AWOL wanderers (no stats yet) and track the window when they can appear

Revision: 16731
Handle your hat getting bigger

Revision: 16732
Fix acquire method for some effects.

Revision: 16733
Fix typo

Revision: 16734
Add modifiers for passive AWOL skills

Revision: 16735
Track Beancannon banishing

Revision: 16736
Remove hot dogs from maximizer results when under Standard restrictions

Revision: 16737

Revision: 16738
Add patent medicine recipes

Revision: 16739
Add Limitmode.limitMCD() and Limitmode.limitPickpocketing().
Normalize usage of Limitmode.ED, just as with SPELUNKY & BATMAN.
You cannot use the Malus if you are not a Muscle Class who knows Pulverize and
has your Guild open. That automatically eliminates Cowpunchers and Avatars of
Boris, even in aftercore.

Revision: 16740
Pass urlString to postChoice0, postChoice1, and postChoice2 and don't bother
looking at the responseText if it is not from a choice or a fight

Revision: 16741
Cowrruption does not limit stats for Cow Punchers

Revision: 16742
Undo a little but of that last commit.

Revision: 16743
Handle stacked stat limits when one of them is a limit of 0 (and therefore not actually a limit, as is the case of Cowrruption for Cow Punchers)

Revision: 16744
New raffle house prizes

Revision: 16745
Snake Oiler can't pickpocket naturally. Untested.

Revision: 16746
West of Loathing council text. Untested.

Revision: 16747
WOL council text for King not deprismed

Revision: 16748
Fix bean skill names

Revision: 16749
Only suggest maximizer items if the name matches an item of the correct type. Lightly tested.

Revision: 16750

Revision: 16751
AWOL skills cannot be permed

Revision: 16752
Some choices you can walk away from

Revision: 16753
Don't give a link to your guild when you level up unless guild is open

Revision: 16754
Track earned skill points in awolPointsBeanslinger, awolPointsCowpuncher, and awolPointsSnakeoiler. This won't account for previously-earned skill points.

Revision: 16755
Fix recognition of losing a battle in a limitmode

Revision: 16756
Two AWOL points per HC run

Revision: 16757
Handle cowboy boot decorations when ascending

Revision: 16758
Handle cowboy boots properly now, hopefully

Revision: 16759
Don't bother decorating the charpane - for example, adding a section with
your counters - if you are in Spelunky or Batfellow

Revision: 16760
Last bit of AWOL Council text - thanks to Magus Prime

Revision: 16761
Add _drunkPygmyBanishes, and use that to remove the drunk pygmy from appearance_rates() after 11 have been banished

Revision: 16762
Floors for scaling monsters can now be expressions. Added floors for LTT monsters and some LTT bosses. Adding scaling for some LTT bosses. More spading needed (probably Scale 30 for all tier 2 bosses and 60 for all tier 3. Probably floor 300 for all tier 2 bosses and floor X for all tier 3. Also need to check caps on bosses - maybe all tiers of non bosses).

Revision: 16763
On a scaling monster, if an attribute is specified in addition, use that instead. (eg Scaling LT&T bosses with fixed HP)

Revision: 16764
Cupsa plurals. Equip underwater equipment if not worn for Skate Park requests.

Revision: 16765
Caps, Floors and Scaling for LT&T Bosses. Haven't spaded them all, but as all the data points I have spaded are consistent, am going to assume they remain so.

Revision: 16766
Absorb Cowrruption skill

Revision: 16767
Some Witchess items

Revision: 16768
Western Slang volumes are free pulls. Witchess set is a campground item

Revision: 16769
gun part recipes. drops for prince snake and king snake

Revision: 16770
Cowrruption does not decrement if you are a Cow Puncher

Revision: 16771
Witchess monsters and some item powers - Note some monsters still need spading (Witch, Queen, Ox HP)

Revision: 16772

Revision: 16773
Remove moomy dust and firemilk from fullness.txt

Revision: 16774
Fix some typos

Revision: 16775
fix typo

Revision: 16776
Walks are a new category of skill

Revision: 16777
Walk skills are castable

Revision: 16778
Add missing Throne modifiers.

Revision: 16779
Decorations on your cowboy boots are now equipment slots (bootskin and bootspur) and show up on the Customizable tab in Gear Changer

Revision: 16780
AWOL wandering monsters scale. High level ones scale at 40

Revision: 16781
puzzleChampBonus tracks how much that effect improves Familiar Weight

Revision: 16782
Preliminary support for a "sixgun" slot and a collapsible panel on the Gear
Changer frame to have a "Holstered:" list which is visible only ig you are an
AWOL class. There is a lot left to go, but I am submitting this so people can
see and comment on how the Gear Changer looks.

Revision: 16783
xgun" slot is now the "holster" slot. Lots more support for equipping and
unequipping sixguns in the holster slot

Revision: 16784
Some more items

Revision: 16785
You can walk away from Your Witchess Set

Revision: 16786
Track Rockin' Robin progress toward dropping a robin's egg

Revision: 16787
Track Medicine and Venom levels in awolMedicine and awolVenom

Revision: 16788
Fix a typo

Revision: 16789
AWOL classes cannot celebrate the Feast of Boris in aftercore

Revision: 16790
Add ASH function int [int] reverse_numberology([int adv_delta, int spleen_delta]).
The return value is a map from result IDs to input seeds that generate said
adv_delta and spleen_delta, which both default to 0, allow one to obtain
forecasts on upcoming options.

Revision: 16791
Add some drop rates to the lava golem, courtesy of digitrev @

Revision: 16792
w-level AWOL wanders scale at 0. Medium-level AWOL wanders scale at 20.
Give a "plate" link when you acquire a can of beans.

Revision: 16793
In the Gear Changer, display the modifiers from an item in the slot where it is equipped, in addition to displaying them on the extra slot on the Customizable tab.
Handle modifiers from your cowboy boots when maximizing.
Hopefully fix NPE for people that don't have a skin/spur on their cowboy boots.

Revision: 16794
Fix a typo

Revision: 16795
Add maximizer support for sixguns.

Revision: 16796
Sixgun damage takes into account Well-Oiled Guns. Some consumable spading.

Revision: 16797
When you plate a can of beans, that consumes the can. Add 4 Halloween items.

Revision: 16798
The description text for Litely Baked and Weally Satisfied does not say what
modifiers they grant, but the items which grant those effects does say. Use.

Revision: 16799
If you know the Canhandle skill and are wielding a can of beans, you can shake
it once per fight. Track this and add a "shake" stationary button as needed.

Revision: 16800
Add multi-line string support to ASH.
In order to specify a multi-line string, you must explicitly escape the
end-of-line by placing a backslash (\) at the end of the line.
Note that as a consequence of how the parser is written, it will trim all
leading and trailing whitespace for each of these lines via Java's
String.trim() method. Previously, this was irrelevant in the context of ASH
strings, but now that ASH strings can span multiple lines, it is worth
mentioning. If you want to have whitespace at the beginning of the line,
just escape the first character of the line.

Revision: 16801
Recognize the new cowboy boot decoration when changing it from the Gear Changer

Revision: 16802
Fighting witchess pieces does not occur in any location

Revision: 16803
Add Shadow WoL classes. Don't cache blank images. Fix a typo in banish parsing.

Revision: 16804
Canhandle is a "built-in" skill as far as Stationary Buttons are concerned.

Revision: 16805
Hack: if a relay script calls visit_url and that redirects, call another relay
script to handle it, if present. Otherwise, simply follow the redirect, as

Revision: 16806
Consumable spading tweak

Revision: 16807
Handle abandoning of LT&T quest. Untested

Revision: 16808
Work around KoL bug (extra space) when acquire Tales of the West: Cow Punching

Revision: 16809
Add Cowboy boot skina and spurs to Valhalla Decorator. Also don't show list of class skills you haven't yet permed if you've permed them all.

Revision: 16810
Extra spaces in Help! Desperados!

Revision: 16811
Account for Beanweaver Bean improvement, allow making plates of beans from cans of beans. Tweak to premium bean spading.

Revision: 16812
Track Long Con (monster in longConMonster, count in _longConUsed). Beanweaver increases Bean Can offhand enchantments. Premium Beans can also be Plated. Consider restrictions on AWOL combat skills for macros and skip them if restriction not met. Mostly untested.

Revision: 16813
Witchess fight tracking (_witchessFights). Move Machine Elf free fight tracking to check Machine Elf fights not Machine Tunnel fights. Add Machine Elf, Snojo and Witchess free fights to Daily Deed Free Fights tracking.

Revision: 16814
Allow dmg percent as a shortening of damage percent in maximizer (for spell and weapon damage percent - and any future damage percents).

Revision: 16815
Removed Rene C. Corman from The Cannon Museum in combats.txt, as that monster doesn't exist in monsters.txt (as it is different from the Zombie Slayer boss.

Revision: 16816
goal_exists() support for substats, pirate insult, Arena Flyer ML and Chasm Bridge Progress.

Revision: 16817
Don't suggest changing Snowsuit or EdPiece decorations if those item slots aren't being considered by Maximizer. Untested.

Revision: 16818
Raffle tickets now 10000 meat

Revision: 16819
Missing Witchess stats (some guesses)

Revision: 16820
UseLinkDecorator needs same item name munging as ResultProcessor to accomodate
KoL bug with extra space in Cow Punching book.

Revision: 16821
Don't start a relay script if we already inside the same script. (Since the
method is synchronized, we were already preventing multiple threads from being
in the same script, but it is currently possible for the same thread to
want to process the same page, if KoL redirects from choice.php to choice.php,
for example.)

Revision: 16822
No equip requirement for El Vibrato translator

Revision: 16823
Restless ghost is physically resistant.

Revision: 16824
Fix edPiece maximization

Revision: 16825
Use Links for Tales of the West cannot be inline, as they redirect to a choice

Revision: 16826
Allow use 1 corrupted marrow as a method for increasing Cowrruption.

Revision: 16827
Account for new image location when logged on to the dev server, at least enough to restore basic functionality

Revision: 16828
fix equipment entry for Shrub's Premium Baked Beans

Revision: 16829
Add Stomping Boots drop info to the corresponding familiar proxy record.

Revision: 16830
Correct resource usage in some Batfellow non-combats. Only show Batfellow items when in Batfellow (rest appears under Unlimited items), as Spelunky.

Revision: 16831
Patriot shield bonuses for Pete, Ed and WOL.

Revision: 16832
New image location is now being used for the CAB

Revision: 16833
Added fishing skill and some Floundry items

Revision: 16834
Some, at least, of the items are also usable.

Revision: 16835
Wriggling worm, correct equipment types.

Revision: 16836
western-style skinning knife is combat reusable

Revision: 16837
Possible fix for detecting Mayo device purchase

Revision: 16838
Only Cowpunchers can remove Cowrruption.

Revision: 16839
Add telescope to get_campground() readout, if relevant.

Revision: 16840
dd power for a can of beans. Fix errors/typos revealed by checkitems

Revision: 16841
Fix image parsing for MOnster Manuel

Revision: 16842
Astute Angler

Revision: 16843
Major whackage to, hopefully, handle KoL images whether that are on the old KoL
image server or the new amazon imagae server.

Revision: 16844
Don't set _barrelPrayer when toggling barrel drops

Revision: 16845
More of the same.

Revision: 16846
Fix CAB detection

Revision: 16847
When KoL advertises an image on or
tell the browser to fetch the image from /images - KoLmafia's image cache. When
the browser requests the image, either serve it from the image cache or ask KoL
for it on or, depending on how we
have it configured it. For now, configure KoLmafia to always use the amazon

Revision: 16848
Add holster link to Sixguns (untested). Add sources for Heatlhy Red Glow and Healthy Blue Glow.

Revision: 16849
Fix sidequest images for the island war

Revision: 16850
Another image server tweak

Revision: 16851
Workaround: decode gzipped files.

Revision: 16852
Error if we try to use an item we don't have.

Revision: 16853
Auto-select abstractions in Deep Machine Tunnels.

Revision: 16854
Add logging to help track when you have free rests remaining but KoLmafia thinks you do not

Revision: 16855
Reorder initialization to address free rest mismatch.

Revision: 16856
Fix regex

Revision: 16857
Wickerbits and bakelite bits

Revision: 16858
chewable paper is now a free pull

Revision: 16859
Fix robin's egg tracking

Revision: 16860
Fix regression with playerpics and favicon.

Revision: 16861
Add power for tesla's Electroplayed Beans. Fix BuffBotManager meat.gif parsing

Revision: 16862
Madness Bakery Popular Machine fix and typo in A-boo peak spoiler.

Revision: 16863
Move Fudge Spork detection from UseItemRequest to EatItemRequest

Revision: 16864
Refactor QuestLogRequest to use ConsequenceManager for accomplishments.
Among other things, visiting the quest log should now populate the royalty
preference if relevant.

Revision: 16865
Add missing import; delete reference to removed function.

Revision: 16866
Add aggregate literals to ASH.
The main use of these is likely for initialization of maps and arrays, as
well as specifying anonymous maps as functions arguments. These take the
value [key] {keyExpr:valueExpr,...}
Arbitrary whitespace should be permissible --- for instance,
value [key]
keyExpRevision 1 : valueExpRevision 1,
keyExpRevision 2 : valueExpRevision 2
is also legal. Arbitrary expressions may be used for keyExpr as well as
valueExpr, provided that they can be coerced to the appropriate
This particular implementation dictates that if a key appears multiple
times, its value will be clobbered, and the final value will be the one
corresponding to the last instance of said key.
Experimental, moderately tested.

Revision: 16867
Add some more fishing skill items, correct combat modifiers for Floundry equipment.

Revision: 16868
Fishin' hat and high-test fishing line can only be purchased if you have a fishin' pole.

Revision: 16869
Cache blank images again (for now at least), since the only blank image currently is one we want to cache

Revision: 16870
learn skill when you read Trout Fishing in Loathing

Revision: 16871
cprovide a "shoot" button if you have a holstered sixgun

Revision: 16872
Properly set lastTempleUnlock and lastPlusSignUnlock from the Quest Log

Revision: 16873
Add sonar fishfinder to equipment.txt

Revision: 16874
Improve session logging for Witchess set

Revision: 16875
Fix item ID mismatch for fishin' pole, high-test fishing line.

Revision: 16876
Fix item image for secret from the future

Revision: 16877
When Free King Ralph, log turn number

Revision: 16878
Fix holster link, untested.

Revision: 16879
Track getting Puzzle Champ buff in _witchessBuff.

Revision: 16880
Handle Fishing skill modifiers from inventory

Revision: 16881
Track oil extracted in _oilExtracted.

Revision: 16882
Don't unequip an X-gallon hat at the end of automated adventuring when it increases in size during that adventuring

Revision: 16883
Use link decoration for Fish items.

Revision: 16884
Remove useSecureLogin setting (always act as if it was true) since it is now required

Revision: 16885
Future-proof RequestEditorKit against future rcm.js (right-click menu) version changes.

Revision: 16886
Add "witchess" command to get Puzzle Champ. This only works if you have solved all puzzles.

Revision: 16887
Track if Floundry item (with use link) has been used (_floundryItemUsed)

Revision: 16888
Update modifiers.txt entry for codpiece.

Revision: 16889
Allow https in a patter

Revision: 16890
Duty Free items

Revision: 16891
Fix "witchess" command

Revision: 16892
Add support for creating Duty Free items

Revision: 16893
Fix Easyfax data URL, Easyfax should now update.

Revision: 16894
Fix typo reading quest log for Sheriff wanted quest.

Revision: 16895
Remove ingredients when creating Duty Free items

Revision: 16896
Add plate of Val-U Brand Every Bean Salad, as well as plurals for all plates
of beans. Don't exit ChoiceManager.handlingChoice on an unexpected URL
unless it is a choice you can walk away from.

Revision: 16897
Make developer gift reminders stand out more. Add a new one.

Revision: 16898
half-digested coal is multiusable

Revision: 16899
postChoice1 also needs to check if you can walk away from a choice before
concluding that you did so.

Revision: 16900
Multiusable stuff, plurals

Revision: 16901
update mallprices.txt

Revision: 16902
Bump version to 17.3