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Thread: New lightweight Volcano Mining Script! No Object detection! ~3.45K/turn.

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    New change! Should not change the algorithmic performance.

    When survival requirements are off and there is low base HP, there is now default hp regen included in the outfit.

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    I noticed this script wasn't properly detecting the level of my heat resistance as a Beanslinger and consequently wasn't trying to equip the +2 heat resistance I needed. So I took a look at the script and didn't really like the way that hot15resist() worked at all. I simplified it for you in a way that makes it work much better. elemental_resistance() just wasn't the right function to use.

    Try this!
    boolean hot15resist() {
    	return numeric_modifier("Hot Resistance") >= 15;

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    You should remove the low base HP requirement for the hp regen, as even with high HP eventually you'll run out. And you only need at least 1 hp to keep mining.
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    Is it possible to add an "override" to the script to make it equip a certain piece of equipment in preference to something with higher hot resistance, if it can do so while still meeting the minimum requirements?

    There must be such a thing, because it always wants to equip a Xiblaxian holo-wrist-puter...

    So I'd like to make my personal copy always want to equip a shark jumper, even in preference to a shirt with higher hot resistance (i.e. Hodgman's Overcoat - the only one which beats it for hot resistance) or equal hot resistance (asbestos apron)? I have found that this has always solved any HP loss problems from volcano mining.

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    You can either erase the line 211, 213, 214 and 215 but keep 212!
    You could also hard code what you want to equip by adding the line +equip shark jumper.
    maximize("Hot Resistance 15 min +equip shark jumper -1weapon -1offhand -1familiar", 0, 0, false);
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