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Thread: ckb Standard Ascension

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    Weird - my turngen was about 30 turns worse this run than the previous one. Not sure if I forgot to nightcap on day 1 or if it's just the natural swing of the RNG.

    EDIT: Went through the logs, I did forget to nightcap yesterday. That's twice I turned a 2 day run into a 3 dayer through my own stupidity.
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    Just finished a 2D 509 turn HC Sauceror run. It got scared at the nun's trick (not maxing out meat), so I finished it from there. 7 turns left. Very, very impressed. 6 of those turns I generated by using my 3rd numberology charge that mafia seems to ignore.

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    Oh, ok, yes. I've learned how to delete lines.

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    6 of those turns I generated by using my 3rd numberology charge that mafia seems to ignore.
    Originally Posted by Jargonion View Post
    set skillLevel144 = 3

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    I made some tweaks and finished a DB 2/495 and an AT 2/491. I think there is still maybe 10-20 turns more I can optimize out of this. More once we get the rest of the years IOTMs.

    I am hesitant to update now because:
    • I know the changes are a little unstable
    • These runs are fast and I am not quite ready to hand over all my work (yet)
    • The current released script works well enough for easy collection of standard runs
    • The new challenge path is about to come out and I would rather do that
    • I have completed 2 HC loops and I will probably work on Softcore runs next

    Still eager to hear any feedback.
    For those who want to do this in SC and still have it work - you can probably just pull cornucopias and skip the war and still have an easy 2 day run.

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    Won't the XO Skeleton's 'hugs and kisses' be better used for the filthworms than the hole in the sky? I'm pretty sure the drops from HOS are capped any way, so there's no need for a pickpocket. Unless I'm missing something.

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    Doing day 1, writing stuff done as it goes-

    -Ran out of meat while doing witchess fights. I skipped ahead to guild+cobb+mosquito and reran. Didn't have a problem with meat afterwards. Maybe just do the forest before the witchess fights?

    -needed to add a check for the skill "that's not a knife" (line 671 in utils)- It's not -really- necessary to run a 2d hc, is it?

    -beaten up by Waldo the Carpathian. 108 ML, was dead after 2ed shoot ghost. Need more resist or longer stuns. (fight went: time spinner ,cowboy kick, micrometeor, shellup, extract jelly, extract, shoot ghost, shoot ghost. )

    -it also aborted against a pirate while insult/macrometeor'ing. I'm think it was expecting more macrometeor uses, but unsure.

    Resource Report:
    Shatter     used: 3/3
    Snoke used: 0/3
    KGB     Dart used: 1/3
    Looks Yellow: true
    Universe     calculated: 1/1
    Witchess Fights: 5/5
    Witchess     Buff: true
    Digitize: 3/3
    Duplicate     used: 1
    Enhance used: 3/3
    Extrudes     used: 3/3
    Friars buff used: true
    Spacegate     Vaccine: false
    Streams crossed: false
    Telescope     looked: true
    Time spinner time: 9/10
    Time     replicator used: false
    Macrometeorite uses:     10/10
    XO Steals used: 8/11
    Garbage     Champagne Charge: 2/11
    Garbage Tree Charge:     1000/1000
    Teatree harvested: false
    Genie     Wishes: 2/3
    Asdon Martin Fuel : 13
    tennis     ball: 0
    green smoke bomb: 0
    soft     green echo eyedrop antidote: 2
    disassembled     clover: 1
    BACON: 0
    exploding     cigar: 5
    LOV Enamorang: 0
    fat     loot token: 2
    Boris's key: 0
    Jarlsberg's     key: 0
    Sneaky Pete's key: 0
    Richard's     star key: 0
    digital key: 0
    white     pixel: 0
    Spleen left = 13
    (I don't have spacegate, teatree). Finished day 1 with 180 turns played, 41 left (before nightcapping). Those 5 banishes stand out as unused resources (maybe I just had great rng? day1 doesn't need that much combat manipulation). What about that third wish?
    Anyways, I burned those free banishes in the airship, along with the asdon martin YR, and drank my gibson. Will check back tomorrow.

    edit: day 2-
    -Is the GenieLFM at the start supposed to be digitized? It only used the boomerang which seemed odd. (It didn't have the skilled prepped, although it's possible that PEBCAK as I was doing a tiny bit of manual stuff at the start of day.)

    -It ran the jellyfish in the giant top floor. I assume it wanted to get hot jelly from the Burning Snake of Fire, but that's not gonna happen. Very minor, I wouldn't bother fixing it if it took more than a minute or two.

    -no need to use XO hug and kisses in the HITS if it's already capping the drops. (It ran with over 400% actually, can safely skip the terminal item buff). At the very least save 3 hugs for use with filthworms like unwanted said above. Not like we have something better to do with spleen ATM, but maybe we will?

    -Didn't create a blackbird after it got eyes and wings. (so it kept running with the familiar). Not a big deal I guess. *

    -I don't quite understand how it goes about mumming familiars. I think it used mainstat on the intergnat, and then over-rode it with HP. I don't own the garbage fire, possibly related.
    edit from run #2: Yeah, it just did it again, this time with the space jellyfish, which makes even less sense. If this is just a matter of me not having the garbage fire I'll simply solve it locally.

    -Had a couple of aborts due to not having tinsel tights. Is it something to do with my settings for acquiring things? (had the wad of used tape in inventory. Doesn't mafia auto-fold as needed?)

    -restarting after an abort and got this: "not enough meat to finish Black Market quest"- black forest was finished, diary was read... Got plenty of stuff to autosell so no biggie.

    -change FeedSlim to "while" instead of "if" ("slimelingFullness").to_int()>whatever)?

    -it did not use the boring binder clip when it was found. The proper choice for "working holiday" was not set. Wasted 50 turns in the office before I realized something was wrong...
    (is ckb-hcstd counting on BBB to handle it? Either way, it wasn't handled. Maybe add a check to make sure?) Totally my fault for not paying attention.

    -Those 50 turns were the difference between 2 and 3 days- finished day 2 with 4 turns to spare, still needed to do 30 turns on the battlefield (sidequests all done), one daily dungeon and the tower. (plus one turn to clover the wand)

    -Tavern abort due to not enough hot damage, I'll perm Fifteen Minutes of Flame for next run.

    -I'll let you know if anything funky happens on D3.

    Awesome work as always CKB, thank you for sharing this!

    *Maybe this is also BBB's job? I don't understand what's wrong with it. It IS set under automation in settings.
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    mafia r18931
    had a busy weekend, so gave the hc one a try whilst I tried to keep an eye on it.
    Day 1, no probs. Couple of trivial aborts - kol thought it was round x, but mafia thought it was round y type thing. Just a refresh of the fight pane in the relay browser and then a script restart resolved.
    however, on day 2, I think this:
    may have caused me to spend 70 advs below decks before I noticed and stopped things.
    Found I had the talisman it was looking for gaudy keys to make. Equipping that manually, and restarting the script it headed straight over to the palindome to continue. Day 2 finished with no issues, but short of enough advs for me to play through the war/tower.
    Day 3 it wouldn't hedge maze, saying "need more none resist", guide was happy with the resistance the script had already set,so i just topped up hp and manually completed the maze before restarting the script again.

    Other things:
    Not sure if it was day 1 or day 2, got an abort mid fight when it tried to disintegrate without enough mp, iirc, max mp was below 150 at the time also (132??) (sorry, weak report that)
    day 2, aborted 3 adv before the last ghost, had 25 white pixels at the time, so guessing it was making me make sure i had enough item to get all 5 from the last one?
    had a couple of food/drink (script not eating/drinking) on both day 1 & day 2, though that would be 101% my issue on day 2 at least 'cause I picked pilsners on autopilot instead of hot dogs. Not sure what happened day 1.

    Overall, lovely piece of work, tyvm. Am sure I will play again in future.

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    mafia r18931
    however, on day 2, I think this:
    may have caused me to spend 70 advs below decks before I noticed and stopped things.
    Originally Posted by xmccx View Post
    Yes, I believe this is broken (someone else had the same issue) in the current script. I have a bunch of other fixes in work, so the script is torn apart at the moment. I will post an update after the DD season ends.

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    Will the script be updated for 2019? I imagine the changes to the pirates and copying strategies makes this a little difficult.

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