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Thread: Simple Simon - a very simple Community Service softcore ascension script

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    Post Simple Simon - a very simple Community Service softcore ascension script

    Vorzer proudly(?) presents: Simple Simon v1.4!

    Simple Simon:
    • automates softcore/Community Service/Opossum/astral energy drink ascensions
    • takes 4 days to complete an ascension
    • does not use IOTMs
    • does not require any skills, but will use Ode to Booze and timesaving skills if they're available
    • does not get into combats (those who want 100% familiar runs will need to enter a combat before completing the run)
    • buys and pulls fullness 6 pasta, Superhuman Cocktailcrafting drinks, and the occasional spleen familiar spleen item, and always buys the least expensive items to pull
    • eats Peche a la Frog and drinks ice-cold foties
    • spends clovers to obtain the ice-cold foties
    • does not get clovers itself (Mafia's breakfast system handles that)
    • does not use service rewards other than the ten-percent bonus
    • does not handle ascending and starting a new ascension
    • is slower than scripts that use IOTMs (Kavokane's, Malurth's, Thwuck's)
    • is public domain, so feel free to use any of its functions and whatnot in your own scripts

    1. Make sure Mafia's preferences are set to buy NPC items as needed and automatically get hermit clovers while in Ronin.
    2. Buy a carton of astral energy drinks from The Deli Lama.
    3. You should probably buy an astral statuette from Pet Heaven if you've unlocked it, or else an astral bracer. (I'm not sure if it could really affect daycount, though.)
    4. Select Normal difficulty, the Community Service path, and the Opossum sign. (Class can be whatever.)
    5. Start the ascension.
    6. Run the script.
    7. Remember to login and run the script every day for the next few days.
    8. When the script prints "Ascension complete!", go to the Council of Loathing building and agree to donate your body. This completes the ascension and ends Ronin. (Remember: if you're trying to do 100% familiar ascensions, select your familiar and get into a combat before ending Ronin; otherwise the ascension will be "no familiar used".)
    9. You might want to do the Daily Dungeon or something. If you want to do The Sea, you'll have to do some leveling, because you'll only be level 6 or 7.
    10. If you want to do bounty hunting, you'll have to complete the Bitchin' Meatcar Quest and start Another Errand I Mean Quest to unlock the Distant Woods. (Also, the bounties might be for inaccessible locations like the Typical Tavern or the Castle in the Clouds in the Sky.)
    11. Go to the Council of Loathing building, click "Ascend", then start back at step #2.

    v0.0: Internal test build.
    v0.1: Moved breakfast sanity check so that day 1 breakfast happens after the pork elf gems are autosold.
    v0.2: Forgot to use the pork elf goodies sack. Whoops.
    v0.3: If clover protection enabled, temporarily disable it so that ice-cold foties can be obtained.
    v0.4: Fixed regex.
    v0.5: Added check to ensure that astral statuettes get equipped.
    v0.6: Prevent "are you sure you want to drink without ode?" popups from occurring by casting Ode if available.
    v0.7: Added print statements to service() and servicebonus() so you can see the script doing them in the log.
    v0.8: Rudimentary sanity checking: only do stuff if my_inebriety() == 0.
    v1.0: Initial release.
    v1.1: Handle being able to cast Ode to Booze more than once.
    v1.2: Non-ATs with Ode will buy a toy accordion on day 1, because the Ode popup doesn't care whether you have an accordion.
    v1.3: OK, it turns out that overdrink() also suppresses Ode popups. Not how I would've handled that, but whatever. I'll leave the Ode-casting stuff in because there's no reason not to.
    v1.4: Added rudimentary support for Leash of Linguini, Empathy of the Newt, Simmer, Smooth Movement, Sonata of Sneakiness, Astral Shell, and Elemental Saucesphere. Added awkward support for temporary use of an Exotic Parrot (for the hot resistance). Improved/overloaded service(), and removed the now obsolete servicebonus().
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    Will this work in HC?

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    Probably not; it's designed to get most of each day's food and booze from Hangk's.
    I checked the forums, and someone else made a 2-day ascension script for HC, but it requires several IOTMs.

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    Yeah, I'm in awkward place - I don't have the required IOTMs :P

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    Thanks for this script. There are many HCCS scripts out there, but they all make IOTMs mandatory.
    This is the only script I found that is designed for 0 IOTMs. Which just so happens to be something I am intentionally aiming for in a secondary account.

    That being said, being from 2015 means it needs some work. So I started working on it. changes to v1.5
    1. don't error out if someone already opened the letter from king ralph
    2. don't error out if someone already opened the pork elf goodies sack
    3. don't error out if someone already used the newbie sport tent
    4. carton of astral energy drinks doesn't exist. Instead, see if there is an astral hot dog dinner, or astral six-pack and open them instead. Note: not yet programmed to actually eat them.
    5. removed the chewing of astral energy drinks, as it no longer exists. (and caused the script to error out. Worse, it did so after drinking, and the script is not flexible enough to run on a half day; note: will want to program it to be more flexible and run even if there is some food/drink in stomach already)

    will need to wait until tomorrow to see if it has any more errors that need fixing. But what I got so far is:


    using the fixed version above
    day 1 got messed up and had to be finished manually, while I was making changes to the script. v1.5 above is only properly used starting day 2.
    day 2, ran without any errors.
    day 3, ran without any errors.
    day 4, ran without any errors.
    day 5, ran out of money error, broke barrel full of barrels barrels and sold the items it gave, then ran again. Second time it ran without errors and finished run.

    new run
    day 1, finished without errors.

    So, it seems to work now. Very very not optimal though and needs more work.
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