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    Default Version 16.8

    The following is an abbreviated version of the Subversion commit message logs. Please keep in mind that these messages are intended for other developers and they take the files which were modified into context in order to limit the amount of verbage. In general, they are not intended for general audiences and should not be treated as "official" documentation -- they are informal and abbreviated, at best.

    If you do not understand what something says, try looking at the full version of the revision by following the accompanying link for the revision. The only difference is that the files which were modified will be listed, and sometimes, you can guess what happened from file names (though not always). If you still have no idea what happened, that's okay -- it probably doesn't relate to what you're doing with KoLmafia. ^_~

    Furthermore, not everything marked as "fixed" is guaranteed to be fixed, not all changes are guaranteed to have a change. This is due the fact that both time and turns are finite and only a limited number of things can be tested. Some changes go in untested, assuming they would work, when they actually don't due to erroneous assumptions; alpha testers occasionally will be able to give feedback, but it's not always possible.

    For example, if you read the revision logs for what changed between 10.2 and 10.3, the plus sign choice adventure was meant to get a use link. Something as seemingly insignificant as KoL using two spaces instead of one space in the sentence "It's actually a book. Read it." would mean the change didn't actually work -- anyone can verify that, in fact, the change didn't work for this very reason. If you ever encounter something like that, a non-accusatory mention of it (non-accusatory meaning anything that neither implies "ZOMG FALSE ADVERTISING" nor "You guys said this was fixed, but...") somewhere will usually result in the problem getting addressed.

    Finally, if you've got a bug to report, make sure you read up on how to post a detailed bug report. While the rules outlined apply specifically to bugs related to scripting, many of them are applicable to KoLmafia bug reports in general. Most importantly, I hate the words "annoying" and "frustrating". Never use them when describing a bug/feature. Ever. Thanks. The abridged revision logs follow.

    Revision: 15018
    Fix item parsing bug

    Revision: 15019
    New Mr. Store items

    Revision: 15020
    Crimbonium Mine and Camp

    Revision: 15021
    Basic (ie not Adv/stats) data for gamma nog and neutron lollipop

    Revision: 15022
    Crimbot Schematics

    Revision: 15023
    Fix spacing

    Revision: 15024
    (educated) guess at drop rates in new zone.

    Revision: 15025
    Wand of Nagamar is now a quest item

    Revision: 15026
    When you win a PvP fight, don't incorrectly parse user messages for items gained

    Revision: 15027
    More Huggler Radio messages

    Revision: 15028
    Track which BittyCar you have used today in _bittycar

    Revision: 15029
    Remove a stick of minin's dynamite when mining uses one. Untested

    Revision: 15030
    Since KoL subscription links cannot work through KoLmafia, make them unclickable

    Revision: 15031
    Xiblaxian Residence Cube support, untested.

    Revision: 15032
    Add summon proxy field to skills.

    Revision: 15033
    Advent Calendar food

    Revision: 15034
    gamma nog and neutron lollipop stats

    Revision: 15035
    Recognize Currency Exchange transactions in Mr. Store

    Revision: 15036
    Some consumption spading.

    Revision: 15037
    Parse familiar actions in fights to recognize item and Meat gains

    Revision: 15038
    Rain Dancin' works outside of Heavy Rains

    Revision: 15039
    Match "A hidden surprise!" notes with line breaks

    Revision: 15040
    ComboBoxes can have a selected index of -1. The Daily Deeds panel should not
    take an ABE when such occurs.

    Revision: 15041
    Trim out empty spans from chat messages

    Revision: 15042
    Crimbot Factory items

    Revision: 15043
    flask of tainted mining oil. Add comment to modifiers.txt for Crimbo Credit

    Revision: 15044
    More Crimbo items

    Revision: 15045
    efactor CoinmasterData: there is now a buyURL and a sellURL (allowing two
    different shop.php) and there is now a sellItems list of AdventureResults.
    Added the skeleton of a Crimbo14 Coinmaster.
    Don't remove schematics unless they are successfully used.

    Revision: 15046
    Fix item removal for sneaky wrapping paper

    Revision: 15047
    mining oil, tainted or not), is multiusable

    Revision: 15048
    maximum casts for Rainbow Gravitation now checks accessible items, not only
    inventory, and will now retrieve the wads from stash, closet, or stash, if
    those sources are "accessible" to you.

    Revision: 15049
    Crimbot Power !

    Revision: 15050
    Can walk away from Build a Crimbot!

    Revision: 15051
    Add Crimbot Crimboutfit and toy Crimbot skills. No outfit bonus yet revealed.

    Revision: 15052
    Add Summon Holiday Fun! to breakfast

    Revision: 15053
    Outfit modifier

    Revision: 15054
    Provide infrastructure to allow a particular coinmaster to deal with multiple
    currencies, by returning an appropriate AdventureResult with item/count
    associated with a particular bought or sold item.
    Add buttons to the Mr. Store coinmaster in the Coinmasters Frame to convert
    between Mr. Accessory <-> Uncle Bucks.
    Display current Uncle Buck count in the title bar for Mr. Store.

    Revision: 15055
    New schematics

    Revision: 15056
    Add Crimbo 2014 coinmaster

    Revision: 15057
    Crimbot schematic plurals

    Revision: 15058
    Remove a fuel rod from inventory when you build a crimbot

    Revision: 15059
    Parse item names in coinmasters.txt as AdventureResults.

    Revision: 15060
    When parsing Mr. Store inventory, notice the currency for each item. The
    Coinmasters Frame now shows each Mr. Store item with the correct currency and
    enables or disables it depending on whether you have enough of the specific
    currency required to buy it.

    Revision: 15061
    Fix tab in modifier. Fix location of choice adv for adding machine.

    Revision: 15062
    No NPE when parsing a response from a coinmaster with no shopid

    Revision: 15063
    Crimbo skills added.

    Revision: 15064
    Make purchaseable Crimbo 2014 items return true for is_coinmaster_item()

    Revision: 15065
    Fix the CoinmasterPurchaseRequest to handle different multiple currencies in
    a single coinmaster

    Revision: 15066
    The Coinmasters Frame now lets you buy something using a secondary currency

    Revision: 15067
    Move autosatisfy and breakfast preferences from GLOBAL to user

    Revision: 15068
    Flasks of (tainted) mining oil can only be used 100 at a time

    Revision: 15069
    Add 2 dirty Crimbot ROMs

    Revision: 15070
    In the Purchase Summary line of the Mall Search Frame, correctly pluralize the
    item being bought and correctly name (and pluralize) the currency being spent.

    Revision: 15071
    Add rest of Crimbot schematics

    Revision: 15072
    Add familiar hatchling to the crimbo shop

    Revision: 15073
    21st Dec Advent item

    Revision: 15074
    Add Mini-Crimbot

    Revision: 15075
    Some plurals

    Revision: 15076
    Choco-Crimbots use the chocolate counter

    Revision: 15077
    Fix plural for Crimbot schematic: Rollerfeet

    Revision: 15078
    When resetting global daily settings, look in list of global settings, not user

    Revision: 15079
    Ignore bogus "I am a fish" WIki plurals

    Revision: 15080
    Crimbo Plurals and Tiny Plastics

    Revision: 15081
    Parse the Crimbo Shrub's decorations when logging in, account for stat gain tuning and count progress toward a PvP fight based on those decorations. Decorations are not yet tracked when they are changed.

    Revision: 15082
    Clean up the Mini-Adventurer expression with the new pref() syntax

    Revision: 15083
    Update Crimbo Shrub decorations when you change them

    Revision: 15084
    Track whether you have decorated the Crimbo Shrub today in _shrubDecorated

    Revision: 15085
    Fix PvP fight progress for Crimbo Shrub

    Revision: 15086
    Crimbot Power -> Crimbot Outfit Power. Add last Crimbo advent calendar items.
    Add Crimbomega award. Eationalize "noted" for PvP fight generating items.

    Revision: 15087

    Revision: 15088
    Add WikiUtilities module to deal with looking up stuff on the WIki. For now,
    it just has a utilitiy to return the URL of a page. Make ShowDescriptionList
    and DebugDatabase use this.
    checkplurals no longer prints "default" plurals (i.e., item name + "s") for
    items that you have in inventory for which it can use api.php

    Revision: 15089
    Add Wiki Name modifiers for Item #13 and zmobie

    Revision: 15090
    When converting names to Wiki names, simply omit # characters

    Revision: 15091
    Add a few Wiki Name modifiers. Strinp out italic markup when getting WIki URLs

    Revision: 15092
    Fix Wiki lookup for 5 problematic items

    Revision: 15093
    Throne familiar effects

    Revision: 15094
    outfits.txt now has a column to hold the outfit image (tatto).
    checkoutfits now outputs outfits.txt, much as checkitems outputs items.txt
    The Wiki does not require - and, in fact, does not reliably work - URL encoded
    punctuation. Therefore, WikiUtilities no longer URL encodes

    Revision: 15095
    Fix some plurals and multiusability

    Revision: 15096
    Remove unnecessary indirection from user-submitted URLs.

    Revision: 15097
    More equipment can give blindness for the Falls From Sky hard mode fight

    Revision: 15098
    Fix ShowDescriptionTable to use WikiUtilities. For items, Wiki lookup must use
    the data name, not the annotated name.

    Revision: 15099
    red and green rain stick

    Revision: 15100
    Improve logged output when you spy on parents through the portal to include sins

    Revision: 15101
    If you have a Spinning Wheel in your workshed, use it during Breakfast.

    Revision: 15102
    Add ASH functions:
    string [int] all_normal_outfits() -> returns map out all outfit names index by
    outfit number.
    string outfit_tattoo( string name ) -> returns image file name of outfit tattoo

    Revision: 15103
    Add missing message to RumpleManager

    Revision: 15104
    When deterining whether we can craft, we use ConcoctionDatabase.getFreeCraftingTurns(). Therefore, use that same function in deciding if we need to autoRepairBoxservants.

    Revision: 15105
    Some items. Standard is path 22.

    Revision: 15106
    Antagonistic Snowman Kit & iceSwagger

    Revision: 15107
    Allow sushi creation again

    Revision: 15108
    The Crimbo Shrub has no annotations to show if you don't have PVP decorations

    Revision: 15109
    Updated copyright notices to 2105

    Revision: 15110
    Today is both a Loathing holiday and an Earth holiday. Both holidays are given
    by HolidayDatabase.getHoliday(). Therefore, users of that information need to
    use contains(), not equals().

    Revision: 15111
    New choice adventures in Castle Ground Floor and Black Forest. new quest items

    Revision: 15112
    When rendering list cells, use List.selectionForeground (if selected), rather
    than textHighlightText.

    Revision: 15113
    Fix 1 more renderer to deal with color of selected items better

    Revision: 15114
    Set settings that determine whether each seasonal item is available in the
    Swagger shop whether or not the item is available in the current season.

    Revision: 15115
    Parse Chateau furniture when viewed and at login. Make it available through get_chateau(), and handle modifiers for the ceiling items.
    Add chateauAvailable to track whether you have it (currently only updated by visiting the Mountains), chateauMonster to track the monster in the painting, and _chateauMonsterFought to track if you have fought it.
    Recognize that painting fights are not semirares.
    No handling for the shop currently.

    Revision: 15116
    Recognize telescope output again, and store it as before. This isn't actually used yet.
    There is no way to recognize more than 5 telescope pieces, but if telescopeUpgrades is set higher then it will not be reduced.

    Revision: 15117
    Update chateauMonster when using an alpine watercolor kit

    Revision: 15118
    There are multiple URLs for Chateau resting

    Revision: 15119
    Conspiracy Island. Track control panel daily usage in _controlPanelUsed. Track omega level in controlPanelOmega.

    Revision: 15120
    Add ASH holiday() function

    Revision: 15121
    Remove ascension reminders for getting an easter egg balloon, and for blowing up a chef/bartender

    Revision: 15122
    Update telescopeUpgrades when looking at Starry-Eyed

    Revision: 15123
    Recognise "That item is too old to be used on this path" when eating, drinking or spleening. Untested as I'm not in a Type69 path.

    Revision: 15124
    Do not show currently restricted consumables on the Usable tabs in the
    Item Manager

    Revision: 15125
    Fix (hopefully) Omega tracking

    Revision: 15126
    Marked star chart reusable so it is only used up when something is made with it.

    Revision: 15127
    Chateau Mantegna consumables.

    Revision: 15128
    Don't leave modified if Java compilation fails

    Revision: 15129
    Food/Booze spading

    Revision: 15130
    polyester parachute

    Revision: 15131
    World's Best Adventurer sash & Confidence!

    Revision: 15132
    Handle ice steins and ice-cold six-packs

    Revision: 15133
    Fix arena parameters for Mini-Crimbot

    Revision: 15134
    Standard is path 22. When use ice steins, retrieve sufficient ice-cold six-packs

    Revision: 15135
    Wine Cellar Drop Rates

    Revision: 15136
    In the restricted list, Swimming Pool => Clan Swimming Pool

    Revision: 15137
    Simplify retrieval of best buffing tool in Hardcore/Ronin; do not unequip it
    if it and a weaker tool are both equipped.

    Revision: 15138
    Rumplestiltskin's Workshop is now a place.php location. Log it correctly.
    RumpleManager now decorates the workshop in the Relay Browser to remind you
    what you saw when you looked through the portal and what advanced materials
    are needed for each item you can offer to them.

    Revision: 15139
    When we visit Chez Snootee or the Gnomish MicroMicroBrewery, the daily special
    can be an unknown item. Register it.

    Revision: 15140
    The (awesome) food quality is not a modifier, even if it is blue in the desc.
    Add bowl of topioca

    Revision: 15141
    Fix completion of Bat quest by fixing council text.

    Revision: 15142
    Parse reanimator parts when you equip it, regardless of how.

    Revision: 15143
    porcelain police baton

    Revision: 15144
    Cosmetics Wraith is in Bathroom

    Revision: 15145
    Clear RelayAgent's error request whenever adventure, fight, choice, or place is

    Revision: 15146
    SpecialOutfit.pieces is now a TreeMap so that items are ordered by slot.
    If a new item is part of an outfit, register the new outfit

    Revision: 15147
    Add items and outfits for the Noram & Hardcore Standard Ascension rewards

    Revision: 15148
    Track Xiblaxian holo-wrist-puter drops in _holoWristDrops, and progress toward the next drop in _holoWristProgress.

    Revision: 15149
    When deriving pulverization data, look up modifiers with data name of item

    Revision: 15150
    When you drop the weapon in your prime hand, you also drop a weapon in your

    Revision: 15151
    topiary nugglet items

    Revision: 15152
    Don't assume that image paths start with http:// when loading HTML in to a
    RequestFrame. Item Descriptions do not have that, for example.

    Revision: 15153
    Accommodate change in Terrarium HTML

    Revision: 15154
    Add Aggressive Snowman Kit, Summon Carrot, Aggressive Carrot, and so on.
    3 choice adventures in the new lair have only a single choice.

    Revision: 15155
    Type69 -> Standard

    Revision: 15156
    porcelain powder

    Revision: 15157
    Missed Type69 -> Standard file

    Revision: 15158
    Remove star hat and weapon from default goals for Hole in the Sky.
    ASH get_campground() now includes your current dwelling.
    The "picture of you" is a known dwelling furnishing.
    Maintain a list of "transient" dwelling furnishings which are destroyed when
    you change your dwelling.
    Remove your current bed when you change your dwelling.

    Revision: 15159
    Speed up terrarium parsing.

    Revision: 15160
    Track opening of Conspiracy Island Shops. Opens appropriately when visiting bunker (tested), should open when keycard is used (untested) or bunker door clicked on when keycard in inventory (untested) which should also remove keycard from inventory.

    Revision: 15161
    When you break Ronin in a restricted path, you should get your terrarium back

    Revision: 15162
    polyesterene powder

    Revision: 15163
    Maids are not transient dwelling furnishings.
    Calculate hasResult based on the full URL string. Do it only once, when the
    final URL is already known.

    Revision: 15164
    The topiary nugglet is not "usable" via inv_use.php.
    Mazel Tov! has only one choice option and hence has a default of 1
    Add spoilers to the 8 rooms of the Hedge Maze where you go left or right

    Revision: 15165
    Remove a bunch of dead code from SorceressLairManager.
    The "telescope" command now decodes what it sees at the new tower and prints
    appropriate spoilers

    Revision: 15166
    Shrub skills

    Revision: 15167
    Very preliminary monsters from new Sorceress lair

    Revision: 15168
    Arthur Frankenstein

    Revision: 15169
    When you look low through your telescope, save settings nsChallenge1 through
    nsChallenge5 with the string representation of a stat or element

    Revision: 15170
    parse the response to skillz.php the same as a response to runskillz.php

    Revision: 15171
    Add image for Shrub skills

    Revision: 15172
    All locations in the Naughty Sorceress's Tower in which you can fight a monster
    are now adventuring locations and log reasonably.
    When you insert a key into the tower door, remove it from inventory.

    Revision: 15173
    Since the build.xml declares Java 5 compatibility at the source level, ensure that LockableListModel still compiles under JDK5.

    Revision: 15174
    If you are suddenly logged out (from logging in at another computer, perhaps), do not let chat requests log you back in

    Revision: 15175
    Add a new section for breakfast skills where being in-run is not relevant to using them. Currently only has Summon Annoyance.

    Revision: 15176
    Add "test adventure URL" CLI command to see how we translate the given URL
    Add Strongest Adventurer Contest and Hottest Adventurer Contest - and the other
    stats and elements. Choose the correct one, based on nsChallenge1 and
    nsChallenge2 settings, as determined by telescope.
    When visit the contest booth (choice 1003), parse text and set those settings
    as appropriate.
    Add various Adventurer Contest monsters to their respective locations.
    Ditto for Hedge Maze and Tower monsters.

    Revision: 15177
    Track which keys have been used on the Sorceress Tower door in a setting:

    Revision: 15178
    Automation of Paranormal Test Lab

    Revision: 15179
    New skill numbers for bookshelf skills

    Revision: 15180
    More skill number updating

    Revision: 15181
    Temporary fix for bookshelf skill casting

    Revision: 15182
    Fix use link for star chart. Create use links for freshwater fishbones and
    topiary nugglets

    Revision: 15183
    box of old Crimbo decorations is reusable

    Revision: 15184
    Recalculate modifiers when you change something in the chateau

    Revision: 15185
    Protect against empty responses to chat requests

    Revision: 15186
    Better logging for actions in the Chateau. Register it as an NPC shop

    Revision: 15187
    When you buy a room furnishing in the Chateau Gift Shop, it doesn't actually
    enter inventory. Add it to the list of Chateau furnishings and remove any items
    it might have replaced. Recalculate modifiers when you do so.
    Simple visits to NPC shop.php do not need to log the URL.

    Revision: 15188
    KoL sometimes uses "chateau_rest" and sometimes it uses "cheateau_rest".
    Accommodate either.

    Revision: 15189
    Log all rests in the Chateau bed with the turn number in the run, since we
    cannot tell from the submitted URL if it will be free.

    Revision: 15190
    Add "restUsingChateau" setting. If true (the default), this will use the
    chateau, rather than your dwelling, for the "rest" (and "rest free") command
    and for the "free disco rest" options in HP and MP restore lists

    Revision: 15191
    Setting _chateauDeskHarvested trakcs whether you have looted the item on your
    desk yet today

    Revision: 15192
    Detect correct URL for sorceress fight and the prism, given new sorceress lair

    Revision: 15193
    Remove a lot of dead code relating to the old Sorceress Lair.
    Hardcore PVP warning detects new prism URL. Untested
    Missing wand warning given before Magic Mirror and Sorceress Fight. Untested.

    Revision: 15194
    More sorceress contest monsters. Clicking on Chateau ceiling or nightstand
    need not log the URL.

    Revision: 15195
    Since there are more sources of free rests, change name of HP and MP restorative
    from "free disco rest" to "free rest".

    Revision: 15196
    Preemptively assume that if you use a universal key in the Tower Door, the
    response text will contain the string "universal key".

    Revision: 15197
    Add Topiary Nuggletcrafting Coinmaster

    Revision: 15198
    Since the "fishbones" shop was my model for the "topiary" shop, and it was
    missing a few missing checks to register properly, fix both shops

    Revision: 15199
    When you speculate about a familiar, speculate about the familiar you actually
    own, not about a hypothetical 1-lb. familiar of that type (unless you don't
    actually own the familiar, in which case a 1-lb. familiar is dandy.)

    Revision: 15200
    Add plural for polyester pettipants. Decorate desert exploration with progress

    Revision: 15201
    Fix wand and hardcore PVP warnings. Fix setting challenges when visiting the
    registration booth at the Sorceress's tower

    Revision: 15202
    Add new FOTYs and their familiar items

    Revision: 15203
    Tales of Spelunking

    Revision: 15204
    Some IotY Familiar stuff

    Revision: 15205
    Tales of Spelunking and Powdered Gold drop tracking.

    Revision: 15206
    Powdered Gold is not multiusable (yet)

    Revision: 15207
    Rooms 2 - 9 of the Hedge Maze are "deferred choices" which get individually
    logged with adventure numbers, much as choices in the Gourd's Psychoses do.

    Revision: 15208
    Some Spelunky Stuff

    Revision: 15209
    Guess at shotgun weapon type

    Revision: 15210
    Speluck and Spelunker of Fortune

    Revision: 15211
    Set the default for choice 1003 to "4" - which collects your reward, if you have
    won all of the Adventurer Contests, and otherwise acts as Manual Control.
    If a weapon does not have a type, EquipmentDatabase.getItemType now returns
    "weapon" rather than null.

    Revision: 15212
    If a combat leads to a choice adventure, continue deferring use links

    Revision: 15213
    rusty staff needs weaponsmithing, not armorsmithing

    Revision: 15214
    black labels are auto-used when drinking base booze

    Revision: 15215
    Rename "Internal Database" to "Encyclopedia".
    Remove "Subjunctive KoL" since it has not been updated since before ND-13.

    Revision: 15216
    Speluck skill

    Revision: 15217
    Don't try to pull items that are too old for Standard

    Revision: 15218
    Spelunker's Guild prize sack

    Revision: 15219
    Fix "meat" stick adventure gain.

    Revision: 15220
    Some Spelunky rewards, thanks to Bale/KingBobson.

    Revision: 15221
    Spelunker's Gear is an outfit

    Revision: 15222
    EVE Quest automation

    Revision: 15223
    Let the SorceressLairManager take responsibility for logging various visits
    and choice adventures associated with the Sorceress' Tower

    Revision: 15224
    Make banishers match plural monsters

    Revision: 15225
    You can walk away from the Summoning Chamber when summoning a demon.
    Put a blank line in front of "friars" and "summon" commands in session log
    The Summoning Chamber is only an adventure location when fighting the boss
    If you've already fought the chateau painting monster, subsequent clicks on
    the painting need no logging.

    Revision: 15226
    Fix logging for visiting various locations on the big island

    Revision: 15227
    A few more Spelunky bits

    Revision: 15228
    Add as a place holder (heh) for place.php requests that we
    don't handle elsewhere. Provides registerRequest and parseResponse.

    Revision: 15229
    More place.php logging

    Revision: 15230
    Fix Daily Deeds display for Tales of Spelunking

    Revision: 15231
    Whack a lot of code to use the new PlaceRequest class

    Revision: 15232
    More place.php logging tweaks

    Revision: 15233
    Use correct choice # for The Last Temptation

    Revision: 15234
    If an adventuring area has no environment associated with it, return "none".
    Recognize trying to go to the Mist-Covered Peak or Empty Black Market

    Revision: 15235
    Add buffer run_choice( int ) command. When in a choice adventure, use this to submit the selected option. With -1 as imput, it will automate the rest of the choice using existing settings.
    Also add run_turn(), which will work as run_combat() or run_choice( -1 ) depending on whether you are in combat or in a choice.

    Revision: 15236
    When fixing links in the responseText of a specialCommand so that the
    "Adventure again" link works, in addition to not munging a link that starts
    with "http", don't touch one that starts with "javascript"

    Revision: 15237
    SkillBuffFrame not only registers for all the preferences associated with
    individual skills, but also for tomeSummons, since that affects tome skills
    whn you cannot interact.
    ValhallaManager defers firing Preference Listeners until it has finished
    resetting preferences.

    Revision: 15238
    Some more Spelunky support. Detect Spelunky limit mode from character pane and API and do not do recovery, moods or mana burning. Provide limit_mode() function that returns (currently) null or spelunky. Detect upgrade perks and report in preference spelunkyUpgrades. Detect (some) unlocks and status and report in preference spelunkyStatus. Log shop transactions. Log upgrades when obtained. More items, locations and monsters.

    Revision: 15239
    Add "test dump_disabled_skills" to the gCLI to aid upcoming debugging

    Revision: 15240
    When you clear or reset all your skills, rest and update the disabled skills in
    the SkillBuffFrame.

    Revision: 15241
    Add new Chateau desk item

    Revision: 15242
    When updating the combo box for the Ocean Destination from settings, create the
    menu before setting the selected index

    Revision: 15243
    Add remaining known unlogged place.php actions

    Revision: 15244
    Track how many writing desks you have defeated toward getting Lady Spookyraven's necklace in writingDesksDefeated, and display it when you defeat one

    Revision: 15245
    Add currentHedgeMazeRoom to track where you are in the hedge maze.
    Add choice spoilers to the Tower Mirror.
    It's "Mr. Alarm's Office", not "Mr. Alarms's's office"

    Revision: 15246
    The "again" link of a fight that leads to choice.php does not look like a choice
    that leads to choice.php. In either case, the simple presence of "choice.php" in
    the responseText should tell us we are not ready to show deferred use links.

    Revision: 15247
    When we experience the effects of a trap in the Hedge Maze, remember the
    element involved in nsChallenge3, nsChallenge4, or nsChallenge5; if you
    failed to survive, at least we now know the element...

    Revision: 15248
    What the... fix a typo.

    Revision: 15249
    Add Hot Adventurer #2. Add PeKaJe's Chateau nag for the Astral Gash.

    Revision: 15250
    If you completed The Daily Dungeon outside of KoLmafia, recognize that when you try to adventure there

    Revision: 15251
    Auto-select correct item (if you have it) for wall of skin and wall of bones

    Revision: 15252
    When you find a present under your Crimbo Shrub, log who sent it to you.

    Revision: 15253
    Remove obsolete built-in Sorceress quest scripts from menu bar, CLI, and ASH.

    Revision: 15254
    fancy calligraphy pens are now free pulls

    Revision: 15255
    Add Cereal Arsonist to Hottest Adventurer Contest

    Revision: 15256
    Finish removing those ASH functions...

    Revision: 15257
    If you have selected an oceanDestination, when you front the Meat and set sail,
    pre-fill the Longitude and Latitude input boxes with your chosen destination.

    Revision: 15258
    When you acquire the Spookyraven necklace, navigation link to Lady Spookyraven
    When she gives you the ghost of a necklace, remove Spookyraven necklace
    When you find all of Lady Spookyraven's dancing duds, navigation link to her
    When you talk to her, remove those items from inventory
    When you acquire the jar of baby ghosts, navigation link to Lady Spookyraven
    When she gives you ghost formula, remove jar of baby ghosts.

    Revision: 15259
    Baby Z-Rex and Topiary Skunk are combat familiars.
    Fix remembering last anticheese day.

    Revision: 15260
    CreateItemRequest.makeDough is now a lot smarter about making wads of dough and
    flat doughs: it will retrieve from closet, as needed, buy exactly the minimum
    necessary number of was of dough to either use as the result or ingredient, and
    so on.

    Revision: 15261
    Some Spelunky Datafile updates.

    Revision: 15262
    When we look at the Sorceress's Tower, based on the image, set questL13Final to
    unstarted, step1 ... step11, finished. Update existing code to use that scheme.

    Revision: 15263
    Recognise limitmode ("spelunky"), and use CharPaneRequest rather than API. In limitmode, inventory and skills are restricted to spelunky ones. Unavailable Inventory can be seen in a new "unlimited" category so you know it isn't lost! Only spelunky equipment can be seen in gear changer, and only spelunky valid slots are active. A number of spelunky tracking preferences added, including number of kills since last non-combat, expected phase of next non-combat, number of sacrifices. Transitions from normal play to limitmode and visa versa should be handled, login during limitmode should work. Spoilers added for Spelunky. In Gear Changer, weapons, hats, pants and offhands that cannot yet be equipped do now appear in dropdowns, but greyed out.

    Revision: 15264
    Spelunky tracking tweaks plus shopkeeper

    Revision: 15265
    If no Crimbo Shrub decorations are found when checking it (because it has not been decorated yet this ascension), set all non-stat decorations to blank values

    Revision: 15266
    Rewrite some parts of LowerCaseEntry to rely on the saved key/value rather than the underlying original entry.

    Revision: 15267
    Fix compilation error in Java 5, where AbstractMap.SimpleEntry is not public API.

    Revision: 15268
    Add new settings - nsContestants1, nsContestants2, nsContestants3 - to track
    how many contestants remain in each contest.
    Fix logging of the Hedge Maze choice adventures which each take a turn.
    Update pregress of the questL13Final setting as you progress through the tower.
    Minor tweaks to logging in various places in the Sorceress Tower.

    Revision: 15269
    Add arena parameters for topiary skunk

    Revision: 15270
    Fix location checking for quest tracking

    Revision: 15271
    Add a chasm link for snow boards

    Revision: 15272
    When you get the ghost of a necklace, add "Go talk to Lady Spookyraven on the
    Second Floor link".
    When you dance with Lady Spookyraven in the Ballroom, add "Go talk to Lady
    Spookyraven on the Third Floor" link.

    Revision: 15273
    Allow using a grimstone mask to "start" a gnome game even if you didn't bother talking to the parents previously

    Revision: 15274
    Add chateu desk daily deed, thanks to PeKaJe

    Revision: 15275
    In familairs.txt, store name, not itemId, of familiar larva

    Revision: 15276
    If you try to adventure in the Naughty Sorceress's Tower and it does not
    redirect to a fight or a choice, you can't go there. You may not be to that
    point yet, or you may be past it; without accurate Quest tracking, we can't
    tell. For now, simply say "YOu can't adventure there" and stop automation.

    Revision: 15277
    Whenever a call to place.php?whichplace=nstower simply returns a responseText
    (as opposed to redirecting to fight.php or choice.php), assume it is showing
    you the tower and use that to deduce where you are in the quest.
    If you are past step1 in the quest, then set nsContestants1, 2, and 3 to 0,
    since you have won those contests.

    Revision: 15278
    Each choice you take towards the beehive takes a turn. Make sure log records

    Revision: 15279
    Whack retrieveItem: bail early if the item is restricted, do not every buy
    items made via combining Meat, etc.

    Revision: 15280
    Allow creation of "restricted" items, even though you cannot obtain them in
    any other way.
    When we look at the Tower Door, reconstruct the list of already used keys.

    Revision: 15281
    The EquipmentDatabase may not consider familiar items to be "equipment", but
    the ItemDatabase should. Don't accidentally exclude the "familiar" radio
    button in Equuipment panels of the Item Manager. When rendering items of
    equipment, the hover text includes modifiers. Do that for familiar items too.
    When retrieving items, do not look in equipment slots or on familiars unless
    the item is "equipment".

    Revision: 15282
    The plural of "swagger" is "swagger". Use custom AdventureResult that
    overrides the getPluralName() method, in order to enable that.

    Revision: 15283
    Just as KoL tells you "You acquire a clan trophy" - but it doesn't go in to
    inventory, you acquire "7 Years of Bad Luck" when you shatter the mirror in
    the Sorceress's Tower. It's a joke. Ignore it.

    Revision: 15284
    Various item drop numbers from kolspading

    Revision: 15285
    For choice decisions that take an extra turn - looking in to the tower mirror,
    heading towards the beehive, fighting the remains of a jilted mistress - the
    spoiler now includes a "(1)" to let you know that it will take a turn.
    Register the fight with the mistress with a turn number & location, like other
    things that take a turn.

    Revision: 15286
    When you find crumbling wooden wheels, give a navigation link to control room

    Revision: 15287
    Don't increment non-combat count when shopkeeper beaten

    Revision: 15288
    First cut at providing Sorceress Tower quest scripts: the HedgeMazeScript
    has 4 options: traps, gopher + duck, chihuahua herd +kiwi, and nugglets.
    (Only the nugglets have been tested so far). the Tower Door script will
    look at the door, "acquire" any missing keys, open the locks and turn the

    Revision: 15289
    Only look for results in the body of the response text.
    Really ignore 7 Years of Bad Luck. It's just a superstition.

    Revision: 15290
    Arena parameters for Golden Monkey & Adventurous Spelunker.
    Don't use combat key (canonicalized name) as last monster

    Revision: 15291
    Roll back setting last monster name not using encounter key until I figure it
    out better.

    Revision: 15292
    Only increment spelunkyWinCount if you actually win the fight

    Revision: 15293
    Whenever possible just use the real KoL monster name, rather than a munged
    version of it.

    Revision: 15294
    Handle Spelunky tracking with Hostile Work Environment.

    Revision: 15295
    LOLmec Statuette

    Revision: 15296
    Use real capitalization of some monster names when checking quest progress

    Revision: 15297
    When calculating effect of Travoltan Trousers and Five-Fingered Discount on
    NPC prices, round to an an integer rather than truncating

    Revision: 15298
    Monster stats (Atk, Def, HP) for contestants at the Naughty Sorceress Tower,
    courtesy of Yendor

    Revision: 15299
    Spelunker of Fortune (used)

    Revision: 15300
    Take two at discounted NPC prices, since KoL will truncate them.

    Revision: 15301
    Take three

    Revision: 15302
    Fix typos for two of the tower contestants.
    Provide ability for PlaceRequests to automatically follow redirects. Use that
    when seeing the the Florist Friar is available and when turning the Tower Door

    Revision: 15303
    Fix getting a Hatter Buff; need to automatically follow the reirect to choice.php
    before submitting the desired choice option.

    Revision: 15304
    In theory, the Secret Canadian Mind Control Device and auto-completing the "find
    the Untinker's screwdriver" quest should work again.

    Revision: 15305
    Fix the names of the PM and DB Nemeses. MacGuffin diary and volcano map are
    reusable. When you find the volcano map, give it a "use" link, not a "guild"
    link. When you find either a crumbling wooden wheel or a tomb ratchet, the
    use link is now "[x+y]", where x is # of wheels and y is # of ratchets.
    (What you really care about is getting a total of 10 of either, not a specific
    number of the one or the other.)

    Revision: 15306
    Fix auto completion of untinker quest

    Revision: 15307
    Check for correctly capitalized monster that dropped the Mer-kin lockkey

    Revision: 15308
    Yomama, thanks to Yendor. Fix parsing of stats in Spelunky when not buffed. Fire (skill) listener when skill gained as well as when skill lost. Several Daily Deeds now listen for (character) events, such as when we enter or leave Spelunky. As a result Daily Deeds can be considerably shorter during Spelunky (though there are still many things that should vanish in future).

    Revision: 15309
    When you get the secret tropical island volcano lair map, automatically use
    it to open the volcano. If you found it in a fight in the Relay Browser, force
    a topmenu refresh to put a "volcano" link there. Decorate the map with a "read"
    link that goes to volcanoisland.php?intro=1, so you can see the introduction.

    Revision: 15310
    Most quest log entries for Naughty Sorceress quest now update quest tracking. Steps changed to bring them in line with other quests (step1 now started, stepN now stepN-1). Untested. Remove more Daily Deeds in Limitmode that cannot be accessed in Spelunky. Link to Altar when discovered (untested).

    Revision: 15311
    Set warProgress based on reading Quest log in case it is missed in earlier triggers. Lightly tested

    Revision: 15312
    When we start tracking a monster's stats, save the original health, attack, and
    defense. When you win the fight, use those figures as its "current" figures,
    for the purpose of annotating the monster in the Relay Browser.
    Fix detecting usage of Jung jars.
    Have a "council" link for the batskin belt and skull of the Bonerdagon, as

    Revision: 15313
    Wadbat hasn't logged in for over a year, so remove it from Pulverize Panel.

    Revision: 15314
    The Red Zeppelin ticket can be purchased with meat

    Revision: 15315
    Need to include password hash in uselink for hacienda key, even though it is on

    Revision: 15316
    Fix PvP stat loss parsing when either person's message contains " lost "

    Revision: 15317
    Fix the previous commit so stat loss parsing won't break for people with " lost " in their name

    Revision: 15318
    Remove Spookyraven toys when you get jar of baby ghosts.
    picture of you is NOT removed when you upgrade your housing.

    Revision: 15319
    It's Lump. It's Lump. does not advance the noncombat counter in Spelunky

    Revision: 15320
    When determining how many turns crafting will use, take the sauceror's triple
    reagent ability into account.

    Revision: 15321
    npc_price() of a Speakeasy drink returns the correct price for it, or 0 if you
    can't get it from your clan (no clan, no VIP key, no Speakeasy, no drink...)

    Revision: 15322
    When you switch clans, reset clan-specific details and fetch the new clan id and
    name, which will trigger looking up hot dogs and speakeasy drinks.

    Revision: 15323
    Accomodate variance in format of the Clan Hall

    Revision: 15324
    availableSpeakeasyDrink() needs to validate that the argument really is a
    speakeasy drink

    Revision: 15325
    Fix the check for beating a black pudding

    Revision: 15326
    Fix tybo

    Revision: 15327
    Fix NPE

    Revision: 15328
    Add ash function creatable_turns, which returns number of turns needed to create it. creatable_turns(item) returns number of turns to make one item, not taking into account free crafting turns from items/skills/inigos. creatable_turns(item, int) returns the number of turns to make that many items, without taking into account free crafting turns. creatable_turns(item, int, boolean) is the same, but takes account of free crafting turns when boolean is true.

    Revision: 15329
    When we go to bigisland.php?action=bossfight, remember that this is an island
    war fight (for the purpose of recognizing it is finished) and log it nicer.
    Slight refactoring creates ClanManager.changeClan( clanId, clanName ).

    Revision: 15330
    Remove duplicate definition of creatable_turns

    Revision: 15331
    Dimemaster and Quartersmaster save lastCampVisited for use by IslandManager.
    'Allo correctly logs as Hedge Maze (Room 1)
    Eliminate extra logging for the hedgemaze; only the choice adventures need it.
    "head toward beehive" always needs a (1) on the spoiler.

    Revision: 15332
    Fix NPE in FightRequest when finding bounty and last visited location is null.

    Revision: 15333
    Better fix for Bounty Item NPE.

    Revision: 15334
    Rename DvorakDecorator to DvorakManager; it already has more than a decorator in it

    Revision: 15335
    bottle of lovebug pheromones

    Revision: 15336
    Change the order of registration to let PlaceRequest come before other handlers
    of specific place.php locations. This allows us to use a PlaceRequest to visit
    any place, even if there is a specific class that handles it.

    Revision: 15337
    Choice adventure 617 now 1056.

    Revision: 15338
    Track lovebug unlock in preference "lovebugsUnlocked".

    Revision: 15339
    Improve Hidden City logging. Still not quite right, but recognizes tiles you
    jump to based on response text, at least

    Revision: 15340
    If you require an item with Modifier Maximizer (+equip X) then don't consider other items in that slot, or outfits that would take up that slot. Makes maximization with one or more specified items much faster.

    Revision: 15341
    Formatting tweak for Monsters that always get the jump in Area Combat Data.

    Revision: 15342
    Suppress logging to simple visits to otherwise unclaimed place.php locations.
    Save them in a set and show them with "test places"

    Revision: 15343
    Don't add items to the item pool if +equip requirement has already added them.

    Revision: 15344
    Tracking for evilness and oil pressure reductions from love bugs. Untested.

    Revision: 15345
    As always, use_item.php redirects without ajax and does not redirect with ajax.
    Fix Jars of Psychoses to work with both situations.
    Fix typos in Sorceress Door locks and elsewhere.

    Revision: 15346
    In maximizer, if you force equip a watch, treat it as a watch, not an accessory.

    Revision: 15347
    Refactor CoinmastersFrame to depend on listeners, rather than having non-UI
    components explicitly telling it to update.

    Revision: 15348
    CoinmastersFrame automatically registers a preference listener for each
    coinmaster that uses virtual tokens (counted in a property) rather than items

    Revision: 15349
    Dispatch more place.php requests

    Revision: 15350
    Specify number of hot dogs or speakeasy drinks drunk in session logs.

    Revision: 15351
    Rename and/or move some constants from GearChangeFrame and EquipmentRequest to

    Revision: 15352
    When processing results, do not pull out and process items wrapped with "rel"
    strings first. Locate such items and process the rel string to detect unknown
    items, multiusability errors, etc, but unless the item is going to storage,
    defer thae actual "add to inventory" - an associated logging - for the rest
    of item processing. This preserves the logged order of acquisitions.

    Revision: 15353
    Yet More Work on making PlaceRequest do exactly as much as it should for
    logging otherwise unhandled place.php requests.

    Revision: 15354
    Move "equip all familiars" function from the FamiliarTrainingFrame to a new
    module: FamiliarManager. Let ASH use it via boolean equip_all_familiars()

    Revision: 15355
    Hopefully fix Lovebug Evilometer updating

    Revision: 15356
    Improve logging of Nemesis battle in volcano.
    Improve logging of Hidden City opening
    Hopefully improve logging of beehive

    Revision: 15357
    Make "use * ITEM" work as a mood trigger, whether or not you happen to have any
    of the ITEM when you create the trigger

    Revision: 15358
    When maximizing, do not remove and equip items that you intend to have equipped. Do not show maximizing options that are unavailable in Spelunky,

    Revision: 15359
    Remove debugging code

    Revision: 15360
    Stop evilness going negative. Untested.

    Revision: 15361
    Fix Chihuahua + Kiwi script

    Revision: 15362
    Remove minus sign

    Revision: 15363
    Some more shops now use shop.php

    Revision: 15364
    Fix a row number

    Revision: 15365
    Fix the dispensary

    Revision: 15366
    Unbreak stealing items from other familiars.

    Revision: 15367
    Guildstores and Tavern now use new shop too

    Revision: 15368
    Fix case on Mer-kin rustler.

    Revision: 15369
    Check maximum uses of specific items before checking for restoration maximum uses.

    Revision: 15370
    If the network gives us a null responseText for some reason, don't take an
    exception while ptrying to process it.
    KoL decided to have two sets of head/body sections in the response text for
    creating something using your last star chart. Is that legal? Regardless, Cope.
    Remove extra code for processing results of pixel and star chart creations,
    since they are just normal "row" style shops these days.

    Revision: 15371
    Now restoration maximum is checked after individual items, ensure individually limited restorers check restoration maximum.

    Revision: 15372
    Allow expression effect(effectName) to also use effect(effectId). Note that this is converted internally to name as we don't use IDs as unique identifiers in mafia at present. So you may get some unexpected results if you use effectId to specify an effect whose effectName is not unique.

    Revision: 15373
    Lots more shop.php, hopefully all of it

    Revision: 15374
    More shop.php cleanup

    Revision: 15375
    More shop.php cleanup

    Revision: 15376
    Fix typo

    Revision: 15377
    Fix use link for when you get the dingy plans to buy dingy planks, not
    glittery mascara

    Revision: 15378
    FotY throne modifiers

    Revision: 15379
    Coolest Adventurer -> Coldest Adventurer

    Revision: 15380
    Fix logging for getting a beehive to show each step that takes a turn

    Revision: 15381
    Evilometer progress from lovebugs and from the monster you kill can be for different areas

    Revision: 15382
    Fix typo

    Revision: 15383
    Don't set Quest.MANOR to "step3" when you get a wine bomb; do it when you
    actually penetrate the suspicious masonry in the cellar, using either the
    wine bomb or the mortar-dissolving ingredients. Remove whchever ingredients
    you used when you break through the wall.

    Revision: 15384
    solid gold jewel

    Revision: 15385
    Spleen items are now a thing. Various changes revealed by checkitems.

    Revision: 15386
    inv_spleen.php is now a thing, too.

    Revision: 15387
    Fix use links for spleen items

    Revision: 15388
    Armory and Leggery utensils

    Revision: 15389
    Add the Armory and Leggery items to the shop. Parse whichrow values and print them for new items.

    Revision: 15390
    Recognize spleen items used from chat

    Revision: 15391
    Just as we skip learnSkill for food and drink, skip for spleen.
    In case anybody still cares, skip use links for spleen items with B in Beecore

    Revision: 15392
    Assume that spleen items are multiusable. Get the correct URL for using them.

    Revision: 15393
    Changes to Ccmpact Side Pane in graphical client. Main obvious changes will be lack of gaps in status panel in classes without class meters or when hippy stone unbroken, but it also only displays appropriate information during Spelunky. Also better parsing of gold in Spelunky and supression of disco combat helper if you are a Diso Bandit with Rave skills but currently are playing Spelunky.

    Revision: 15394
    Fix errors revealed by checkitems. Update mallprices.txt

    Revision: 15395
    Bump version to 16.8
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
    R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn.

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    Yes, I understand that the new Avatar path is coming out in just a few days.
    You don't need to second guess my decision to release this now.
    Thank you.
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
    R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn.

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