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Thread: URGENT. KoLmafia is BROKE

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    Exclamation URGENT. KoLmafia is BROKE

    The skill revamp broke kolmafia. Buffs can't be cast and moods won't work in the interface. Somebody please create a new daily build to fix this problem ASAP.

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    You really shouldn't do that. Seriously. Try 14944 or newer from the hourly builds. It works for me.
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    We thank you for the textbook example on the Exact Wrong Way to File a Bug Report.

    Locking thread. /facepalm
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    This was an excellent example of how not to report a problem. So that we can all learn from this, let's count the ways.

    1. There was already a "New Content" thread in the Bug Report forum to discuss the subject.
    2. "URGENT. KoLmafia is BROKE" is an upsetting and volatile approach to the problem. That was confrontational language. And confrontational CAPITALIZATION.
    3. Tacking on ASAP just helps upset the people who were already working on the problem as soon as it was possible for them to do so.
    4. The problem was less than two hours old when you posted this. Jeez, less than two hours and already you're all URGENT and ASAP about it?
    5. Veracity had already posted a patch to fix the problem and that information was already posted on our forums. (Posted in two different places.) When the next hourly build was scheduled to release (22 minutes later) you could download it.
    6. Minor issue: You didn't actually post this in the bug report forum? I don't know what was up with that.
    7. It feels like you take people for granted when you do not notice the already existing thread and effort that people were putting in on the problem which had just occurred. This is exactly the sort of thing that causes Veracity to baleet folks.

    I'm going to put this behind me now and assume that Linguinelad did not intend any of that. It is quite possible that he merely panicked when something very important failed. And then spoke badly from a place of emotional distress.
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    Are there still a people who only use major releases? Should the version get bumped and pushed out?
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    Are there still a people who only use major releases? Should the version get bumped and pushed out?
    Originally Posted by Rinn View Post
    We were waiting on the new challenge path to be supported first, and that was released (by KoL) today.

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