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Thread: Compiling the latest KolMafia with Jet

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    Default Compiling the latest KolMafia with Jet

    Hello everyone,
    I'm back to using KolMafia after a long absence, and I'm encountering some issues.
    1. I downloaded the latest stable release running JRE7 with the Access Bridge installed, but unfortunately my screen reader is not reading anything now. It used to a while ago, and I'm not sure what has changed.
    That's the major issue and I wonder if someone can either A, give me the latest build compiled in Jet, or show me how to do it? I just installed the demo and am lost, particularly because I don't even know if these native versions will work with screen readers either. I'm not sure what broke it in the first place.

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    Jet builds are available from though it looks like there hasn't been an update there in a while.

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