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Thread: WTF Relay script collection

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    I also get the error at the same line for consumables and equipment inventory pages.
    Originally Posted by splinter View Post
    This was a workaround for an issue with [strings], now updated in Mafia. Script has been updated accordingly.

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    Uhm... now, nothing works.

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    Actually, nevermind, I fixed it.
    Thank you for the dedication!

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    Can I know why the script automatically opens every Inventory Section? Is it possible to not make it do that?

    I recently retried checking "Close All Inventory Sections By Default" ("Delay Loading of Collapsed Inventory Sections" is checked) for I-forgot-why, and when going in my inventory, the sections WERE all collapsed! (Doesn't happen normally)

    I opened "hats", and everything was normal; each equipment piece had its enchantments described as usual (after the loading, of course).

    Every time I opened my inventory afterward, inventorywtf restarted automatically opening the sections, as usual...

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