The following is an abbreviated version of the Subversion commit message logs. Please keep in mind that these messages are intended for other developers and they take the files which were modified into context in order to limit the amount of verbage. In general, they are not intended for general audiences and should not be treated as "official" documentation -- they are informal and abbreviated, at best.

If you do not understand what something says, try looking at the full version of the revision by following the accompanying link for the revision. The only difference is that the files which were modified will be listed, and sometimes, you can guess what happened from file names (though not always). If you still have no idea what happened, that's okay -- it probably doesn't relate to what you're doing with KoLmafia. ^_~

Furthermore, not everything marked as "fixed" is guaranteed to be fixed, not all changes are guaranteed to have a change. This is due the fact that both time and turns are finite and only a limited number of things can be tested. Some changes go in untested, assuming they would work, when they actually don't due to erroneous assumptions; alpha testers occasionally will be able to give feedback, but it's not always possible.

For example, if you read the revision logs for what changed between 10.2 and 10.3, the plus sign choice adventure was meant to get a use link. Something as seemingly insignificant as KoL using two spaces instead of one space in the sentence "It's actually a book. Read it." would mean the change didn't actually work -- anyone can verify that, in fact, the change didn't work for this very reason. If you ever encounter something like that, a non-accusatory mention of it (non-accusatory meaning anything that neither implies "ZOMG FALSE ADVERTISING" nor "You guys said this was fixed, but...") somewhere will usually result in the problem getting addressed.

Finally, if you've got a bug to report, make sure you read up on how to post a detailed bug report. While the rules outlined apply specifically to bugs related to scripting, many of them are applicable to KoLmafia bug reports in general. Most importantly, I hate the words "annoying" and "frustrating". Never use them when describing a bug/feature. Ever. Thanks. The abridged revision logs follow.

Revision: 13378
Three Crimbo cookies from Advent Calendar 2013. Still need adventure/stat gain spaded and added, as well as probably a plural for petit 4.1.

Revision: 13379
Added some adventure / stat gains to some food/booze.

Revision: 13380
Start of restore refactoring. Restores panel in Item Manager and Recovery Items in Skill Casting now shows average HP and MP restored based on restores.txt values/expressions. Proxy records added for items .minhp, .maxhp, .minmp, .maxmp which give current values restored based on restores.txt values/expressions. Use these restores section under HP/MP Usage is NOT changed, yet, nor is any other internal uses of these values.

Revision: 13381
Don't consider an item useful because of smithsness if it has smithsness but you're not the right class.

Revision: 13382
When about to run a before battle script, not only set nextAdventure to the
location you are about to go, but update the GUI to indicate you are going there

Revision: 13383
Refresh current effects from charpane the same way it is done from api

Revision: 13384
Flaskfull of Hollow is multiusable.

Revision: 13385
More multi use items.

Revision: 13386
Reverse a check for what constitutes an adventure: if there ARE form fields (not
if there are NOT form fields), it might be an adventure. E.g, basement.php is
not an advention, but basement.php?action=0 is one.
Do not run after adventure scripts in the relay browser for basement.php by

Revision: 13387
Oscus' neverending soda, Platinum Yendorian Express Card, heart of dark chocolate, Wint-O-Fresh mint, pixellated candy heart, warm El Vibrato drone, pixel orb are all now restores in items.txt. Some things that aren't mainly restores removed from restores.txt - maple syrup (food), natto and tobiko marble soda (mainly buffs) and personal massager (combat mainly). Daily limited restores (Oscus' soda, PYEC, heart of dark chocolate) show on restores panel, with no values once used. Birdform usable items have no values when not in Birdform.

Revision: 13388
Remove some code that I I don't understand why it was there and was causing
problems. Since I don't undertsand what it was trying to do, I did not replace
it with anything.

Revision: 13389
Moved Restores information to RestoresDatabase. Restore panel shows correct restore values for daily use items, but does not display them when no uses remain for the day. Item proxy record dailyusesleft added which shows remaining daily uses for restore items, if -1 there is no daily limit. Three extra columns added to restores.txt, which is now version 2, for adventure cost, uses remaining and notes. Eternal Car Battery is a restorer as are Hibernate and Spirit Vacation.

Revision: 13390
Add value to Killing Jar to get Mall minprice correct. Show no-sell for all undiscardable item, regardless of values being set.

Revision: 13391
Lotions have base duration of 10 turns rather than 5.

Revision: 13392
Pec Oil is multiusable.

Revision: 13393
Added ash function stun_skill(), returns the character's stun skill based on class/preferences. Add Soul Food to restores.txt.

Revision: 13394
Don't need to check for any warnings in Relay Browser when seimply visiting
the basement

Revision: 13395
Restores refactor creeps forward. CLI command restores added, tells you details on all currently available restores. "restores all" tells you about all restores, "restores obtainable" tells you about all restores that you have or are tradeable.

Revision: 13396
Initial WarBear Fortress support. Adds Footsoldier, First Level and some items.

Revision: 13397
Crimbo Cafe 2013

Revision: 13398
Initial Crimbo Non-combat support

Revision: 13399
When we register a new item, add it immediately to the list of items available
on the DatabaseFrame

Revision: 13400
Add some warbear items. recipe for hoverbelt. Second and Third level zones.

Revision: 13401
Trying to go the the Third Level of the Warbear Fortress without a badge is
not an encounter.
Neither is doing things inside the K.R.A.M.P.U.S. facility.
Add warbear foil hat, warhammer jackhammer drill press, and recording of
Rolando's Rondo of Resto, as well as the effect that same name.

Revision: 13402
More Crimbo stuff. Add tracking for Soda Machine (_warbearSodaMachineUsed), Breakfast Machine (_warbearBreakfastMachineUsed) and Pyschokinetic Hug (_psychokineticHugUsed). Smithereens give 1-2 adv not 1. Add educated guess on how much MP Cloaca Cola Polar gives.

Revision: 13403
Add Warbear Drone familiar

Revision: 13404
Remove duplicate modifiers for warbear foil hat

Revision: 13405
Some more Warbear items

Revision: 13406
The warbelt hoverbelt limits your "base" stats to 100

Revision: 13407
Use the warbear soda machine and warbear breakfast machine during breakfast along with other once-per-day items

Revision: 13408
Fix an error in the previous commit

Revision: 13409

Revision: 13410
Crimbo items/effects

Revision: 13411
More Crimbo items.

Revision: 13412
Add tiny die-cast turtle mech. Use correct character entity in item name.
If you are not wearing your hoverbelt, failure to go to the 2nd and 3rd levels
of the Warbear Fortress are not "adventures"

Revision: 13413
When you are told your hoverbelt is out of juice, include an "install battery"

Revision: 13414
Look in workshed to discover which tool you have active

Revision: 13415
Add a couple of warbear item zap groups

Revision: 13416
Add the new and improved version of the New and Improved status effect.
Yes, we know that this causes a "Duplicate modifers: new and improved" message.

Revision: 13417
fix hatchling for warbear drone

Revision: 13418
Remove Warbear Badge if you fight a Higher Ranking Warbear Officer on Level 3.

Revision: 13419
Always remove badge fighting on Warbear Fortress Level 3, regardless of opponent.

Revision: 13420
New warbear items.

Revision: 13421
New zap group

Revision: 13422
Plural of Warbear Badges. Can walk away from LP-ROM burner.

Revision: 13423
Detect whether you are upgrading a bot to level 2 or level 3 and deduct the
correct number of whosits

Revision: 13424
Default to only option on new choice adventure on Warbear Fortress.

Revision: 13425
If you haven't pledged allegiance to a clan for PvP, abort after the first failed attempt at attacking

Revision: 13426
When switching clans, only clear the information for your current clan if you actually leave your current clan

Revision: 13427
Added consumption data for warbear mead and bread.

Revision: 13428
Added Breakfast Miracle. Added consumption data for advent food, warbear gyro and breakfast mess.

Revision: 13429
You can only use one warbear gyrocopter (normal or broken) per day. Using a normal one gives you a broken one.

Revision: 13430
Update AT song casted preferences when using the LP-ROM burner

Revision: 13431
Fix a few entries in equipment.txt

Revision: 13432
Fix a bunch of equipment powers

Revision: 13433
Add plurals of various warbear meads

Revision: 13434
A few more items (2 advent calendar, 3 bot production.

Revision: 13435
Warbear hats, pants, and accessories, courtesy of cannonfire40

Revision: 13436
Add the warbear multiuse concoctions for hats, pants, and accessories

Revision: 13437
descid and modifiers for the warbear plain ushanka

Revision: 13438
Added new tiny plastic, singles, warbear equipment fragments are multiusable. Better guess for Cloaca Cola Polar restore.

Revision: 13439
Antimatter wad is a spleen item, today's advent calendar item, palm frond from Beatles is a conditional drop.

Revision: 13440
The catfish folder gives "hidden" familiar weight

Revision: 13441
Plurals for warbear bread

Revision: 13442
festive warbear bank

Revision: 13443
Added last advent item

Revision: 13444
Don't store notes for variable consumption items if it is an empty string.
Don't display notes for a consumable item unless it is a non-empty string

Revision: 13445
When you add more of an item to your shop, the price and limit you specify
override the previous price and limit

Revision: 13446
Jewel-eyed wizard hat only increases duration of buffs.

Revision: 13447
The jewel-eyed wizard hat must be equipped or in inventory to increase buff

Revision: 13448
Add some plurals

Revision: 13449
Add fullness/stat gain for Flavorless Gruel

Revision: 13450
Add new CCS option, "stun". Uses class stun if possible, if not uses Shadow Noodles if you have it and preference "considerShadowNoodles" is true, otherwise skips to next line.

Revision: 13451
Fix right click menu for character names when not on chat pane and a chat pane only option is selected.

Revision: 13452
Adds preference maximizerCombinationLimit, defaults to 0 (unlimited). If non zero, maximizer will stop at the given value, with a message that it has hit the combination limit, and that optimality isn't guaranteed.

Revision: 13453
Add new function to EquipmentDatabase, isMainhandOnly( itemId ). Returns true for chefstaves, accordions and 2+ handed weapons. Maximizer now uses it, as does Equipment Manager and Gear Change Frame when maintaining their lists of possible offhand items.

Revision: 13454
Missing tab

Revision: 13455
fix recipe for warbear bearserker greaves

Revision: 13456
Only add right click chat functions to pages that don't already handle it. ie. where rcm.20090915.js and rcm.20101215.js are missing, not just where rcm.js, rcm.2.js and rcm.3.js are.

Revision: 13457
In right click menu for characters, when adding it use 2010 menu code, not 2007 menu code.

Revision: 13458
Move detection for warbear gyrocopter use to CurseRequest. Remove untrue assumption that you always get a broken gyrocopter if you use it on yourself. Detect failure message for already having used it and set preference accordingly.

Revision: 13459
Remove hot dogs from available food items when you ascend into a Bad Moon run

Revision: 13460
Use the festive warbear bank during breakfast

Revision: 13461
Eliminate possible ABE when adding stationary buttons.
Only need one conditional looking for hulking construct in FightRequest

Revision: 13462
A stinky cheese sword equipped on a disembodied hand counts for stinky cheese charging

Revision: 13463
Some Winter Garden items and initial Campground support.

Revision: 13464
Snow belt (from 2009) renamed to snow belly

Revision: 13465
Additional Winter Garden support. Have added concoctions but have commented out those items that aren't yet in items.txt. Can uncomment them as they are added.

Revision: 13466
More snow belt renaming

Revision: 13467
Minor fixes for Winter Garden crafting

Revision: 13468
Add some plurals

Revision: 13469
In the ascension reminder list, change the reminder for garden switching from a list to a drop-down. Recognize a day 0 Winter Garden, and make a guess at the results for later days.

Revision: 13470
Add a plural

Revision: 13471
Add images to classskills.txt (Thanks, Bale). Custom Combat Panel now uses these images. New proxy record .image added to skill in ash.

Revision: 13472
New setting: lastMushroomPlot is the ascension number where KoLmafia last saw
a mushroom plot. Visiting the plot in the Relay Browser, buying a new plot,
attempting to open the Mushroom frame, or using the "field" command will all
result in KoLmafia learning that you have a plot, if it didn't know before.
Do not attempt to run a planting script at login if KoLmafia thinks you do not
have a plot.

Revision: 13473
Ice sculpture, ice bucket, and snow shovel

Revision: 13474
Additional changes for the previous commit

Revision: 13475
More plurals

Revision: 13476
Ice house

Revision: 13477
Fix typo

Revision: 13478
Arena parameters for Warbear Drone

Revision: 13479
Added more Winter Garden items.

Revision: 13480
Snow Fort support.

Revision: 13481
Hoverbelt (and similar limiting items/effects) shouldn't increase stats if the base stat is lower! Untested.

Revision: 13482
Fix some skill costs, effect durations, tracking for Managerial Manipulation and mapping of Deep Dark Visions to the effect it causes.

Revision: 13483
Thief Among the Honourable also gives +10% Meat drops, it always has, but now CDM has fixed it so we can see it !

Revision: 13484
It is 2014.

Revision: 13485
As Skill numbers for Flavour of Magic skills changed, SkillPool has to too!

Revision: 13486
Move Frost Flower to the right day.

Revision: 13487
Missed one (2013->2014)

Revision: 13488
When you are at the Astral Gash, recognize that a frost flower is a Winter
Garden crop

Revision: 13489
Typo fixes

Revision: 13490
When asked to retrieve mushroom plot, actually go and get it.

Revision: 13491
Update fullness appropriately when you purchase an item from Chez Snootee in
the Relay Browser

Revision: 13492
Add Skully's hot chocolate. Old "New and Improved" effect renamed to "New, Improved"

Revision: 13493
Crimbo ukelele -> Crimbo ukulele

Revision: 13494
More of Crimbo ukelele -> Crimbo ukulele

Revision: 13495
Clusters are fancy, Cluster drinks need Fancy mixing, Scrumdiddlyumptious Solution potions need Way of the Sauce (untested).

Revision: 13496
Fix a typo

Revision: 13497
The Crimbo Cafe is no longer available

Revision: 13498
Add a coinmaster for the warbear black box, along with the new outfit available from it

Revision: 13499
Tattered scrap droprate now 25% rather than 30%. Let the drop rate go down and let the prices go up!

Revision: 13500
Add relay browser warning for adventuring in Gremlin areas during war with no Magnet and Gremlin quest incomplete. Would this existing have taken a day off my last run? Yes it would.

Revision: 13501
Add Skill "Spray Hot Grease", granted to Sauceror's with Warbear Oil Pan equipped.

Revision: 13502
Add missing tab

Revision: 13503
Remind SkillDatabase that it needs at least 6 data fields for a skill, now that
there is a skill image

Revision: 13504
Add images for some skills

Revision: 13505
Add images for another skill

Revision: 13506
Now that it is no longer useful, add Supercold Resistance support

Revision: 13507
Check whether once-a-day items should be used every time breakfast is run, not just the first time

Revision: 13508
Dismiss Pasta Thrall isn't an item summon. Rather than adding a remove effect skill type, treat it as a non-shruggable effect, as Spirit of Nothing does.

Revision: 13509
Added consumption data for Skully's Hot Chocolate (from wiki) and Winter Garden foods/booze.

Revision: 13510
Off by one error in determining maximum index in a dropdown

Revision: 13511
Clear BanishManager cache on login. Should prevent ice house banishes being wrongly copied over between characters (and other banishes in the rarer occasion that different characters had the same ascension number and similiar turns played). It will not fix wrongly copied settings. These will require a manual edit of preference banishedMonsters.

Revision: 13512
If you don't have parts of an outfit you are equipping in your inventory, do not create those pieces. They will still be automatically moved from your closet or clan stash (if your settings allow those to be used).

Revision: 13513
You can only use 11 packs of pogs at a time

Revision: 13514
You can walk away from the Ice House choice

Revision: 13515
Actually retrieve an item that's part of an outfit from the closet/storage/stash when you equip it

Revision: 13516
Update outfit handling to account for outfits that contain multiples of an item. If you are missing pieces of an outfit and mafia is unable to retrieve them, display what those pieces are and how many you are missing. When checking if you already have a piece of an outfit equipped, don't check familiar equipment.

Revision: 13517
Fix incorrect compare in hasAllPieces().

Revision: 13518
You can't cast an array of objects to a different array type in SpecialOutfit.getPieces()

Revision: 13519
Synchronize several incorrect lazy initializations\updates of static fields. Found with FindBugs.

Revision: 13520
Remove snow boards from inventory when they are used for the bridge

Revision: 13521
Adapt to change in Terrarium page

Revision: 13522
Fix regexp to pick up current familiar, too.

Revision: 13523
If you are running with a Happy Medium. "solar plexus" is not a sufficient
clue on the battle field that you have just defeated 8 hippies.

Revision: 13524
The ASH Expression class is now abstract. It has two subclasses: Operation and

Revision: 13525
Add optional preference hardcorePVPWarning. If true (default is false) will warn you if you click on the Prism when you have broken the Hippy Stone and have PvP fights remaining.
Handle Ice Sculpture fights when clicking on the use link.

Revision: 13526
Add a new type of Expression to ASH: Concatenate. This is used only for string
concatenation. When evaluated, it creates a single StringBuilder and appends the
evaluated result of each argument to it to get a concatenated result, just
like Java does for string concatenation.

Revision: 13527
Initial support of new Bounty Hunter. Adds preferences currentEasyBountyItem, currentHardBountyItem and currentSpecialBountyItem, which contain the currently hunted item and the number found so far. Adds bounty.txt to contain bounty information, which will need to be updated as new bounties are found.

Revision: 13528
Added today's new bounties and some plurals.

Revision: 13529
Add missing modifiers for Inner Dog.

Revision: 13530
bean-shaped rocks bounty changed to 35 needed

Revision: 13531
Added today's bounties. Gemelli's March of Testery should no longer appear in permable skills you haven't bought, because you can't buy it (and Gemeilli has it hard permed!)

Revision: 13532
Recognise bounties that haven't been taken, so that when they are, we know which they are. This is added into _untakenEasyBountyItem, _untakenHardBountyItem and _untakenSpecialBountyItem. They are cleared when taken. currentEasyBountyItem etc now properly set when a bounty is taken, rather than being blank til Bounty Hunter Hunter is visited.

Revision: 13533
Identify and track bounties if known to Mafia when encountered in FightRequest.

Revision: 13534
Add spooky resistance from Lazybones recliner.

Revision: 13535
If Mafia doesn't know that Ice House banish has been used, recognise it when visiting the Ice House in the museum and setting banish then.

Revision: 13536
Add today's new bounties. Do not generate error when meeting an unknown bounty at BHH. Remove old bounties from monsters.txt.

Revision: 13537
Correct bounty name for triffid bark.

Revision: 13538
It's a work in progress, but more Bounty Hunter Hunter changes. If automatically adventuring will hand in bounties when complete for lucre. Goals based on bounty items not yet working, but +1 filthy lucre will work. Proxy fields on items bounty and bounty_count return null and 0 respectively, as items can no longer be bounty items, will be removed entirely in a future update. Hunter menu option will need a complete rewrite, for now there is a message saying it doesn't work if you try to access it.

Revision: 13539
add github pattern for svn repos

Revision: 13540
Make the setting for showing mall prices in Fernswarthy's Basement visible again

Revision: 13541
Add today's new bounty.

Revision: 13542
Don't include class restricted Smithsness items in pre-calculating Smithsness unless you are the correct class.

Revision: 13543
Initial support for FotYs

Revision: 13544
Don't give an inline link for using the grimstone mask

Revision: 13545
Properly log receiving unknown bounty items instead of getting a NPE

Revision: 13546
Add some Crown of Thrones effects and Hare-Brained

Revision: 13547
Add today's new bounties.

Revision: 13548
Arena parameters for Grim Brother and Grimstone Golem

Revision: 13549
Add Darzil to authors.txt to resolve git-svn fetch errors

Revision: 13550
Track grimstone mask and grim fairy tale drops

Revision: 13551
Track when you get a Grim Brother effect

Revision: 13552
Add a few Grim Brother effects

Revision: 13553
Fix FotY Crown of Thrones modifiers

Revision: 13554
You can't PvP for loot in-run

Revision: 13555
Commit additional change for 13550

Revision: 13556
Fix a NPE when accepting an unknown bounty

Revision: 13557
Display how many drops you have received from the new familiars

Revision: 13558
Today's bounty and hopefully stop a null pointer exception.

Revision: 13559
Get rid of a potential cause of issue fixed earlier (an unknown bounty could set untakenEasyBountyItem (etc) to "", causing currentEasyBountyItem preference to be set to ":0" which caused other issues). Unknown bounties will no longer cause this to happen. Accepting a bounty now sets the appropriate adventuring zone in the Adventure Frame as it did before.

Revision: 13560
Removed line only present for debug in last commit.

Revision: 13561
Comprehensively Nourished and grim fairy tale

Revision: 13562
Added some new content from Cinderella and Wolf zones.

Revision: 13563
Lots of new items

Revision: 13564
Add Grim Brother and Grimstone Golem drops to the Drops daily deed

Revision: 13565
try a coarser locking schema for svn update operations: lock on the whole "svn update" operation rather than on individual lower-level svn operations

Revision: 13566
Add today's new bounties

Revision: 13567
Possibly remove a NPE.

Revision: 13568
When setting continuation state, ABORT trumps PENDING.
When checking skill usage during combat, use a switch statement, rather than
a big if-then-else chain.

Revision: 13569
Some details and items from Candy and Medieval areas from Grimstone mask.

Revision: 13570
Another attempt to stop the bounty related NPE. If this doesn't work I'll have to start thinking.

Revision: 13571
A few more Grimstone Mask related items/effects.

Revision: 13572
Show bounty items collected in Session Results. Provide link to return to bounty hunter when bounty is completed.

Revision: 13573
Record items with "This item will disappear at the end of the day." in description as "Lasts until Rollover" in modifiers.txt.

Revision: 13574
Blacklist Deep Dark Visions from being recast to burn mana when not using Moods.

Revision: 13575
Show possible bounties on Location Details.

Revision: 13576
Added ash proxy record "bounty". Gives plural, type, number, image and monster that drops the bounty shown in preferences _untakenEasyBountyItem, _untakenHardBountyItem, _untakenSpecialBountyItem, currentEasyBountyItem, currentHardBountyItem and currentSpecialBountyItem.

Revision: 13577
Return current bounty in location proxy record.

Revision: 13578
Disable mana burning for Deep Dark Visions by default, but allow it to be enabled

Revision: 13579
More new items

Revision: 13580
Add Skid Row skills

Revision: 13581
Add today's bounties. Add ash to_bounty() function. Show bounty as a possible drop in relay browser.

Revision: 13582
Mafia no longer things that the effect Sticky Fingers comes from the skill Sticky Fingers.

Revision: 13583
Try "" rather than null to fix lookup for sticky fingers.

Revision: 13584
Handle nulls gracefully in Skilldatabase.contains( skillName ).

Revision: 13585
Deduct ingredients from gnome tinkering only after the creation finishes.

Revision: 13586
When checking for complete bounties, check for null before equals "".

Revision: 13587
If you have skill casting in your Mood that isn't possible at present (eg. Shield of the Pastalord effect wanting cast Shield of the Pastalord) don't try to cast them (but do not remove them from the mood). Also do not display them in the Character Pane.

Revision: 13588
Don't allow Disembodied Hand to equip Mainhand Only weapons (two handed, chefstaves, stolen accordions).

Revision: 13589
Only one Workshed item can be used each day, now tracked in _workshedItemUsed. When used the existing Workshed Item is removed from the canpground.

Revision: 13590
Gnorman has a different message when tinkering more than one of an item.
Handle it.

Revision: 13591
When supertinkering multiple items at once, remove correct number of ingredients

Revision: 13592
Ultrahydrated now comes from adventuring in The Oasis.

Revision: 13593
Ash $bounties[] now works as a plural typed constant

Revision: 13594
Fix NPE in mood handling

Revision: 13595
You can walk away from your ChibiBuddy

Revision: 13596
Halloweeny and lemony scales gear. "Lasts until Rollover" items are also quest items.

Revision: 13597
Add todays new bounty, locations of bounties and location to bounty proxy.

Revision: 13598
Add ornate dowsing rod, and track desert exploration with it equipped

Revision: 13599
Provide a warning if you are about to adventure unhydrated in the desert. Only show it once per session (if you choose to skip it).

Revision: 13600
In Zombie Master runs, KoL now reports your horde in api.php, so parse it from there

Revision: 13601
Begin refactoring of Listeners: create "listeners" directory, get rid of
KoLCharacterListener and KoLCharacterAdapter, create Listener,
CharacterListener, and CharacterListenerRegistry in listeners directory.
By and by, I'll move in ItemListener and ItemListenerRegistry as well as
PreferenceListener and PreferenceListenerRegistry and then we'll see about
refactoring and generializing.

Revision: 13602
Visit Bounty Hunter menu item added back in. Changed all attempts to get a first location for a bounty from AdventureDatabase to instead get a 'best' location for a bounty from BountyDatabase.

Revision: 13603
Bounty proxy now returns a monster type for monster and a location type for location.

Revision: 13604
Goal set to +1 filthy lucre in zones which have a bounty you are hunting (as it did for the old bounties).

Revision: 13605
Add Paul's Boutique as a coinmaster (for odd silver coins)

Revision: 13606
Remove the fancy oil painting when you use it to build the bridge

Revision: 13607
Added some IotY items from the wiki. Added choice adventures for Witch zone. Fixed Workoutfit entry. Handle null in A Boo Peak choice. Rename old fire hose FDKOL fire hose.

Revision: 13608
Added more adventure areas, monsters and stuff from IotY.

Revision: 13609
Handle the case where a bounty setting was erroneously saved as "null:0"

Revision: 13610
Add proxy field kol_internal_type to $bounty. Add today's bounties. Add IotY adventure zone.

Revision: 13611
Case is important, and unemployed knob goblins are very much lower case.

Revision: 13612
Disco Fever duration

Revision: 13613
Add today's bounty and mulled berry wine. Minor changes to bounty handling for Adventure areas to make Astronomers work (strip trailing ":" and following characters), and to simplify (number and plural of bounty aren't used, so just store it as the single and save processing).

Revision: 13614
Added some provisional fullness and inebriety data.

Revision: 13615
Add surgeonosity to the maximizer documentation

Revision: 13616
Added Peppermint Rhino candy drop modifier.

Revision: 13617
Add bounty CLI command. bounty shows current bounty status. bounty easy, bounty hard or bounty special accepts a bounty.

Revision: 13618
Add faxbot ash( $monster ) command. Note that chat must be open for this to successfully work, just as for other mafia fax interfaces.

Revision: 13619
Fix "breakfast" command

Revision: 13620
Juggling balls are multiusable

Revision: 13621
Add today's new bounties.

Revision: 13622
End table in bounty command

Revision: 13623
Remove Grimstone mask if you don't choose option 6 (None of them)

Revision: 13624
Recognise and report unknown bounties. This doesn't let adventure goals or bounty hunter menu know about them. They are recognised once the bounty is accepted and then a bounty item is acquired in combat.

Revision: 13625
Fix typos.

Revision: 13626
Fix NPE at Wumpus Choice.

Revision: 13627
Add send to Smashbot button to Pulverize Panel.

Revision: 13628
Improvements to Smashbot option, will not send in Hardcore/Ronin, can also pulverise to nuggets.

Revision: 13629
Don't use "no malus" sending to smashbot.

Revision: 13630
Add spend link when acquiring Odd Silver Coins. Fis make stuff link when acquiring Ice Harvest or Snow Berries so that it appears.

Revision: 13631
Add today's bounties. Get case correct when reporting monsters on unknown bounties. Fix bounty tracking at Bounty Hunter.

Revision: 13632
Slight refactoring to eliminate some duplicated code

Revision: 13633
Add adv and stats to some food and drink, add a couple of plurals.

Revision: 13634
Remove bounty items from Session Results when you complete a bounty

Revision: 13635
Since KoL needs main.php to be loaded to initialize some things, load it immediately after logging in

Revision: 13636
Remove bounty item from session results when you complete a bounty.

Revision: 13637
Bjorn Buddy extremely basic support

Revision: 13638
Add "bjornify" gCLI command, bjornify_familiar( familiar ), and my_bjorned_familiar(). Support switching the familiar in your Buddy Bjorn, and track which familiar is stored there in some cases.

Revision: 13639
Parse bjorned familiars from your terrarium (if the Buddy Bjorn is equipped) and check your Buddy Bjorn on login if you aren't wearing it

Revision: 13640
Recognize Buddy Bjorn modifiers

Revision: 13641
Update the Tavern quest state properly from the quest log

Revision: 13642
Fix The Inner Wolf Gym

Revision: 13643
Initial basic Crown of Thrones Maximizer support. It currently only passes one Crown/Familiar pair to the MaximizerSpeculation loop for performance reasons, and currently picks the first best one if finds, rather than separating by tiebreaker condition. When Bjorn support gets added two familiars will be passed to MazimizerSpeculation if you have both.

Revision: 13644
Add Buddy Bjorn to gear changer

Revision: 13645
Add today's bounties.

Revision: 13646
Maximizer has the same support for Buddy Bjorn that was added for Crown of Thrones.

Revision: 13647
pop art banana peel reduced in number required to 6.

Revision: 13648
Fix terrarium parsing with a Crown of Thrones and/or a Buddy Bjorn equipped

Revision: 13649
Gear Changer can change both throne familiar and bjorn familiar at once.
Do not show throne familiar in bjorn familiar list and vice versa

Revision: 13650
Improved handling of Crown of Thrones and Buddy Bjorn in Maximizer somewhat (reports improvements in scores correctly, handles situations where another item is better than the second best familiar, but not better than the first more optimally).

Revision: 13651
Handle Maximizer evaluations when use of Crown of Thrones or Buddy Bjorn is forced.

Revision: 13652

Revision: 13653
Improve determining best familiars to be carried in Maximizer.

Revision: 13654
Show modifiers from Buddy Bjorn as Bjorn: rather than Throne:. Hopefully no unintended consequences.

Revision: 13655
Change Maximizer handling of Sticker Weapons, Card Sleeve and Folder Holder. Previously they were always passed as possible items to the speculation loop if any of the modifiers of ANY of the stickers/cards/folders were useful to the maximization. Now they are only passed if the modifiers of the CURRENT stickers/cards/folders are good enough to be worth using. Should reduce the number of combinations used a bit.
Note - There is an argument for treating card sleeves in a similar way to the new Throne/Bjorn code, so swapping cards could be considered. It's a good argument, and wouldn't add much time to maximize processing, but I don't have one to test with, so am not doing so.

Revision: 13656
More reliably mark Bjorn modifiers with "Bjorn:" rather than "Throne:".

Revision: 13657
Maximizer now recommends better cards for your card sleeve if appropriate.
Thanks to JimblyCakes for lending me a Card Sleeve.

Revision: 13658
Move PreferenceListenerRegistry and ItemListenerRegistery to listeners.
Add NamedListenerRegister. GearChangeFrame registers a named Listener to
handle changes to crown of thrones or buffy bjorn.

Revision: 13659
The Prince's Ball is indoor (or outdoor)

Revision: 13660
From Nantucket nerfed.

Revision: 13661
Change how locations in McLargeHuge are verified to be accessible

Revision: 13662
Fix the previous commit

Revision: 13663
Make the throne and bjorn combo boxes in the Gear Changer themselves implement
the listener for the appropriate event, rather than having a separate listener
which updates them when the event fires.
Make the fake hand spinner and the familiar item checkbox be NamedListeners.

Revision: 13664
Apply lostcalpolydude's Valhalla Workshed support, with fixed html to preserve formatting he wanted.
Only show valhalla link to make aerated diving helmet if you don't already have aerated diving helmet, crappy Mer-kin mask, Mer-kin gladiator mask and Mer-kin scholar mask. I suspect most people aren't diving helmet collectors spending 30k a time on them!

Revision: 13665
FoB monsters cap at 10k and are affected by ML.

Revision: 13666
Implement Crappy Camera, untested.

Revision: 13667
Always show Aerated Helmet reminder on Valhalla Decorator if you have a Bubbling Stone.

Revision: 13668
Add Grim Brother choice adventure. Squatting and Thrusting and You Read the Manual nerfed.

Revision: 13669
Fix parsing of Paul's Boutique purchases in relay browser.

Revision: 13670
Add Rumpelstiltskin's Workshop and concoctions. Remove Clay/Leather/Straw etc when you successfully use a new Grimstone mask.

Revision: 13671
Track clay, leather usage in non-combats, and add that was missed out earlier.

Revision: 13672
Add tracking for Rumpelstiltskin content. rumpelstiltskinTurnsUsed gives number of turns used getting materials. rumpelstiltskinKidsRescued gives the number of children rescued. It is likely that there are more messages than are documented on the wiki, so if some are missing and aren't parsed correctly, please put a note in the forum.

Revision: 13673
Add tracking for Cinderella content. cinderellaMinutesToMidnight gives number of turns remaining. cinderellaScore gives the current score. Also added grimstoneMaskPath which gives the current grimstone content available, "stepmother", "wolf", "witch", "gnome" or "hare".

Revision: 13674
When you bjornify a familiar that is in your Crown of Thrones (or vice versa), remove that familiar from your crown first

Revision: 13675
Add today's new bounties.

Revision: 13676
When we visit Fernswarthy's Basement, we observe what is on the level and save
the type of test. When we actually take the test, we log the level and test in
the session log, telling you what the test is, what you need to pass it, and
what you currently have. We used to log "what you currently have" based on your
stats when you saw the test for the first time, not what you may have buffed uo
to between the time you saw the test and the time you took the test. Fix that.

Revision: 13677
Add some fullness and inebriety. No nurses in the Hidden Bowling Alley.

Revision: 13678
If you have a familiar in a Crown of Thrones or Buddy Bjorn, and you don't have a better item, and no familiar is better than the current one, (esp maximizing adv, fites, -tie etc), leave the current familiar in place. Previously if the current familiar wasn't better than having no familiar, it'd suggest removing the current familiar.

Revision: 13679
"Reduce Enemy Defense" now a known modifier and will be recognised by maximizer and new item parsing.

Revision: 13680
Found a few more items/effects with Reduce Enemy Defense enchantments.

Revision: 13681
price changes, plurals, or data file corrections...

Revision: 13682
Add today's bounty. Assuming Hotstuff can be trusted, only 6 briefcase bats now needed for bounty.

Revision: 13683
You no longer need to be Ultrahydrated to get the bonus from wearing an ornate dowsing rod

Revision: 13684
Show bounties on drop lists on monsters which aren't all in lower case. Correct typo in items.txt.

Revision: 13685
Added checkbox on Pulverise Panel for items that pulverise into Smithereens. Given that Class Act 2 Seal Clubber runs, and any paths with Pulverise available, who have Smiths Tome, will probably pulverise items for superior consumables, it seemed a worthwhile edition. Just finishing up a CA2 Seal Clubber ascension - can you tell?

Revision: 13686
Set booPeakProgress to 98 after the initial encounter

Revision: 13687
If there is lag when checking to see if you have a Florist Friar, don't generate a NPE

Revision: 13688
0.0.1.prealpha-- version of the Script Manager. Look for it in the scripts menu.

Revision: 13689
don't NPE if you don't have a svn/ folder

Revision: 13690
prune Script Manager's list of installable scripts of those that are already installed.

Revision: 13691
Hopefully this is the vanishing banishes issue fixed. You may want to visit your ice house to update the listing. It previously erroneously saved an empty banish string when you logged into Mafia for a second or subsequent time without restarting.

Revision: 13692
tweak the script manager window size down 100 px.
change the remote location of the json repo file

Revision: 13693
When you "throw" a s'more gun at someone, use the response to check your marshmallow count, not your s'more gun count

Revision: 13694
add "go to forum thread" option to script manager context menus

Revision: 13695
13 unlucky claws needed for lucky cat statue bounty.

Revision: 13696
Siphon Spirits, Bugfinder Blade

Revision: 13697
add some more script manager context menu functionality:
- refresh installed script list/ remote repo manually
- update one/all scripts manually
also jazz it up with some icons.

Revision: 13698
respect preferredWebBrowser preference when opening forum threads

Revision: 13699
Add blow wolf whistle skill. Correct elements/images on two monsters. Grim Mask first place rewards that are equipment cannot be pulverised.

Revision: 13700
Bonerdagon image changed.

Revision: 13701
add search functionality to "installed" tab of script manager
clean up script manager layout a bit

Revision: 13702
instead of having a statically-sized textPane on the south end of the "install" tab, drop it (and the table) into a resizable JSplitPane.

Revision: 13703
allow the description textPane to be manually squished all the way down (instead of enforcing a minimum size that shows current text)

Revision: 13704
Add "grim" gCLI command to get a Grim Brother effect

Revision: 13705
fix linux-specific bug that caused svnrepo.json file to appear in the wrong place. This may make your "install" tab blank until the next rollover, sorry about that.

Revision: 13706
Add today's new bounty. Gnoll sign is not optimal for something.

Revision: 13707
Add a plural

Revision: 13708
fix ConcoctionDatabase can't-create-that message display bug

Revision: 13709
add long description text pane to bottom of "manage" tab, as well

Revision: 13710
Some (very) early Sneaky Pete support - untested other than it loads when you aren't Pete, as I'm not yet as cool as Pete.

Revision: 13711
Added Jukebox Hero and jug of Sneaky Pete's Mojo

Revision: 13712
Remove space after questI02Beat in defaults.

Revision: 13713
When you look through the portal at the parents, record what you see.
When you attempt to appeal to a parent's flaw, record the result

Revision: 13714
A bit more Sneaky Pete support. Should recognise that Best Dressed gives you Torso. Also adds skills and effects. For some skills it should recognise modifiers, should account for Hard Drinker on available Drunkeness.

Revision: 13715
Handle lookup of Pete skills vs effects where effect and cast skill differs.

Revision: 13716
Add today's new bounty

Revision: 13717
Implement partialtower cli command which should be the same as the Quests Menu option Tower (To Shadow).

Revision: 13718
Pay attention to what SVN says it is going to check in.

Revision: 13719
And check in the right new files...

Revision: 13720
Added some more Sneaky Pete items. Molotov soda is a spleen item, but will need spading.

Revision: 13721
Normalize capitalization of rumple message logging

Revision: 13722
Familiar "(none)" does not need to appear in a familiar list in the compact
side pane

Revision: 13723
Add Muffled and Unmuffled. Sneaky Pete doesn't get free rests from Unconscious Collective.

Revision: 13724
Still is now a shop. It is available to Sneaky Pete with Mixologist.

Revision: 13725
Track Audience (only works with character pane at present, request to add to api has been made). Appears on mafia side panel, also available with ash command my_audience().

Revision: 13726
Add shot of Sneaky Pete's Mojo

Revision: 13727
With Mixologist, Sneaky Pete can make Advanced and Superhuman Cocktails.

Revision: 13728
Cocktail Magic lets Pete make Cocktails turn free - untested.

Revision: 13729
Add Avatar of Sneaky Pete to $classes[]

Revision: 13730
Fix Mug skill entry. Add some plurals. Fix some combat rate modifiers. Add abs(x) and Audience to modifiers.txt, and support Born Showman. Add current spading on molotov soda (8-9 adv). Rowdy Drinker gives +1 adv/drunk. Length of All Revved Up depends on Audience. Track uses of limited skills (adds preferences - _peteThrownParty, _peteJukeboxFixed, _petePeeledOut, _peteRiotIncited, _peteJumpedShark). Can walk away from Upping Your Grade. Add mug to stationary buttons if you are Pete nad can pickpocket. Pirate insulting button now "pirate insult" to avoid confusion with Pete skill "insult".

Revision: 13731
Add plural for bowl of petunias

Revision: 13732
Motorbike support (or should that be Motorbike stand?). Recognise Nitro Tank, Sweepy Red Light, Massage Seat and Sissy Bar in stats. Recognise increased limit for Peel Out from Racing Slicks. Recognise new access methods for Peak, Beach and Island. Account for extra desert exploration from Blacklight Bulb. Handle Muffled/Unmuffled in mood. Fix lookup of skill to effect for Pete skills. Add 6 preferences peteMotorBikeX, where X is Tires, GasTank, Headlight, Cowling, Muffler or Seat.

Revision: 13733
Recognise failure to cast Incite Riot / Throw Party. Molotov Soda can go up to 10 adv gain, and no one in challenge had seen it below 8.

Revision: 13734
Recognise evil reduction from Motorbike with Ghost Vacuum.

Revision: 13735
Handle Sorceress as Sneaky Pete (hopefully) - untested.

Revision: 13736
Did the earlier Rowdy Drinker support work? Not in the slightest. Does this one? It does for me!

Revision: 13737
Fix desert tracking with Blacklight Bulb. Don't show use map on black market map as Pete unless you have Blackbird pieces.

Revision: 13738
Smoke Grenades are 20 turn banishes that take a turn. Glob of Blank Out is now a quest item. Blank Out, Corrupted Stardust and Pixel Orb are now 1/day items. Track this in preferences _blankOutUsed, _corruptedStardustUsed, _pixelOrbUsed. Unverified.

Revision: 13739
Don't consider using Crown of Thrones or Buddy Bjorn in Avatar paths (unless worn). Untested.

Revision: 13740
If you have autocreate on, will assemble blackbird or crow as needed (ie in avatar paths or when you don't have the familir or hatchling).

Revision: 13741
Changed combat rate of Muffled and Unmuffled. Muffled was spaded to -10%, and has now been spaded to -15%. Assuming the unspaded Unmuffled is +15% for balance.

Revision: 13742
api.php status now includes petelove and petehate, and we use it to get updated audience.

Revision: 13743
Handle parsing API for Audience level when not Sneaky Pete.

Revision: 13744
Get knowledge of being Sneaky Pete from path rather than from class. Check that rather than JSON presence for audience.

Revision: 13745
Don't automatically use Rev Engine for burning Mana, as it can give unwanted +/- combat effects with it. Can be over-ridden by changing skillBurn15011 value in preferences. This does not effect Moods.

Revision: 13746
Track jarlsbergPoints and sneakyPetePoints. These are the points you get for completing ascensions or using soul fragments / shots of mojo. It is not retrospective so doesn't account for runs/consumption before this.

Revision: 13747
FightRequest.freeRunawayChance() considers Peel Out and Racing Slicks.

Revision: 13748
Mounting a Rocket Launcher on Sneaky Pete's motorbike gives +3 kills per island battlefield combat

Revision: 13749
Added explanation of effects for most foods/boozes that didn't have them.

Revision: 13750
You have to actually cast Peel Out in combat to get a free runaway

Revision: 13751
Don't try to eat or drink things mid-adventure

Revision: 13752
More Avatar of Sneaky Pete changes

Revision: 13753
Fix tracking A-Boo Peak progress for the initial noncombat

Revision: 13754
Refresh your character state at the end of an AoSP run

Revision: 13755
Don't try to pull out a Reassembled Blackbird as Sneaky Pete

Revision: 13756
Add today's bounty. WARNING - KoL does not yet give any message for this bounty dropping, so automation/tracking will not work correctly (except at bounty hunter).

Revision: 13757
Add Thwaitgold dragonfly statuette

Revision: 13758
Add Avatar of Jarlsberg.

Revision: 13759
Don't tell Sneaky Pete which familiar he doesn't need for the tower

Revision: 13760
Fix quest tracking typo.

Revision: 13761
The Black Market has been revamped. The row for forged identification documents is still needed.

Revision: 13762
Add Sneaky Pete Council quest tracking. Some messages missing from wiki so not all will work. Some may have bugs, but 2-4 seem to work, so committing.

Revision: 13763
Link to the new Black Market location when using the black market map

Revision: 13764
New monster images, add some effect modifiers

Revision: 13765
Ashen is -15% combat after all. Added initial text for Level 7 council quest to quest tracking.

Revision: 13766
Copperhead Club

Revision: 13767
More new content

Revision: 13768
Recognize the Copperhead Club bartender by image

Revision: 13769
Using a lynyrd snare redirects to a fight

Revision: 13770
New level 11 stuff

Revision: 13771
More level 11 quest items, concoctions etc. Today's bounty. Handle gracefully someone not putting a space between item and brackets in monsters.txt.

Revision: 13772
Add cheesy eagle sauce, remove duplicate modifier.

Revision: 13773
When you have a Tommy Gun equipped, Unload Tommy Gun skill is available, which uses Tommy Ammo.

Revision: 13774
Mainly plurality.

Revision: 13775
Bored With Explosions

Revision: 13776
Add cigarette lighter.

Revision: 13777
Some fullness/inebriety.

Revision: 13778
Walk away from explosions is a 30 turn banish. Bored with explosions cannot be removed. Forged ID is ROW281.

Revision: 13779
Remove space after oilPeakProgress in defaults.txt

Revision: 13780
Add Red Fox glove

Revision: 13781
Add Murderer's Punch

Revision: 13782
Groar is a boss and inhabits the Mist-Shrouded peak with minions.

Revision: 13783
Skip checking for a success message for Peel Out since it doesn't always match and should always succeed

Revision: 13784
Using borrowed time reduces the adventures you get from rollover

Revision: 13785
Add today's bounty. Better detect Fix Jukebox use.

Revision: 13786
Add fleetwood mac 'n' cheese.

Revision: 13787
Red eye is multiusable

Revision: 13788
Fix the message to check for Fix Jukebox being used successfully

Revision: 13789
Fix Jukebox should always succeed

Revision: 13790
Fix a typo

Revision: 13791
Some drink spading.

Revision: 13792
Pete's Extra-Buoyant Tank gives access to the island for using the hippy stand

Revision: 13793
Add a plural, fix a typo

Revision: 13794
Fix the book of matches drop rate

Revision: 13795
Added some (rough) item drop and fullness/inebriety spading. Mob Penguin Capo now a penguin rather than dude as it was on day one. Added choices for Zeppelin Protestor non-combats. Biker Swagger duration depends on Love/Hate. Added initial council text for Pete getting level 12 quest.

Revision: 13796
Recognise Where There's Smoke... as a semi-rare, but not when it's a clover adventure - Untested.

Revision: 13797
Add KoLCharacter.mysteriousIslandAccessible(). Assume it's accessible once king freed, whilst we find out whether an ex Sneaky Pete character having access with no way to get there is a bug or not.

Revision: 13798
Combat Rate in A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters is 80% (combats only when quest complete). Scroll case is multi-usable.

Revision: 13799
ancient hot dog wrapper nerfed

Revision: 13800
Restore equipment after fighting Sorceress Familiars if they need to be buffed to 20 lbs using equipment when using Tower (complete). Untested.

Revision: 13801
You can walk away from picking a Sneaky Pete skill

Revision: 13802
Don't try to put the Reassembled Blackbird in your terrarium as Sneaky Pete

Revision: 13803
The code I added a while back to make sure that a fight leading to a simple
choice.php (from the Gourd) logged nicely ended up making other requests to
raw choice.php (which happens more often than you might expect) erroneously
log the visit as if it were to the last adventuring location. Do a better job
of this and only log the last adventure location for choices from the Gourd

Revision: 13804
Can walk away from Hair Today choice adventure (Check Mirror skill)

Revision: 13805
Support -crownofthrones (and -crown-of-thrones), -buddybjorn( and -buddy-bjorn) keywords in Maximizer, which prevent changes of the occupants of the crown of thrones / buddy bjorn respectively, but do not affect whether or not the items themselves are used.

Revision: 13806
Some fullness spading.

Revision: 13807
Recognise council quest text for Female Sneaky Pete's,

Revision: 13808
Correct Oil Cartel drop rate

Revision: 13809
You can walk away from GameInformPowerDailyPro Walkthru

Revision: 13810
When you return to Shen, you lose the item he asked for

Revision: 13811
The Frattlesnake

Revision: 13812
Desert and Island unlocks are now a preference set to the current ascension when unlocked (lastDesertUnlock, lastIslandUnlock) as it appears that KoL treats them as flags. These are set when the appropriate items are gained or motorbike preference set. Temporarily they are also set when these are in your inventory or current, or king has been liberated.

Revision: 13813
Also set Island/Desert unlock if necessary when inspecting motorbike.

Revision: 13814
Some fullness and a typo

Revision: 13815
Add Peel Out to the Runaways daily deed

Revision: 13816
Make Grim Brother effects show up in the maximizer

Revision: 13817
Don't try to make a Talisman o' Nam automatically if you already have one.

Revision: 13818
Added some plurals and food/drink spading.
I think all food/drink now has values, though clearly some may have innaccuracies, so raise a bug report if you find them.

Revision: 13819
A few new items

Revision: 13820
Label the disposable instant camera option at the ornate nightstand

Revision: 13821
Sneaky Pete's leather jacket

Revision: 13822
can of V-11

Revision: 13823
Audience limit is 50 with pete's shirt equipped

Revision: 13824
Sneaky Pete's jacket can be folded

Revision: 13825
When broken wings or sunken eyes drop, if the blackbird is auto-asssembled, provide a link to use the map if it already dropped

Revision: 13826
Fix a typo

Revision: 13827
Add some new items. Completing the new quest teaches you Torso Awaregness.

Revision: 13828
More new items. Fix folding Sneaky Pete's jacket and jarlsberg's pan when they are not equipped.

Revision: 13829
Add more Thinknerd stuff (and zone/monsters)

Revision: 13830
When you are Sneaky Pete, the compact side pane shows a motorcycle and the
popup menu shows you what accessories you have installed

Revision: 13831
New Drawn Onward

Revision: 13832
Update the version number for palinshelves.js

Revision: 13833
More Thinknerd items, correct typo in ItemPool.

Revision: 13834
Add amok pudding adventure and stat gains.

Revision: 13835
More Thinknerd

Revision: 13836
The Nuge's favorite crossbow

Revision: 13837
Items made from a can of V-11

Revision: 13838
More Itemz. It's THE Thinknerd Warehouse.

Revision: 13839
Five Second Energy give 3 pvp fights at 3 spleen.

Revision: 13840
Changed Thinknerd Warehouse goal to Professor What garment

Revision: 13841
Palindrome now snarfblat 386

Revision: 13842
Add Shake It Off as an autorecovery option.

Revision: 13843
Show warning if Shake It Off (or Bite Minion with Devour Minions known) is used when you are Thrice-Cursed and it matters (ie you haven't killed spirit yet). Untested.

Revision: 13844
The Nuge is an Ultra-rare

Revision: 13845
Add "snarfblat" as a combat macro predicate

Revision: 13846
Rod Nevada, Vendor is now choice adventure 873

Revision: 13847
Fix a typo

Revision: 13848
Recognize when multiple skills are learned at one time as Sneaky Pete

Revision: 13849
Modifier added to Video... Games. Do not consider Smithsness on a familiar unless it is the Disembodied Hand (untested).

Revision: 13850

Revision: 13851
Swizzlers and twists of lime are consumed when drinking booze

Revision: 13852
Fix 13851

Revision: 13853
Handle new message when equipping a shirt for the first time.

Revision: 13854
Don't deduct Karma if KoL tells us we cannot afford to perm a skill.

Revision: 13855
Only mark locationlogged when you've logged the location in KoLAdventure. It might cause other issues, but should improve CLI logging when playing quickly in the relay browser.

Revision: 13856
15xxx skills are Sneaky Pete skills

Revision: 13857
AoSP skills cannot be permed

Revision: 13858
Avatar of Jarlsberg name fix

Revision: 13859
Remove code to handle transitioning to proper KoL names for locations

Revision: 13860
Fix text to match to regnize that you need stench protection in Guano Junction

Revision: 13861
Some itemz

Revision: 13862
The wormwood now uses place.php

Revision: 13863
Stats for The Nuge

Revision: 13864
Only set the nemesis quest as completed when you receive the final boss's drop in combat

Revision: 13865
Don't burn the brood, add an item.

Revision: 13866
Account for using Motorbike Rocket Launcher in the war.

Revision: 13867
Red balloon is multiusable

Revision: 13868
Elevent support (unverified)

Revision: 13869
Campground resting stats for elevent, from wiki.

Revision: 13870
In the Gear Changer, for single-equip accessories, display 1 Max instead of the number of that accessory available

Revision: 13871
Some rough drop rate spading numbers (Castle Ground and Top floors).

Revision: 13872
Possible fix for ghost vacuum evil reduction detection.

Revision: 13873
Fix using I Love Me, Vol I

Revision: 13874
Split the workshed and garden ascension reminders onto two lines

Revision: 13875
Track Peel Out banish

Revision: 13876
Decorate Drawn Onward by munging the HTML manually, rather than via Javascript

Revision: 13877
Allow dance cards to be used as soon as the counter expires

Revision: 13878
The Palindome is now Inside the Palindome

Revision: 13879
When ascend into AoSP, correctly log class and path

Revision: 13880
Remove palinshelves from list of built-in relay files.

Revision: 13881
Some basic Castle Basement drop rate spading

Revision: 13882
The newer Castle Giants have variance in meat drop, mafia just had the averages.

Revision: 13883
liquid bread is food, not booze

Revision: 13884
Add missing fields to a couple of new items

Revision: 13885
Putty Buddy, crying statue earrings

Revision: 13886
Power for crying statue earrings.

Revision: 13887
tiny plastic Captain Kerdard. red foxglove can be pickpocketed.

Revision: 13888
Fix check for Pete having still access

Revision: 13889
shavin' razor is multiusable

Revision: 13890
a-boo clues no longer seem to be pickpocketable - /challenge spading. Thanks to Applehat and Chamou specifically.

Revision: 13891
Claybender Sorcerer Ghost is physically resistant

Revision: 13892
Elemental hot dogs give 11-13 adventures, not 12-14.

Revision: 13893
If in hardcore maximizer will not suggest equipment items of the month unless you are in the appropriate paths.

Revision: 13894
Fix typo in Giant Cactus Quills now KoL has.

Revision: 13895
Detect Axel Ottal wandering off. Remove spooky girl in post choice code only, not pre and post code.

Revision: 13896
Apparently leaving a chessboard consumes a reflection of a map. Removed the code that stopped this happening.

Revision: 13897
If Hidden Office boss defeated, fight accountant if option "fight spirit or get binder clip of fight accountant" is picked.

Revision: 13898
If the meat was in the seat cushions, Nuns won't handle it. Because butts.

Revision: 13899
Trying to go into the Hanuted Library without a key is not an Encounter

Revision: 13900
Fix message

Revision: 13901
A plural

Revision: 13902
Sneaky Pete has x1.3 HP multiplier

Revision: 13903
A-boo Peak drop rates.
Learned something new today, A-boo clues are conditional, they only drop before the area is cleared out, hence why they aren't pickpocketable.

Revision: 13904
Pete doesn't in fact get 1.3 hp per muscle. Shake it off is a +30% hp passive skill as well as a non-combat heal. Horrible hacky solution.

Revision: 13905
Plural for potion of fishy speed

Revision: 13906
Shake It Off no longer gives you +30% HP.

Revision: 13907
phials are multiusable

Revision: 13908
Fix wiki lookup for items with special characters in the name

Revision: 13909
Log when any challenge path is dropped

Revision: 13910
Don't show banished monster if walk away from explosions doesn't kill it (unverified). is_banished() ash command now handles monsters with upper case characters. Don't show mug on two combat buttons.

Revision: 13911
Basic geneticist support

Revision: 13912
DNA tracking

Revision: 13913
Choice 694 Deeps Impact has only one choice, so default to it.

Revision: 13914
Injecting yourself with genetic material empties the syringe. Be careful, kids!

Revision: 13915
Fix a NPE

Revision: 13916
Change _dnaSyringe to dnaSyringe, since the syringe doesn't get emptied at rollover

Revision: 13917
Fix a few bounty entries

Revision: 13918
Don't remove the current workshed item from get_campground() when viewing it again

Revision: 13919
Add plurals for folder holder folders

Revision: 13920
Fernswarthy's Basement monsters have defense equal to attack

Revision: 13921
Don't count seat cushion meat for the nuns quest

Revision: 13922
If we see nun.gif in a fight, a nun has just announced that she is claiming the
(already seen) Meat gain. Turn off status.nunnery and status.won, so that any
subsequent Meat gains are not erroneously claimed.

Revision: 13923
Update a plural

Revision: 13924
Clear status.won after processing meat.gif. Clear status.nunnery after
processing nun.gif.

Revision: 13925
Add support for casting Summon Annoyance

Revision: 13926
Correct hybrid modifier

Revision: 13927
Relay overrides can be made for specific place.php pages by making a file called (for example) place.plains.ash in the relay folder. The same can be done with shop.php and store.php.
For place.php?whichplace=plains, place.ash will be used only if place.plains.ash does not exist.

Revision: 13928
Add plural of red foxglove

Revision: 13929
Confirmed on the radio show, the drop rate for tattered scraps of paper is 27%

Revision: 13930
Handle "return to hunter" link for bounty items along with regular use links.

Revision: 13931
Refactor handling of skills that don't cost MP to cast. Don't try (and fail) to cast those skills when they have 0 casts remaining.

Revision: 13932
Fix an item image. Update mallprices.txt

Revision: 13933
Bump version to 16.3