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    I found myself constantly forgetting my buffs when I broke the prism, so I wrote this script to list off all the castable buffs I have that I don't currently have the effect for. I'm looking to see what skills and stuff I'm missing, so any feedback is appreciated.

    Right now, the script should check all the base class skills available. It doesn't check Accordion Thief songs because I can't think of a great way to check for it.
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    You could use proxy records to do the task a lot easier. Here is something I just threw together, feel free to use/steal it =).
    void buffs() {
    int amount;
    boolean have_buff;
    boolean[skill] active_buffs, bot_buffs, castable_buffs;
    	foreach it in $skills[] {
    		amount = have_effect(to_effect(it));
    		if (amount == 0)
    			have_buff = false;
    		else have_buff = true;
    		if (have_buff) //Currently have the effect active
    		if (it.buff == true && !have_buff && it.class != $class[none] && it.level != -1 && it.dailylimit == -1 && it != $skill[Spiky Shell] && it != $skill[Antibiotic Saucesphere]) //buff bot buffs
    		if (have_skill(it) && it.combat != true && !have_buff && to_effect(it) != $effect[none]) //buffs you can cast on yourself
    	print("You currently have the following buffs active:", "red");
    	foreach it in active_buffs
    		print(""+it+"", "green");	
    	print("You could get the following buffs from a buff bot:", "red");
    	foreach it in bot_buffs
    		print(""+it+"", "blue");	
    	print("You could cast the following buffs on yourself:", "red");
    	foreach it in castable_buffs
    		print(""+it+"", "purple");
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