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Thread: Improved Guild Trainer

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    Default Improved Guild Trainer

    Well, since we are among a brand new revamp, I'm getting tired of trying to figure out what all these new skills do. I've made a relay override to help at the trainer.


    You can use it too if you type this into your CLI:

    svn checkout

    Version info:

    Rev. 2: Initial posting
    Rev. 3: Added notify statement
    Rev. 4: Skills w/o blue text in description show up now
    Rev. 6: Blue text shows up after buying skills

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    Nice! It's just what I need!
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    Great, I've been wanting this.

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    BTW, before this gets lost, it's pretty awesome. Excellent work.
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    Love the script, thanks so much for making it.

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    Great script.

    Despite its extreme age without updates, this still works great as of aug 2018.

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