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    Default Version 16.1

    The following is an abbreviated version of the Subversion commit message logs. Please keep in mind that these messages are intended for other developers and they take the files which were modified into context in order to limit the amount of verbage. In general, they are not intended for general audiences and should not be treated as "official" documentation -- they are informal and abbreviated, at best.

    If you do not understand what something says, try looking at the full version of the revision by following the accompanying link for the revision. The only difference is that the files which were modified will be listed, and sometimes, you can guess what happened from file names (though not always). If you still have no idea what happened, that's okay -- it probably doesn't relate to what you're doing with KoLmafia. ^_~

    Furthermore, not everything marked as "fixed" is guaranteed to be fixed, not all changes are guaranteed to have a change. This is due the fact that both time and turns are finite and only a limited number of things can be tested. Some changes go in untested, assuming they would work, when they actually don't due to erroneous assumptions; alpha testers occasionally will be able to give feedback, but it's not always possible.

    For example, if you read the revision logs for what changed between 10.2 and 10.3, the plus sign choice adventure was meant to get a use link. Something as seemingly insignificant as KoL using two spaces instead of one space in the sentence "It's actually a book. Read it." would mean the change didn't actually work -- anyone can verify that, in fact, the change didn't work for this very reason. If you ever encounter something like that, a non-accusatory mention of it (non-accusatory meaning anything that neither implies "ZOMG FALSE ADVERTISING" nor "You guys said this was fixed, but...") somewhere will usually result in the problem getting addressed.

    Finally, if you've got a bug to report, make sure you read up on how to post a detailed bug report. While the rules outlined apply specifically to bugs related to scripting, many of them are applicable to KoLmafia bug reports in general. Most importantly, I hate the words "annoying" and "frustrating". Never use them when describing a bug/feature. Ever. Thanks. The abridged revision logs follow.

    Revision: 12121
    Fix Jelly Combed, add Net Gain

    Revision: 12122
    Don't show available free runaways from familiars in BIG runs

    Revision: 12123
    don't remove counters immediately after warning about them. still only warn once.

    Revision: 12124
    Add skills from sea outfits and gladiator weapons. Add outfit item skills to your current skills when you equip them.

    Revision: 12125
    track which merkin dropped the lockkey in merkinLockkeyMonster
    default choice for Drawer of Chests semirare

    Revision: 12126
    Keel-haulin' knife drops from a gritty pirate

    Revision: 12127
    add a Go To Store... context item to Purchases tab right-click menu

    Revision: 12128
    Moxious Maneuver is no longer a skill. Default value for Welcome to the Great Overlook Lodge choice adventure.

    Revision: 12129
    Track sea lasso training in lassoTraining

    Revision: 12130
    When a mer-kin lockkey drops, set Into the Outpost to pick up a stashbox

    Revision: 12131
    The cooldown for using a dolphin whistle is gone

    Revision: 12132
    Add Nemesis Assassin window counters

    Revision: 12133
    Shadow Jarlsberg is Your Shadow

    Revision: 12134
    Don't throw a NumberFormatException when parsing a number larger than MAX_VALUE or smaller than MIN_VALUE

    Revision: 12135
    arena parameters for gelatinous cubeling

    Revision: 12136
    Give a link to adventure at A-Boo Peak when you use A-Boo clue, and a link to shop at The Black Market when you use the black market map

    Revision: 12137
    Conjoined Zmombie is a special monster in The Defiled Alcove

    Revision: 12138
    Fix parsing of jarlsberg's pan and boris's helm being folded from the relay browser

    Revision: 12139
    Recognize that the beanstalk was planted when an enchanted bean is used, and update the URL to look for that indicates an already-planted bean

    Revision: 12140
    Do not check for being in BOTH Boris and Jarlsberg when deciding to grow
    a blackbird.

    Revision: 12141
    add svnkit library.
    experimental svn support. commands:
    svn checkout
    svn update
    svn list
    svn delete
    (these will be better documented somewhere)

    Revision: 12142
    use ${lib}/jar instead of lib/jar

    Revision: 12143
    use java 5 method of cloning a stack

    Revision: 12144
    also include zipgroupfileset in ant daily

    Revision: 12145
    fix svn command NPEs for "list" and "delete" if no projects are installed

    Revision: 12146
    print a message if the user does "svn update" with no installed projects

    Revision: 12147
    don't throw NPE if svn/ folder does not exist

    Revision: 12148
    one more NPE check

    Revision: 12149
    comment out unused methods in SVNManager

    Revision: 12150
    use non-deprecated svnkit API calls

    Revision: 12151
    pop up a warning if svn checkout will overwrite extant local files

    Revision: 12152
    also handle UPDATE_ADD SVNEvents when doing svn update

    Revision: 12153
    add svnUpdateOnLogin (global, default false), which runs svn update before breakfast/loginScript. This could be useful if your loginScript has svn dependencies.
    Add a ticky box for svnUpdateOnLogin in general preferences. I think eventually svn will have enough associated preferences that it can get its own tab, but it's there for now.

    Revision: 12154
    improve svn command help text

    Revision: 12155
    Rudimentary attempt to get svn working with proxies. Untested.
    Allow svn to write to ccs/

    Revision: 12156
    Add some plurals

    Revision: 12157
    new commands:
    svn increment <projectname>
    svn decrement <projectname>
    moves an installed svn project up/down one revision, respectively.
    "svn update" can also take a <projectname> argument or a <SVNURL> argument. Or just be blank to update everything.

    Revision: 12158
    A-Boo clue drop rate

    Revision: 12159
    fix NPE for svn update projectname

    Revision: 12160
    allow blank svn proxy user/pass settings

    Revision: 12161
    improve svn exception logging

    Revision: 12162
    remove redundant code for setting proxy manager, svnkit was already doing this in client manager initialization

    Revision: 12163
    use the client manager to create repo drivers in case the server challenges us for auth credentials

    Revision: 12164
    Remove the model airship when you use it to complete the quest

    Revision: 12165
    Remove the mer-kin lockkey when you use the mer-kin stashbox

    Revision: 12166
    code reorganization, minor logging improvement

    Revision: 12167
    command "svn sync"
    Looks through your working copies for modifications, then checks if that file differs from the local copy. If it differs, the WC file is copied over the local copy one. Note that this is very different from "svn update" and indeed does not contact the repository server at all.
    If you are unsure if you want this feature, this is only for people who maintain modifications to the files in their svn/ folders that they want merged in with updates from the repo. If you are just doing checkout/update operations and don't know what this "merging" business is about, you don't need this feature.
    Users who want to automatically sync after update operations can set syncAfterSvnUpdate = true.

    Revision: 12168
    if we catch an svn error during an update-all operation, go on to the next project rather than punting entirely.
    update sourceforge regex so you can use dashes and whatnot in the URL.

    Revision: 12169
    add googlecode regex to svn UUID generator

    Revision: 12170
    when invoking a script without a fully-qualified name, throw a runtime exception if there are multiple matches for the scriptname being searched. This is consistent with how we parse other things - if you try to define a variable twice in the same scope, we throw an exception there too.
    Note that the search namespace includes scripts/, relay/, plots/, and the root directory, so some users may be surprised that they were supplying ambiguous scriptnames.

    Revision: 12171
    don't double-count partially-qualified scriptnames when searching

    Revision: 12172
    if an absolute path to a script file was specified (ex. on windows C:\kolmafia\scripts\myscript.ash) do not bother searching for it, just return whether it exists or not.

    Revision: 12173
    workaround for sourceforge "atomic initialization" bug: retry the update operation up to 3 times.
    Obviously it would be better if sourceforge didn't throw bogus svn errors, but c'est la vie

    Revision: 12174
    Fix FDKOL shop

    Revision: 12175
    Don't switch into an aerated diving helmet to buy from Big Brother when other equipment already lets you breathe underwater

    Revision: 12176
    svn up/down does the same thing as svn increment/decrement. Because typing stuff is hard.
    (elsewhere in svn-land, "up" is a synonym for "update", but who wants to do what /other/ people are doing)

    Revision: 12177
    up/down become inc/dec. Same net letter consumption, less convention-breaking.

    Revision: 12178
    Mer-kin prayerbeads are no longer single equip

    Revision: 12179
    let svn reuse repository drivers (they were already being cached, this just lets svn use them)

    Revision: 12180
    Bento boxes are sushi

    Revision: 12181
    add preference simpleSvnUpdate (global, default true)
    if true, simply checks if the root of your working copy is at HEAD, skipping it if so. Speeds up the average update operation by 75% (and is probably nicer on servers). Advanced users who have done something like a non-root "svn switch" or are using svn externals should know whether they want to turn this off.
    Again the ticky box goes at the bottom of general preferences, it is soon time for these to be moved to their own page.

    Revision: 12182
    Mer-kin dreadscroll cannot be used with Ajax.
    Remove sushi doily from inventory when consumed by eating sushi
    Add "workteaClue" per-ascension setting to hold clue revealed by have Mer-kin
    worktea in inventory when consuming sushi. Remove worktea in that case.
    Fix bento boxes that have Mer-kin weaksauce.

    Revision: 12183
    print worktea clue to CLI and session log as well as storing in a setting

    Revision: 12184
    Mark sushi doily as a "food helper" so it show up on Food panel of Item Manager.
    Mark bento boxes as EPIC, since they provide >5 adv/fullness

    Revision: 12185
    don't punt out of entire svn update operation when an error is encountered, just move on to the next project.

    Revision: 12186
    Refactor "consuming" a concoction: if it is an "item" (i.e., it doesn't come
    from a cafe) but it doesn't have an item number (i.e. you consume it by
    "creating" it), don't look for it in inventory and don't expect UseItemRequest
    to "acquire" it.

    Revision: 12187
    Restore zap and sushi links to inventory. Adapted from heeheehee's patch.

    Revision: 12188
    add global preference _svnUpdated
    only do login svn update (mediated by svnUpdateOnLogin) at most once per day.

    Revision: 12189
    another regex change for sourceforge urls - handle subprojects

    Revision: 12190
    use a one-off implementation of getMatchingNames in SVNCommand so that directories can be substring matched in a case-sensitive way.

    Revision: 12191
    Recognize Snow Suit effects

    Revision: 12192
    Screambats don't have normal encounter rates

    Revision: 12193
    Fix El Dia counter creation

    Revision: 12194
    The barest beginning of Mini-Adventurer support: the larva, the familiar item
    and a placeholder for the familiar itself.

    Revision: 12195
    improve error message when trying to do svn update on a project that's not already checked out

    Revision: 12196
    handle updating the gCLI command field directly in the swing Event Dispatch Thread, since dispatching a worker thread can create a race condition.

    Revision: 12197
    When a monster has attack, defense, or HP equal to 0 (according to Manuel), handle it differently than a new monster with unknown stats

    Revision: 12198
    new ash svn functions:
    boolean svn_exists( String projectname ) - returns true if a valid working copy named projectname exists in the svn/ folder
    boolean svn_at_head( String projectname ) - returns true if projectname exists, is a valid WC, and is currently at the same revision # as the repository. This will hit the repo server, so be nice.

    Revision: 12199
    Account for Unconscious Collective free rests when using automated free rests

    Revision: 12200
    support for choosing the model airship in random lack of an encounter, thanks

    Revision: 12201
    fix regression bug that wasn't allowing https: addresses in some svn commands

    Revision: 12202
    Generalize the code for available free rests, and really account for the Collective everywhere. Free rests don't take a turn.

    Revision: 12203
    Update the Mind-Control Device for the updated Little Canadia

    Revision: 12204
    code refactoring: wrap svn update/checkout operations in Runnable and run them through RequestThread.postRequest. This should, among other things, update continuation state (i.e. sidebar color) and respond to abort requests appropriately.

    Revision: 12205
    don't double-display error messages when using simple update behavior.

    Revision: 12206
    initial support for automatic svn dependency installation.
    global preference svnInstallDependencies (default true) controls whether svn will try to install dependencies.
    Scripters are now allowed to place a file called dependencies.txt in the top-level of a project. Calling it anything else will fail validation, as before. This special file will not be "pushed" to anywhere locally, it will just remain in the working copy folder. On each line of dependencies.txt, you specify one URL to another SVN project.

    Revision: 12207
    move svn options to their own panel in OptionsFrame

    Revision: 12208
    provide more diagnostic output when trying to get an interpreter for a script that has multiple namespace definitions

    Revision: 12209
    Fix 9th anniversary item entry, add 10th anniversary item. CSA fire-starting kit can be autosold.

    Revision: 12210
    Pocket square of loathing is single equip

    Revision: 12211
    preference svnShowCommitMessages (global, default false) controls whether you want to see new commit messages from svn update operations.
    add the above and svnSyncAfterUpdate to the SVN OptionsFrame panel, and restructure it a bit.

    Revision: 12212
    Add adventure locations in Le Marais Dègueulasse

    Revision: 12213
    maximizer: don't try to summon demons that we don't know the name of

    Revision: 12214
    Items from new Canadia quest

    Revision: 12215
    add ash function: record svn_info( String project )
    record has the following fields-
    String url: the url that the project was checked out from
    int revision: the revision that the working copy is at
    String lastChangedAuthor: the author who committed the last change
    int lastChangedRev: the revision that most recently modified this working copy (note, not necessarily the same as revision field)
    String lastChangedDate: the date/time when lastChangedRevision happened
    This function will not hit the repo, its data reflects last known info as of the previous svn update operation.

    Revision: 12216
    Initial support for Florist Friar. Modifiers are updated when the Plants Previously Planted table is viewed and when a plant is planted or removed.
    Plants are not yet tracked across sessions or updated when logging in.

    Revision: 12217
    Fix some stuff with Florist Friar tracking

    Revision: 12218
    when an svn update for a file fires, instead of just looking for the file in its default spot, perform a namespace search equivalent to invoking that script at the command line. If a unique matching file is found, update -that- file; otherwise, warn/note that we couldn't find a file. This means that you can freely move around (but not rename) svn-installed scripts into subfolders and such.
    checkout undergoes a similar process, popping up a warning if it is going to overwrite a local file appropriately.
    Also, fix an issue where commit notes were not being displayed if a new file was added/deleted in a revision.

    Revision: 12219
    if an external svn tool interferes with deleting an svn metadata file when doing "svn delete", dispatch a background thread to wait a bit and then clean it up.

    Revision: 12220
    don't fuzzy match exact matches in svn commands

    Revision: 12221
    Assume Big Brother has been rescued if you have a bubblin' stone, an aerated
    diving helmet, or any of the Mer-kin masks

    Revision: 12222
    even though data/ is not in the searchable namespace, look there for existing files when doing svn update

    Revision: 12223
    When you use a Mer-kin wordquiz with a Mer-kin cheatsheet, track vocabulary
    mastery in "merkinVocabularyMastery" setting and dedecut both items.
    Track aquisition of all eight Mer-kin dreadscroll clues.
    Eight settings: deadscroll1 .. dreadscroll8 hold the option number (1-4) that
    corresponds to the clue, or 0, if you have not found it.
    Add "dreadscroll" command to list the status of your dreadscroll clues
    Enable GRANDMA as a crafting method

    Revision: 12224
    print conflict information in red so it stands out from the rest of svn output

    Revision: 12225
    Fix effect name: "Deep-Tainted Mind" not "Deep-Tainted"
    Deep-Tainted Mind cannot be removed
    Do not decorate unremoveable effects in the charpane with remove links
    Load phrase dropdowns in Mer-kin dreadscroll with correct values, based on
    clues we have learend.

    Revision: 12226
    Adjust DataUtilities, FileUtilities, and MallPriceDatabase so that logging the
    use of an override file is done only once - at the time when it happens.

    Revision: 12227
    Add quest items from Canadia Quest (courtesy of Bale), monsters from Canadia
    Quest (courtesy of Darzil), and monster images for many monsters (courtesy of
    Note that monster.txt version is bumped to 5 since the monster image is now
    in its own field.

    Revision: 12228
    Adjust the war hero windows slightly

    Revision: 12229
    Using 100 d4s takes a turn. Add shaking skull.

    Revision: 12230
    thread safety for SVNManager

    Revision: 12231
    Parse seahorse name from the quest log at login.
    Recognize taming a wild seahorse in combat
    Add "test fight [round]" command to do fight processing on a saved html file
    previously loaded via "test load [filename]" to simplify debugging things
    like the above.

    Revision: 12232
    Use a more sophisticated locking scheme to manage svn concurrency

    Revision: 12233
    Add support for 31-character hats for the Tea Party buff

    Revision: 12234
    Make Half-Eaten Brain removable by Tongue of the Walrus

    Revision: 12235
    You can only wear one papier-masque. Add Skunkulated.

    Revision: 12236
    Remove appropriate swamp item from inventory when you give it to Marty.

    Revision: 12237
    Update the Little Canadia stat gym

    Revision: 12238
    Add _floristPlantsUsed as a comma-separated list and florist_available().
    Add "florist plant [plantname]" to add a plant. [plantname] is case-insensitive, but otherwise must exactly match KoL's name for the plant.
    Check what is currently planted when you log in.

    Revision: 12239
    Fix Blue Swayed

    Revision: 12240
    code refactoring: reduce visibility of getClientManager and SVN_LOCK, provide a doInfo wrapper for callers outside of the svn package.
    Remove an unnecessary optimization in ShowDescriptionTable/LockableListModel.

    Revision: 12241
    Fix parsing of Florist Friar plants

    Revision: 12242
    Capitalization matters with sushi now

    Revision: 12243
    Halls Passing in the Night consumes a Mer-kin hallpass

    Revision: 12244
    Add string [location][int] get_florist_plants()

    Revision: 12245
    actual reality goggles are now a free pull

    Revision: 12246
    Added envyfish egg.
    Track with _envyfishEggUsed & envyfishMonster preferences
    Added Daily Deed to track usage and monster

    Revision: 12247
    modify the "rebase" behavior of SVNManager: only perform namespace searches for files that are in relay/ and scripts/ (i.e. files in data/ are exempt), and still check for namespace uniqueness even if the file exists in its default location

    Revision: 12248
    pogo stick

    Revision: 12249
    Replace the link to use another tomb ratchet with a link to the Lower Chamber when appropriate

    Revision: 12250
    Don't process the 'monpic' or Manuel's table in Fight HTML

    Revision: 12251
    Reset ChoiceManager.action to PostChoiceAction.NONE before calling the
    specified post choice action method, to avoid infinite recursion if the
    method ends up calling another choice.

    Revision: 12252
    Track progress of gladiator combat moves in gladiatorBallMovesKnown,
    gladiatorBladeMovesKnown,, and gladiatorNetMovesKnown

    Revision: 12253
    Refactor learning combat moves to be table driven

    Revision: 12254
    Tomb servants drop ancient ice cream scoops

    Revision: 12255
    Experimental support for Dad Sea Monkee - untested in-game.
    - When we first see Dad Sea Monkee, parse the clues and solve for them.
    - "dad" CLI command lists the elemental weakness (and spell) for rounds 1-10
    - element dad_sea_monkee_weakness( int round ) ASH function for consult scripts.

    Revision: 12256
    Add support for no-pull items

    Revision: 12257
    Don't automatically make any Mr. Store purchases through the maximizer

    Revision: 12258
    Skip extra "The " when parsing Dad text.

    Revision: 12259
    Remove debugging prints. Sigh.

    Revision: 12260
    Handle items with no ingredients when considering everything for maximizing

    Revision: 12261
    Things "crack open" for Dad Sea Monkee...

    Revision: 12262
    Experimental: when you fight Dad Sea Monkee in the Relay Browser, auto-select
    the appropriate Hobopolis spell to attack his weakness, based on combat round.

    Revision: 12263
    Simplify, clarify, and robustify some of the code in the Dad Sea Monkee solver

    Revision: 12264
    Change lots of location names in KoLmafia to match KoL

    Revision: 12265
    Update location names used in battlefield island parsing

    Revision: 12266
    When auto-selecting the correct Hobopolis spell when fighting Dad, search for
    the appropriate "option" selector in the Skill dropdown, rather than the name
    of the spell.

    Revision: 12267
    When selecting Dad weakness spell, work only within the "skill" form of the
    fight page, deselect last used skill, and select correct skill for this round

    Revision: 12268
    Move code from DadManager to FightDecorator to select a specific skill in the
    fight page. Add code to select the correct skill for Mer-kin balldodgers,
    bladeswitchers, and netdraggers that counter their special moves.

    Revision: 12269
    Fix cut/paste/fail-to-edit

    Revision: 12270
    Deselected already selected skills can move the desired skill in the buffer

    Revision: 12271
    When we see "New Area Unlocked", look up the adventure zone. If we find it, make
    both the image and the name of the new zone be links that take you to adventure
    in the new zone.

    Revision: 12272
    Make filling the Extreme Meter an auto-stop encounter

    Revision: 12273
    Print zarqon's "friendly message" when ASH detects a type constant that required
    fuzzy matching to parse

    Revision: 12274
    Ignore case when making sure ASH type constants match

    Revision: 12275
    Add "environment" proxy value for locations. This will be a string with the value "indoor", "outdoor", "underground", "underwater", "none", or "unknown".
    Change the version number for adventures.txt.

    Revision: 12276
    The trapper can unlock multiple new locations at once.
    You only need to use 0 or 1 sushi-rolling mat

    Revision: 12277
    Give "friendly warnings" for abbreviated plural typed constants, too

    Revision: 12278
    Fix character entities for Cadaver monsters.
    Unicode decode user-supplied string in "friendly warnings"

    Revision: 12279
    Add some Hot Dog Stand items and effects. Update a location name.

    Revision: 12280
    Fix Dad Sea Monkee parsing when only a single bit is set in word 7.
    Back to html entities for El Dia monsters

    Revision: 12281
    Recognize the Clothing of Loathing bonus from wearing multiple pieces. Thanks to psly4mne.
    Update a few more location names.

    Revision: 12282
    "Friendly warnings" now escape commas with backslashes

    Revision: 12283
    Only escape commas in the names of elements, not elsewhere in the message

    Revision: 12284
    Fix the hand chalk warning in The Haunted Billiards Room

    Revision: 12285
    Update more location names

    Revision: 12286
    Add shaking skull recipe

    Revision: 12287
    fix npe for svn_info if you don't have an svn/ directory

    Revision: 12288
    Mark HP/MP restore items from the GameInformPowerDailyPro as such.

    Revision: 12289
    Change more location names

    Revision: 12290
    Add Clan hot dog stand

    Revision: 12291
    Fix boss bat warning; zone name changed

    Revision: 12292
    When looking for the New Area Unlocked location, if we fail to match the given
    name, try again with "The " in front (if not there previously) or with "The "
    removed from the front (if there).

    Revision: 12293
    If goofballs are free then provide link to get them on the Valhalla page.

    Revision: 12294
    Add GenericRequest.abortIfInFightOrChoice(). Call this in the run() methods of
    EquipmentRequest, FamiliarRequest, UseItemRequest, and CreateItemRequest to
    avoid an unnecessary server hit which will fail anyway.

    Revision: 12295
    Only add "new location" links to pages that have a chance to teach you about
    a new location: choice.php, council.php, forestvillage.php, guild.php,
    monkeycastle.php, and place.php

    Revision: 12296
    revert Revision 12293

    Revision: 12297
    Change some more location names

    Revision: 12298
    BIG!'s monster bonus does not raise a monster's attack or defense above 300

    Revision: 12299
    Add a Daily Deed to check for a defective Game Grid token

    Revision: 12300
    Do not stop auto-adventuring at Under the Knife if you have chosen to skip it

    Revision: 12301
    Fix some bugs revealed by checkeffects and checkitems. Improve New Area linking

    Revision: 12302
    Add some Hot Dog Stand and Mini Adventurer items/effects. Update another location name. Add GOTO drop rate.

    Revision: 12303
    You can walk away from some choice adventures

    Revision: 12304
    Fix optimal spreadsheet entry. The vicious spiked collar can be worn by any familiar.

    Revision: 12305
    The QuickBASIC Elemental is purported to be UR. Treat it as such.

    Revision: 12306
    Parse the furniture in the Clan VIP lounge whenever we see it.
    Log when we visit the hot dog stand

    Revision: 12307
    Parse the Clan Hot Dog Stand when visited and call registerHotDog for each
    hot dog. This does nothing, yet.

    Revision: 12308
    Change parsing of available Hot Dogs to pick up the item needed to unlock
    a hot dog.

    Revision: 12309
    Bento boxes with inky squid sauce all had a typo in their name

    Revision: 12310
    When reading description of an item, if it is "not yet implemented", do not save
    the description text in the cache.

    Revision: 12311
    DebugDatabase.typeToSecondary parses "combat (reusable)" from the item
    description and marks the item as COMBAT_REUSABLE if found.
    Mark 6 combat items as reusable.

    Revision: 12312
    samurai turtle is only sometimes reusable. Ditto for PADL phone and
    communications windchimes. The latter two are already handled in FightRequest,
    so do the same for the samurai turtle.

    Revision: 12313
    simplify Zombo's eye and Frosty's iceball

    Revision: 12314
    Staff of the Scummy sink regens HP, not MP

    Revision: 12315
    Update display of counters when KoL effect-extending arrows are displayed

    Revision: 12316
    Update display of effects with 0 turns remaining in moods when KoL effect-extending arrows are displayed. Update a few more location names.

    Revision: 12317
    When visiting the Clan Lounge, only print the name of the clan you are in if it is different from the clan you were previously in

    Revision: 12318
    Remove some code that would never get used from the previous commit

    Revision: 12319
    Fix monster image for QuickBASIC Elemental

    Revision: 12320
    Initial support for eat hot dogs from the hot dog stand

    Revision: 12321
    If goofballs are free then provide link to get them on the Valhalla page. (Take two. Much more sensitive to server hits, but can suggest they are free when they aren't if user gets goofballs outside of mafia).

    Revision: 12322
    charsheet.php CAN have a "result" when it is used to shrug off a buff

    Revision: 12323
    plural for novelty tattoo sleeves

    Revision: 12324
    New Halloween candy and effects

    Revision: 12325
    Add the combat modifier for halloween candy and some plurals

    Revision: 12326
    Impatients -> Impatiens

    Revision: 12327
    Add Air Blast. Add mini-sauceror buff

    Revision: 12328
    Fix the hand chalk warning in The Haunted Billiards Room

    Revision: 12329
    Remaining pvp fights is now given in api.php

    Revision: 12330
    Update some equipment powers and location environments

    Revision: 12331
    Zombies cannot supertinker

    Revision: 12332
    Fix "whichdog" pattern to include the minus sign

    Revision: 12333
    When eating a hot dog, don't be fooled by losing turns of Got Milk

    Revision: 12334
    When stocking hot dog stand with supplies, log appropriately and, if it
    succeeds, deduct appropriate items from inventory.

    Revision: 12335
    Add environments for many locations, and update the names of a few

    Revision: 12336
    In BIG!, fix attack/defense calculation for large monsters such as Guy Made of Bees

    Revision: 12337
    When you eat an optimal dog, reset semirare counters and set fortune cookie
    counter to 0

    Revision: 12338
    chatbotScript != chatBotScript. Fixed that. The preference is chatBotScript.

    Revision: 12339
    Add Jackass Plumber checking to breakfast. Keep the Daily Deed, but do not automatically add it to people's existing entries.

    Revision: 12340
    You don't lose a defective Game Grid token when using it, but you can only use it once per day

    Revision: 12341
    Handle commas in Manuel stats

    Revision: 12342
    The slightest beginning of Dreadsylvania support: adventure zones, two items,
    10 curses, recognize sppooky werewolf and bugbear from images.

    Revision: 12343
    Get rid of extra constructors for CoinmasterData and adjust all coinmasters
    to use the single remaining constructor.
    Add Terrified Eagle Inn as a coinmaster whose currency is the Freddy Krueggerand
    Remove extra space from Dreadsylvanian seed pod
    Add items to coinmasters.txt for Terrified Eagle Inn. Unfortunately, we don't
    have enough info - like actual item IDs - for all those items yet.

    Revision: 12344
    Fix various choices that rarely include a hot dog unlock item: give correct
    spoiler when you actually encounter one in the relay browser, allow the user
    to specify that they want to get the rare item by default, automatically
    switch to a different option when automating if the rare item is not available

    Revision: 12345
    Translate rest of Dreadsylvania flunkies into their generic type

    Revision: 12346
    Treat Dreadsylvania like other clan dungeons for purposes of chat

    Revision: 12347
    missing tab in data for Dreadsylvanian seed pod.
    phials -> lotions

    Revision: 12348
    The giant gym membership card's requirement was changed from mysticality to muscle

    Revision: 12349
    It really is chatbotScript

    Revision: 12350
    Add a bunch of Dreadsylvanian items. Actually register items available in
    the Terrified Eagle Inn

    Revision: 12351
    When a new food or drink gives an effect, the default action is "eat 1" or
    "drink 1", rather than "use 1". Fix a few defaults for some newly added items.

    Revision: 12352
    Fix item ids for phials in ItemPool, so basement decorator will suggest correct

    Revision: 12353
    Added some sea drops to the pulverize list

    Revision: 12354
    Add monsters to The Caliginous Abyss

    Revision: 12355
    Added goals for the giant pearl and long-forgotten necklace semi-rares.

    Revision: 12356
    More Dreadsylvania items and effects. recipes for elemental phials.

    Revision: 12357
    Add pattern for learning a recipe from a Dreasylvania almanac page

    Revision: 12358
    Add a couple more items and effects from Dreadsylvania

    Revision: 12359
    More Dreadsylvania items and effects. Generalize another pattern for learning
    to craft a new item.

    Revision: 12360
    More Dreadsylvania effects. blessed large box. Generalize craft learning pattern

    Revision: 12361
    more Dreadsylvania items

    Revision: 12362
    More Dreadsylvanian items, effects, recipes. phials are apparently not SX3

    Revision: 12363

    Revision: 12364
    Add DreadsylvaniaRequest to track feeding booze to the coachman and taking
    a shortcut to a choice adventure somewhere in Dreadsylvania

    Revision: 12365
    When you adventure in Dreadsylvania via a choice adventure shortcut, set
    appropriate adventuring zone

    Revision: 12366
    More Dreadsylvania items

    Revision: 12367
    Add a bunch of Dreadsylvania items. Fix adventure range for big Corpse drinks.
    HiddenCityRequest should not take an NPE if last adventure URL is null

    Revision: 12368
    Dreadsylvania items, effects, recipes, ...

    Revision: 12369
    Add "test newitem itemId descId" command which looks up the item description
    text and registers the new item, just as if it had been dound in-game.
    Add 8 new outfits (not all of which have their components registered yet)
    Add various new Dreadsylvanian items.

    Revision: 12370
    Add Dreadsylvanian's shepherd's pie

    Revision: 12371
    Even more Dreadsylvania items

    Revision: 12372
    More Dreadsylvania items

    Revision: 12373
    more Dreadsylvania items

    Revision: 12374
    Mechanical Songbird is an item drop familiar. Rest of cuckoo clock parts

    Revision: 12375
    Fix a couple of equip requirements. Handle weapons which are simply "1-handed"
    with no type.

    Revision: 12376
    Frio Como Helado and Mayor Ghost's khakis

    Revision: 12377
    Fix item type for anger blaster:wq

    Revision: 12378
    Item images can be elsewhere than in "itemimages/"
    Initial support for folders - items, "use" link not inline.
    Don't need to when take a Dreadsylvania shortcut wince it gets logged when
    you are redirected to adventure.php
    skull capacitor

    Revision: 12379
    New Dreadsylvania items. When visit the Dreadsylvania map, parse it to figure
    out which shortcuts you have discovered and set appropriate settings:
    ghostPencil1 - ghostPencil9

    Revision: 12380
    cuckoo clock has a recipe and is a campground item. cyan folder. lucky cat
    statue is a campground item. More Dreadsylvania effects.

    Revision: 12381
    owl folder is +500% item drop in Dreadsylvania

    Revision: 12382
    Update some names and environment information.

    Revision: 12383
    More stickers. Fix powers of various items. cool iron helmet. Fix NPE

    Revision: 12384
    More Dreadsylvania items and folders

    Revision: 12385
    When a "buy" command fails with "Desired purchase quantity not met", clear the
    cached mall search for that item so that repeating the command doesn't fail
    again immediately.

    Revision: 12386
    Add the rest of the items from The Terrified Eagle Inn

    Revision: 12387
    For all currently known choice adventure options in Dreadsylvania that consume
    items from inventory, remove the appropriate items upon success.

    Revision: 12388
    Indicate KoLmafia's selections on the dreadscroll with -->clue<--

    Revision: 12389
    Beating hard mode Great Wolf of the Air shatters your moon-amber necklace

    Revision: 12390
    Add dreadful box. Gift Packages cannot be gifted.

    Revision: 12391
    Add Dreadsylvania monsters

    Revision: 12392
    Dreadsylvania ghosts are physical immune. All Dreadsylvania item drops are no
    pickpocket. Fix a few typos. Remove double spaces.

    Revision: 12393
    Update the environment for Bugbear Invasion locations

    Revision: 12394
    A bunch of fixes, courtesy of cannonfire40. Thanks!
    - All known Dreadsylvania hard mode boss items
    - ghost shawl lost when beat hard mode Count Drunkula
    - messing with loom automatically removes 10 ghost threads to give ghost shawl

    Revision: 12395
    A few Dreadsylvania things

    Revision: 12396
    Drunkula's wineglass lets you adventure while falling down drunk

    Revision: 12397
    Recognize key loss when unlocking the attic

    Revision: 12398
    Fix outfit numbers

    Revision: 12399
    Fix item number constant for stinking agaricus

    Revision: 12400
    Add Cold One and spaghetti breakfast. Two more folders. Hard mode Mayor Ghost
    takes away your Dreadsylvanian auditor's badge

    Revision: 12401
    catfish folder only works under the sea

    Revision: 12402
    GameInformer restoratives are single use.
    Add plural for oil slacks.

    Revision: 12403
    Remove ghost pencils when unlocking Dreadsylvania noncombats

    Revision: 12404
    Dreadsylvanian elemental loot pulverizes into elemental clusters.
    Add "1C" as a selector to the pulverization panel to select things that
    pulverize into clusters.

    Revision: 12405
    3 more folders. Remove non-equipment from pulverize data

    Revision: 12406
    Distinguish "spooky vampire" vs. "spooky vampire (Dreadsylvanian)"
    Recognize Hard Mode bosses.
    All Dreadsylvanian drops are c0

    Revision: 12407
    Folder #10

    Revision: 12408
    Fix a few item powers. add ASH item.smallimage proxy field to get an alternate
    "small" image, if KoL's description image is large.

    Revision: 12409
    Reverse foldeRevision 1 and foldeRevision 2 small images

    Revision: 12410
    Teach ASH get_related( item, "pulverize" about items that pulverize into
    elemental clusters

    Revision: 12411
    Add Outfits tab to Internal Database frame. Add elemental vulnerability to
    modifiers for Great Wolf's beastly trousers.

    Revision: 12412
    Use the "display" name for items in the Database Frame

    Revision: 12413
    Log when you unlock a hot dog and remove unlocker from inventory

    Revision: 12414
    You can only eat spaghetti breakfast when you have an empty stomach

    Revision: 12415
    Disco Power Nap now removes Consumed by Fear.

    Revision: 12416
    Revert that

    Revision: 12417
    moon-amber plurals

    Revision: 12418
    Remove cute "haiku" annotation since not only haiku monsters lack a monstername

    Revision: 12419
    since get_related() is supposed to return the number of items you get by
    pulverizing a million items, fix things that pulverize into clusters to
    return 1000000

    Revision: 12420
    When script execution takes an unexpected Exception, print the message and also
    the line and file where it occurred.
    Throw a ScriptException for session_logs(-1) rather than taking an unexpected
    exception, since that makes no sense. Do less work for session_logs(0).

    Revision: 12421
    Don't print confusing message when KoLmafia adjusts it's idea of the current
    familiar's weight in the normal course of operation.

    Revision: 12422
    Add some plurals. Pile of dungeon junk gives +5 pounds.

    Revision: 12423
    Add some zappable items

    Revision: 12424
    Add "test neweffect descID" command
    Fix enchantment parsing of Maximum HP Percent, Maximum MP Percent, Minstrel
    Level, and Combat Rate.
    Add Skills learned from The Machine and effects created by them

    Revision: 12425
    Do a better job of decorating Dreadsylvanian skeletons.
    If you are overdrunk, own a wineglass, and do not have it equipped, pop up
    a warning, offering to equip it. If you say that adventuring in a Drunken
    Stupor is OK, remember that in _drunkenStuporOK setting.
    puppet strings cost 103 swagger now, not 100.

    Revision: 12426
    Remove _drunkenStuporOK setting; if you voluntarily shose to fight Drunkula
    without your wineglass - a wise decision - you don't want to lose the warning
    for the rest of the day.

    Revision: 12427
    The wineglass warning now gives you three choices: adventure in a Drunken
    Stupor, equip Drunkula's wineglass, closet Drunkula's wineglass and thereby
    avoid future nags

    Revision: 12428
    Fix elemental coloring of monsters with no 'monname' span

    Revision: 12429
    Recognize when you fix The Machine and remove skull capacitor from inventory

    Revision: 12430
    Add support for a few Sea choice adventures.

    Revision: 12431
    Fix another location name, add a few environments

    Revision: 12432
    Add spoilers to "you're about to fight the boss" Dreadsylvania choices that
    tell you the current state and/or availablility of the various items and
    effects that you need to use/have to activate a "hard mode" boss. Untested.

    Revision: 12433
    Revert renaming of The Fun House for now

    Revision: 12434
    Fix Dreadsylvania boss spoilers

    Revision: 12435
    Refactor special encounter data into a datafile and it's own class. First pass adds location data for existing autostop, semi-rare, badmoon, hobo glyph, and clover adventures. Add known special encounters to location details. Add additional monster stats to location details. Work to follow will include adding data for turtle taming, seal figurines, and way of the surprising fist skills. Future improvements may include adding results of these encounters and adding information to the ash proxy fields.

    Revision: 12436
    you can't pulverize a ghost thread because it's not equipment
    when you learn a new Tale of Dread, give a link to the book
    When calculating buff duration, an equipped weapon trumps a better one in

    Revision: 12437
    Tales of Dread is a choice adventure that you can walk away from

    Revision: 12438
    Refactor handling of "buff tools" to allow proper use of zombie accordion and
    frying brainpan.

    Revision: 12439
    Add consumption data for Gets-You-Drunk, white Dreadsylvanian, ghost pepper,
    Add coonsumption data for Dreadsylvanian stew, white Dreadsylvanian, ghost
    pepper, and Gets-You-Drunk.
    Recognize usage failure for spaghetti breakfast.
    The "uneffect" link for Dreadsylvanian curses and negative status effects is
    not "use 1 hot Dreadsylvanian cocoa".
    The "uneffect" command (and therefore effect removal via the current effects
    panel and moods) for Dreadsylvanian negative status effects will use cocoa.
    Note that it will satisfy via Coinmaster (if you have enabled that) or via the
    mall (if you have enabled that).

    Revision: 12440
    Spaghetti Breakfast and Grab a Cold One can be used once a day. Track this in
    _spaghettiBreakfast and _coldOne. Add both skills to breakfast summoning.
    Using a Dreadsylvanian almanac page when you have all the recipes does not
    consume it.
    Add Brass Dreadsylvanian Flask and SIlver Dreadsylvanian Flask as built-in
    (but optional) "Item" Daily Deeds

    Revision: 12441
    Message about inserting skull capacitor appears on The Machine's choice page

    Revision: 12442
    Do not try to get Ode to Booze for Temps Tempranillo

    Revision: 12443
    Allow ASH relay scripts to execute even if the GUI is in an error state

    Revision: 12444
    stinkwater is not equipment, and therefore is not pulverizable

    Revision: 12445
    blood sausage is not pulverizable either

    Revision: 12446
    plural for stinkwater, consumption data for 4 food/drink drops

    Revision: 12447
    consumption data for bloody kiwitini and Dreadsylvanian shepher's pie
    Thanks Darzil

    Revision: 12448
    Don't remove Mark of the <monster> item if you already have the tattoo.

    Revision: 12449
    consistency for mark of the bugbear. italicive word in semirare encounter name

    Revision: 12450
    Fix buggy Mark detection code

    Revision: 12451
    Begin support for Dreadsylvania choice adventures: for each of the top-level
    non-combats, provide minimal configuration through the GUI. Options are
    "show in browser", "learn shortcut", and "skip adventure".
    "learn shortcut" means "use a ghost pencil". If you said "learn shortcut" and
    KoL doesn't offer you that option (because you have no ghost pencils) or
    KoLmafia knows that you have already learned this shortcut, switch
    automatically to "skip adventure".

    Revision: 12452
    Add a few plurals

    Revision: 12453
    Fix power of some Dreadsylvanian accessories.
    Add consumption data to elemental cluster food/drink. Thanks Darzil.

    Revision: 12454
    Add weedy skirt and acquisition handling

    Revision: 12455
    Add Zombie Homeowners' Association (Hard Mode) drops. Fix item type parsing for new reusable combat items.

    Revision: 12456
    Add CLI command: taleofdread [element] [monster]
    When you learn a new Tale of Dread in the Relay Browser, the "read it" link
    now takes you to the specific tale that you just learned.

    Revision: 12457
    When you beat the HM Zombie HOA, you lose your weedy skirt

    Revision: 12458
    Fix typo.
    - -This line, and those below, will be ignored--
    M src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/textui/command/

    Revision: 12459
    Fix taleofdread command for tales that have embedded line breaks.

    Revision: 12460
    The logging axe is now 1-handed

    Revision: 12461
    HOA citation pad's secondary usage is "combat reusable", not primary.
    Fix typo

    Revision: 12462
    Add weedy skirt to boss spoiler in Dreadsylvanian Village

    Revision: 12463
    fix some plurals

    Revision: 12464
    Fix command to cast Song of Starch

    Revision: 12465
    Add some KOLHS items

    Revision: 12466
    5 more folders

    Revision: 12467
    Lots of KOLHS stuff. On the Trail has a different image now.

    Revision: 12468
    Recognize KOLHS and log it when starting a new ascension

    Revision: 12469
    Update a location name

    Revision: 12470
    KOLHS characters can only drink KOLHS booze

    Revision: 12471
    Fix message for losing your ghost shawl vs. hard mode Count Drunkula

    Revision: 12472
    Add scrap metal. Remove items from the Booze section of the Item Manager if you can't drink them because you are in KOLHS.

    Revision: 12473
    You don't need a wand of nagamar for KOLHS

    Revision: 12474
    && and || are boolean operators.
    Fix item name required to get Churro Chiaroscuro

    Revision: 12475
    When equipping an outfit with a chefstaff, the chefstaff always goes in the
    weapon slot, but KoL sometimes lists it second

    Revision: 12476
    Mark the Mechanical Songbird as a fairy @ weight*1.5 in Dreadsylvania

    Revision: 12477
    add semirare encounter for The Hallowed Halls. Sort semirare and glyph
    encounters by location name

    Revision: 12478
    Crown of Thrones effects, Full of Loathing, KOLHS effects, The Daily Dungeon URL change

    Revision: 12479
    Daily Dungeon stuff

    Revision: 12480
    First steps towards tracking "kisses" for Dreadsylvania monsters: when you
    finish a battle, look at the "kiss" span and save the number that can be
    extracted from the title. Add a proxy field to a $location. So,
    $location[dreadsylvanian woods].kisses will return the last observed value.
    Note: untested for what happens when you LOSE a battle and lose kisses.

    Revision: 12481
    You can drink the steel margarita in KOLHS

    Revision: 12482
    When sharing mall prices, put a connect timeout on the connection.
    Since kiss handling method in FightRequest is always handed a span node,
    remove unnecessary munging.

    Revision: 12483
    Fix small folder image for two folders. Fix powers for some Dread Loot items.
    logging axe -> logging hatchet. Add some new items. Remove extra tabs from
    data for an effect and several items.

    Revision: 12484
    giant Faraday cage

    Revision: 12485
    Choice options are now sorted into groups by zone, rather than parent of zone.
    Fix some wacky zone lineages which had been set up to get around the old
    ManoRevision 0 parent is Manor, not ManoRevision 0. Ditto for ManoRevision 1 and ManoRevision 2
    KOL High School parent is Town, not KOL High School
    Dreadsylvania parent is Clan Basement, not Dreadsylvania

    Revision: 12486
    improve clipboard behavior for GUIs that employ ShowDescriptionTable

    Revision: 12487
    When you change clans, reset kiss levels for all Dreadsylvania zones.
    When you defeat a Dreadsylvanian monster with extra difficulty, set correct
    kiss level.
    When you defeat a Dreadsylvanian boss, set kisses in that zone to 0
    Add some conditional combat skills: Fire Death Ray, Hide Behind a Tree,
    Dive Into a Puddle, Hide Under a Rock, Get a Good Whiff of This Guy

    Revision: 12488
    Fix supertinkering accessibility check

    Revision: 12489
    Extract full name of Dreadsylvanian skeletons for Encounter: in session line
    Remove debug print of "1 kiss for winning"

    Revision: 12490
    X-fingered Shop Teacher, KOLHS thwaitgold, Mrs. K info,

    Revision: 12491
    Add a few effects. You can get effects from using Dreadsylvanian flasks.

    Revision: 12492
    KOLHS items

    Revision: 12493
    Recognize when you lose stats in combat - as from a Dreadsylvanian ghost.
    It's the Dreadsylvanian Village, not the Dreadsylvanian Town, when recording
    kiss level.

    Revision: 12494
    For all Dreadsylvania choice adventures, give good spoilers about what is
    available behind each option.

    Revision: 12495
    Update a few location names

    Revision: 12496
    New Hidden City content

    Revision: 12497
    McClusky file (complete) is a SUSE concoction.
    For toplevel Dreadsylvania noncombats, show items that can be made even if
    you don't currently have all the ingredients in inventory.

    Revision: 12498
    Preliminary monster stats for Dreadsylvania monsters, based on current state
    of spading. Uses new monster expression functions: KW, KV, and KC are the
    last seen (or 1 if not seen) kiss levels in the Woods, Village, and Castle

    Revision: 12499
    Update some location names. More Hidden City stuff.

    Revision: 12500
    Remove extra close parents for werewolf expressions.
    Add .physical_immunity proxy field to monster objects in ASH

    Revision: 12501
    make that physical_resistance, not physical_immunity

    Revision: 12502
    Add drops for Hard Mode Zombie HOA

    Revision: 12503
    When finding the "Adventure Again" link, don't be fooled by Manuel's
    link to the questlog

    Revision: 12504
    Rather than duplicating common URL-parsing Patterns all over the place, move
    them to GenericRequest

    Revision: 12505
    Add The Hidden Tavern as an NPC shop

    Revision: 12506
    Fix plurals and equipment power for various new Hidden City items.

    Revision: 12507
    Hidden City consumable values

    Revision: 12508
    Log visits to Jackass Plumber

    Revision: 12509
    Vile Vagrant Vestments gives -MP cost regardless of your current class

    Revision: 12510
    Add arena parameters for Nosy Nose and MiniMechaElf
    Auto-select correct combat skill when Falls-From-Sky uses a special move

    Revision: 12511
    Only remove the Mer-kin dreadscroll from inventory when you become the
    High Priest or when you try reading it after already being the Champion

    Revision: 12512
    Arena parameters for Mechanical Songbird

    Revision: 12513
    Refactor ChoiceAdventure data - the "options" list can now have either
    Strings of Option objects. The latter can specify a particular decision
    value or an associated item.

    Revision: 12514
    Remove Mer-kin dreadscroll when proessing choice response in which you are
    told that you are the High Priest

    Revision: 12515
    Allocate array of objects to hold dynamic spoilers, not array of strings

    Revision: 12516
    Fix newly introduced infinite loop/heap overflow when decorating choice pages

    Revision: 12517
    Update images for Hidden City and Degrassi Knoll monsters

    Revision: 12518
    Handle gaining an intrinsic in combat

    Revision: 12519
    Much of new Degrassi Knoll: combined npcstore, plunger and innabox used
    automatically as appropriate, different URLs to visit NPCs, new adventuring
    locations, monsters moved, etc. etc.

    Revision: 12520
    Attempt to fix Knoll Muscle gym

    Revision: 12521
    More KOLHS items

    Revision: 12522
    You can only eat 1 spaghetti breakfast per day, even if you reduce your fullness back to 0

    Revision: 12523
    Do not consider turns of Inigo's remaining when deciding if Wok recipes are possible.

    Revision: 12524
    In a preference spinner, do not write the preference to agree with the spinner
    when we are in the middle of updating the spinner to agree with the setting

    Revision: 12525
    Get rid of hand-crafted dropdowns on ChoiceOptionsPanel for Dreadsylvanian
    non-combats. Instead use recently added mechanism which allows sparse
    choice option decisions in auto-generated dropdowns.

    Revision: 12526
    You can wear the over-the-shoulder Folder Holder in HC during KOLHS runs

    Revision: 12527
    Get rid of support for Giant Castle chore wheel since it no longer exists.
    Sort Dreadsylvania noncombat choice options in the expected order

    Revision: 12528
    Remove old Hidden City mapping and sphere identification code

    Revision: 12529
    It is "piece of wedding cake" not simply "wedding cake".

    Revision: 12530
    Remove obsolete code for the old daily dungeon

    Revision: 12531
    put back modifiers for oven mitts

    Revision: 12532
    Shore Gift Shop is a coinmaster. Fix some equipment powers. Meat globe is a
    campground furnishing.

    Revision: 12533
    Add a comment

    Revision: 12534
    Handle recently expired effects in charpane correctly.

    Revision: 12535
    Add "chasm bridge" as a condition. It is satisfied when chasmBridgeProgress
    equals 31.

    Revision: 12536
    Use OrcChasmRequest.getChasmProgress() to determine progress, rather than
    going directly to the underlying setting.

    Revision: 12537
    Fix condition parsing to allow "31 chasm bridge progress", for example.

    Revision: 12538
    Bridge is done at 30.

    Revision: 12539
    Remove some old shore-handling code

    Revision: 12540
    The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency is now adventure.php #355 with choice #793 as
    its only encounter.

    Revision: 12541
    More shore cleanup

    Revision: 12542
    Update environment for The Broodling Grounds

    Revision: 12543
    Steam-Powered Cheerleader. Essence of Annoyance.

    Revision: 12544
    Learn the Rave Steal combo on any attempt, even an unsuccessful one.

    Revision: 12545
    Add Steam-Powered Cheerleader item drop bonus and effects. _cheerleaderSteam is used to track its steam level, starting at 100 and decreasing to 0.

    Revision: 12546
    The Steam-Powered Cheerleader loses steam more slowly than previously added, so _cheerleaderSteam starts at 200. Add arena parameters.

    Revision: 12547
    Fix recognition of unlocking the Untinker quest

    Revision: 12548
    Fix choice decoration for choices with special handling - goal buttons, etc.
    Preemptively mark KoLHS Pep Squad Box as a free pull

    Revision: 12549
    Allow X-fingered Shop Teacher to be recognized as a semirare

    Revision: 12550
    Recognize Mini-Adventurer modifiers

    Revision: 12551
    glowing fungus plural

    Revision: 12552
    Fix spoilers for Typographical Clutter

    Revision: 12553
    Hidden City support, courtesy of Darzil

    Revision: 12554
    Fix typo I inserted in previous submit

    Revision: 12555
    Add extra handling for Shadow Noodles and Carbohydrate Cudgel

    Revision: 12556
    Recognize when jars of psychoses are used unsuccessfully

    Revision: 12557
    Familiar items that say "Familiar: any" not get tagged as Generic
    The tiny bowler is a Generic familiar item.

    Revision: 12558
    Fix Mini-Adventurer modifier calculation

    Revision: 12559
    The "choice" gCLI command can now have "always" added after the choice
    number, to set the choiceAdventureXXX pref to make this choice
    permanent. Use with caution, this has no ability to deal with choices
    that vary by class or are otherwise intermittently available.

    Revision: 12560
    Fix NPE

    Revision: 12561
    Bail early for adventures with no "location".

    Revision: 12562
    Do transfers to/from stash and to/from collection with ajax=1.

    Revision: 12563
    Look for end of shadow fight using WINWINWIN comment, rather than special
    "volcano of fey force" message.

    Revision: 12564
    More KOLHS items courtesy of Darzil @

    Revision: 12565
    Choice spoilers for the 8 choices in the Crackpot Mystic's psychoses.
    Track flickering pixel drops in flickeringPixel1 - flickeringPixel8.
    Add "flicker" CLI command to describe all 8 pixel choices and give
    current state of pixel acquisition

    Revision: 12566
    Add # column to output of flicker command

    Revision: 12567
    flickering pixel option does not appear if you don't meet the requirement

    Revision: 12568
    When searching for the monster name, do not let a papier weapon (which can
    change "you're fighting" to "you're XXXing") mess it up

    Revision: 12569
    If we can't parse a result because we are wearing papier equipment, don't
    behave as if the result is an unknown item.

    Revision: 12570
    Recognize when your clan does not have a shower, pool table, swimming pool, or
    fax machine.

    Revision: 12571
    Improve sorting of purchase requests to favor stores that do not have a limit
    over those that do, prices being equal.

    Revision: 12572
    Fix version number of items.txt. Bump version number of npcstores.txt (after
    the fact; I added a field to it a while ago.)

    Revision: 12573
    Added Correct values for Artisanal Limoncello
    Corrected stat loss for Bowl of Scorpions

    Revision: 12574
    Always perform requested filtering on item name lists before prefix pruning

    Revision: 12575
    Giant castle potions are now multi-usable

    Revision: 12576
    When parsing charpane in expanded mode, delimit patterns containing .gif
    files to not be fooled by gif files that end in, for example, "mp.gif".
    In particular, "dvoutfitvamp.gif" does NOT say where MP value starts

    Revision: 12577
    Add Crackpot Mystic skills when appropriate items worn and use up Pixel Power Cell when used successfully.

    Revision: 12578
    Improve Cyrpt tracking, handle using Quasirelgious sculpture and remove Evilometer if used when quest completed.

    Revision: 12579
    The shore does not have any special handling in WotSF. The Steam-Powered Cheerleader appears to have a bonus weight modifier instead of a bonus effectiveness modifier.

    Revision: 12580
    Update agua de vida gaze link to place.php after KoL change.

    Revision: 12581
    Handle Slim HP/MP/Meat/Adv Display images

    Revision: 12582
    Cyrpt.php changed to crypt.php to match KoL change.

    Revision: 12583
    Stop flash in Food and Booze panels with buttons that are not enabled when listener fires setEnabled function.

    Revision: 12584
    Handle both slim and normal charpane images

    Revision: 12585
    Remove support for "custom items" since it has not been updated for at least
    five years and the database of participants no longer exists.
    When parsing api.php?what=status, recognize and register unknown locations, as
    we do when parsing the charpane.
    Experimental: when the response to an internal request tells us to load
    charpane.php, load api.php?what=status instead.

    Revision: 12586
    Update the link provided for using star charts when they drop

    Revision: 12587
    Tally adventures used when parse api.php?what=status

    Revision: 12588
    Byte is an SUSE recipe, not an MUSE recipe. Arena parameters for Unconscious
    Collective. Adjust some of the spoilers for the Crackpot Mystic's psychoses

    Revision: 12589
    Short circuit normal reponse parsing for api.php, just as for charpane.php.
    Set "turns this run" for api status requests the same way as charpane.php

    Revision: 12590
    Item name changes

    Revision: 12591
    api.php only checks for new adventure locations if they are adventure.php
    When we want to pass back a 304 code, don't trasnmute it into a 404

    Revision: 12592
    Display remaining cheerleader steam

    Revision: 12593
    Ask for a status update if and only if KoL says that one is necessary

    Revision: 12594
    Yearbook Club Camera tracking

    Revision: 12595
    WotSF shore handling restored, with 5 meat cost

    Revision: 12596
    Two spaces following a period in a KoL button label.

    Revision: 12597
    Update the unopened pyramid URL

    Revision: 12598
    Fix recognition of Muertos Borrachos again

    Revision: 12599
    Fixes for Hidden City Choice adventures. Removed = from <=1 on automation for shrines, now <1. Reduced scope on a few variables. Added choices to choice options panel.

    Revision: 12600
    Add default goal of 1 antique machete to Hidden Park
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
    R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn.

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    The Unseelie Court


    Revision: 12601
    Added giant giant moth dust

    Revision: 12602
    Support for eating Lasagna with Gar-ish and Martinis with Tuxedo. Updates adventure yield if present. If you have or can get Field Gar or Tuxedo when it would help you, fires an "are you sure" message like Milk/Ode. Adds two preferences, "autoGarish" and "autoTuxedo". If you set them, it'll always account for adventure yield if you can get them, and will acquire Gar-ish or equip Tuxedo as appropriate. As with any automation, don't use if you want total control.

    Revision: 12603
    Added skills from Dread items, skill adding code for equipping those and lots of other items, monster defense reduction for hatred equipment, new drop from giant giant moth. (untested as currently in run)

    Revision: 12604
    pygmies are dudes

    Revision: 12605
    Fix a few item attributes

    Revision: 12606
    Remove ingredients when you make things in KOLHS.

    Revision: 12607
    Basic choice adventure spoilers for Daily Dungeon, added some drops, set dailyDungeonDone on completion.

    Revision: 12608
    For all shop.php that trade items (rather than Meat) for items, add to
    NPCPurchaseRequest.registerShopRequest & NPCPurchaseRequest.parseShopResponse

    Revision: 12609
    More of the same

    Revision: 12610
    Pull special knowledge of which shops are creation methods out of
    CreateItemRequest. Those shops are big boys and can stand up for themselves.

    Revision: 12611
    Support for crude monster sculpture. Eating a hot dog stand hot dog uses up distended.

    Revision: 12612
    rabbithole.php => place.php?whichplace=rabbithole

    Revision: 12613
    Add spoilers to KOLHS choice adventures in relay browser. Automation not added. Tracks use of limited buffs in Saved by the Bell. Tracks uses of School Spirited through ascension. Tracks use of Saved by the Bell. Doesn't (yet) track adventures in KOLHS.

    Revision: 12614
    Fix effect names in KOLHS choice spoiler

    Revision: 12615
    Remove Bowl of Scorpions when a drunk pygmy takes it

    Revision: 12616
    QuickBASIC elemental stats, thanks to a tongue depressor

    Revision: 12617
    Added stats for Hockey Elemental from Tongue Depressor.

    Revision: 12618
    War Frat Streaker now identified as special in combats.txt like other heroes.

    Revision: 12619
    Add tracking of adventures in KOL High School (_kolhsAdventures), fis tracking of School Spirited, add automation for Cafeteria with GUI selector.

    Revision: 12620
    Fix spoiler for Saved by the Bell if Yearbook Camera equipped.

    Revision: 12621
    Added spoilers for Hidden Heart of the Hidden Temple.

    Revision: 12622
    A couple of fixes for Hidden Office spoilers and quest tracking.

    Revision: 12623
    Keel-hauling Knife isn't a 100% drop.

    Revision: 12624
    Familial Ties provides hidden familiar weight. When comparing out idea of
    familiar weight with what KoL displays on the charpane (or the api), exclude
    hidden familiar weight. Attempt to do a better job of selecting your last
    adventure in the adventure select panel when you log in.

    Revision: 12625
    Add "debug trace on" and "debug trace off" commands. These open a TRACE
    file in the same place as the DEBUG file goes which traces all interactions
    between the browser and KoLmafia and between KoLmafia and KoL, withm
    illisecond timestamps

    Revision: 12626
    Fix parsing of store logs.

    Revision: 12627
    Fix MP cost for Splattersmash

    Revision: 12628
    Beginning of support for "remove (some) from store"

    Revision: 12629
    Improve "RemoveAllListener" in store management frame

    Revision: 12630
    When attempt to remove a non-current key within a foreach, throw a
    runtime error immediately, rather than waiting for a laterC

    Revision: 12631
    Pull in Schik's excellent combatfilter script to the standard library. Thanks Schik.

    Revision: 12632
    Remove chefstaves from the list of offhand items in the Gear Changer

    Revision: 12633
    Trace and Debug requests to KoL for file downloads - images, etc.

    Revision: 12634
    brain-meltingly-hot chicken wings cannot be eaten in Zombie Slayer

    Revision: 12635
    Consolidate mall removal buttons into a single "remove some" button, with a default value of your entire stock of the item

    Revision: 12636
    Update the remaining quantity of an item you have stocked when items are removed through the Store Manager

    Revision: 12637
    If you have all the McClusky Files and the Boring Binder Clip, and you have autoCraft set to false, you may get into a loop where you keep trying to kill the accountant for a file. Show in browser instead.

    Revision: 12638
    The dense liana is a plant.
    For all built-in .js and .css files in KoLmafia's "relay" folder, add a
    version number to the filename. When the Browser asks KoLmafia to serve
    it one of those files, add Last-Modified and Expires headers so that the
    Browser will know that it can cache those files and not ask for them again.

    Revision: 12639
    Three of our built-in .js files are modified on the fly and therefore cannot
    be cached.

    Revision: 12640
    Open trace file correctly even if debug file is already open.
    When we fetch images from KoL's image server - either for our own use or
    because the user set relayCacheImages to true - KoL gives us a Last-Modified
    header. Set the last modified time of the local file to that date and,
    whenever the browser asks us to serve the local file, set Last-Modified to
    the actual last modified date of the file. This will induce the browser
    to behave exactly the same regarding our local cached file as it would
    behave had it fetched the file from KoL's image server.

    Revision: 12641
    When the browser sends If-Modified-Since, actually compare the lastModified
    date of the image file to the specified date.

    Revision: 12642
    When downloading a .gif file, mke sure it has the appropriate signature.

    Revision: 12643
    Only set index on Hidden City and KOLHS non-combat choices when index is valid.

    Revision: 12644
    If fight protector spectre is chosen for non-combat in Ziggurat, but you have insufficient triangles, show in browser rather than infinitely loop.

    Revision: 12645
    Fix "wormride" link when you get worm-riding hooks.

    Revision: 12646
    Reset "isCheckingModified" before parsing request from browser

    Revision: 12647
    set ChoiceManager.canWalkAway in visitChoice, not preChoice

    Revision: 12648
    Follow redirections within the no-argument version of visit_url()

    Revision: 12649
    Relay scripts can call visit_url with arguments to visit a different location.
    Those get executed as RelayRequests, too, and therefore must follow redirects

    Revision: 12650
    Fix for autocreate of McClusky File (complete) when you get boring binder clip after McClusky File page 5 (moved to postChoice2)

    Revision: 12651
    Add check that Trash Can option exists before allowing people who've set it as their option to take to take it, avoiding an infinite loop.

    Revision: 12652
    Handling for Boris Day consumption exceptions, thanks to Theraze. More accurate handling of munchies pills.

    Revision: 12653
    Items made in KOLHS classes are now concoctions

    Revision: 12654
    Fix typo in claymore concoction.

    Revision: 12655
    Fix downloading of Pictures of Loathing playerpics

    Revision: 12656
    Update the Florist Friar in response to a KoL URL change

    Revision: 12657
    Add "cache clear" command to remove all cached images from /images

    Revision: 12658
    Fix "old man" link when you get damp old boot to go to new URL

    Revision: 12659
    New setting - lastImageCacheClear - records the time when you last cleared the
    image cache. "cache" command with no arguments reports that time.

    Revision: 12660
    The bone abacus helps you track your progress. Save in boneAbacusVictories

    Revision: 12661
    A request to psychoanalyze Jick can contain a result

    Revision: 12662
    Add get_ignore_zone_warnings()

    Revision: 12663
    Add "test row" command. For shop.php that use rows, find concoctions even if
    not permitted to make them.

    Revision: 12664
    Mark the 3 KOLHS shops as "permitted" creation methods.
    In, direct user to visit the shop after school, rather
    than submitting the request.
    Add "test result" command.

    Revision: 12665
    Fix use link for visiting untinker when you acquire the rusty screwdriver

    Revision: 12666
    Fix untinker links as tinker now using place.php rather than forestvillage.php

    Revision: 12667
    Add stats and drops for Talk like a Pirate Day pirates.

    Revision: 12668
    Added cap to Pirate day Pirates.

    Revision: 12669
    Scaling monsters give stats based on your highest stat. Some bosses give additional stats.

    Revision: 12670
    Remove the miniature suspension bridge from inventory when it gets used

    Revision: 12671
    Fix some typos

    Revision: 12672
    Fix untinker command and parsing of untinking in relay browser.

    Revision: 12673
    Move response text detection for untinker into existing place.php section,
    rather than creating a new section which overrides the other one and prevents
    the other locations from being detected

    Revision: 12674
    fix vestigial reference to obsolete preference

    Revision: 12675
    Synchronize a bunch of methods in LockableListModel.

    Revision: 12676
    Same thing, take 2

    Revision: 12677
    Tales of Dread is a free pull now

    Revision: 12678
    Synchronize mirrorlist seperately in LockableListModel

    Revision: 12679
    Fix a deadlock in LockableListModel

    Revision: 12680
    More or the same.

    Revision: 12681
    Fix wormride link. Do not include password hash in use links for URLs that
    are known to not require it.

    Revision: 12682
    Move updating lists of mirror image lists back into synchronization of parent

    Revision: 12683
    Remove the universal key from inventory when it is used

    Revision: 12684
    Added autostops for Shrines and Ziggurat in Hidden City.

    Revision: 12685
    Add "surgeonosity", which is tracked like clownosity and raveosity, to track how many pieces of gear you are wearing for The Hidden Hospital

    Revision: 12686
    Corrected monsters.txt capitalisation to match Monster Manuel.

    Revision: 12687
    More monsters.txt updates

    Revision: 12688
    Fix monsters.txt typo

    Revision: 12689
    Do not erroneously send Last-Modified header for a local file just because the
    previous file handled by this RealyRequest happened to be a local image.
    Handle If-Modified-Since request from browser more intelligently.

    Revision: 12690
    You don't actually lose the seed pod when making a weedy skirt

    Revision: 12691
    Since processResults no longer gets called for ApiRequest, save the JSON
    string in the request object in the run method

    Revision: 12692
    When you eat a sleeping dog from the Item Manager, recognize that you learn
    the Dog Tired skill

    Revision: 12693
    Visiting the throne room does not require the password hash

    Revision: 12694
    When performing a MallSearchRequest, make shop names into new strings so that
    we don't hang on to the responseText where we found them.

    Revision: 12695
    Synchronize of actualElements in a LocakbleListModel and in SortedListModel
    in any method which will actually change that underlying list. The
    synchronoziation extends to updating the parallel visibleElements list.

    Revision: 12696
    Updated cases on combats.txt to match monsters.txt which was changed to match KoL. Also added monsters to zones for Bugbear Mothership, corrected gremlins in Junkyard during war, added combat rates where known on wiki.

    Revision: 12697
    More of the same: synchronize everywhere on actualElements. Do not need
    to synchronize on mirrorList since every time that is touched, the method is
    already synchronized on actualElements

    Revision: 12698
    Initial support for Gordon Beer's Beer Garden Catalog

    Revision: 12699
    More Beer Garden stuff

    Revision: 12700
    Differentiate choices for unlocking doors in Daily Dungeon

    Revision: 12701
    Add automation to door choice on Daily Dungeon (unlocks with PYEC, lockpicks or skeleton key as appropriate, uses highest stat choice), add autostop to Daily Dungeon final chest.

    Revision: 12702
    Fix an oops. If you have to use skeleton keys to unlock door in Daily Dungeon, use it !

    Revision: 12703
    Give a link to Yossarian when you get the molybdenum magnet

    Revision: 12704
    You lose your jar of oil when you Mingle in the Great Overlook Lodge

    Revision: 12705
    The image cache is no longer optional. When KoLmafia starts up, if the image
    cache has never been cleared before, clear it then, so that images will be
    downloaded into it and given the correct lastModified date.

    Revision: 12706
    Spaaace shops now use shop.php, and have rows.

    Revision: 12707
    Update the URL for turning in the pretentious artist's items

    Revision: 12708
    More pretentious artist URL updating

    Revision: 12709
    Detect Meat cost of a shore trip using normal "You spent" parsing; no special
    post-choice processing is needed.

    Revision: 12710
    Initial support for A Stinking Abyssal Portal.

    Revision: 12711
    KoL fixed a typo, cystalline seal eye wasn't a play on cyst for a stinky seal, but should have been crystalline seal eye.

    Revision: 12712
    Update boneAbacusVictories when you look at the description for the bone
    abacus. Use "contains" rather than "indexOf" in a few places.

    Revision: 12713
    Fix scout seal monsters.txt entry.

    Revision: 12714
    Fix tab issues. crystalline seal eye is a conditional drop.

    Revision: 12715
    More Beer Garden stuff

    Revision: 12716
    Bento boxes have veggies and dippin sauces. Other sushi has fillings and
    toppings. When parsing URLs submitted from the Relay Browser, KoL sometimes
    submits bogus values for components which are not valid for the base sushi.
    Ignore them.

    Revision: 12717
    Support for day two of Abyssal Portals.

    Revision: 12718
    Fix typo in bulwark bull seal

    Revision: 12719
    When adjusting choice decisions, check for ones which will satisfy a goal
    or complete an outfit first, before doing special handling which might
    switch the decision again if the goal decision is not really available.

    Revision: 12720
    Add plural for accidental mutton.

    Revision: 12721
    We can now refresh storage via api.php. Do it that way.

    Revision: 12722
    ! command lists bang potions alphatically (same as in combat item dropdown)

    Revision: 12723
    Apply tongue depressor to infinite meat bug

    Revision: 12724
    Mana curds plural

    Revision: 12725
    Icy Peak => The Icy Peak

    Revision: 12726
    Update an Untinker link

    Revision: 12727
    Day three Abyssal Portal support. (probably an issue remains removing abyssal plans after use)

    Revision: 12728
    Detection for general seal from image, removal of abyssal battle plans on win. Change Icy Peak -> The Icy Peak in encounters.txt.

    Revision: 12729
    Abyssal plans marked reusable so they aren't automatically thought consumed.

    Revision: 12730
    Absolute basic new Seal Clubber skills support - added skills to classskills.txt, added new effects. More will arrive later.

    Revision: 12731
    Halve price for Seal Clubber skills from Guild.

    Revision: 12732
    Updated modifiers for Seal Clubber passive skills, where it was simple (supported effects and not referencing Fury). Added another effect.

    Revision: 12733
    Split special choice handling into two parts: handle the small number of
    choice handlers for which option 0 is NOT "Manual Control", and handle the
    choices that require adjustment at runtime depending on character state or the
    response text.
    Manual control trumps going for a goal.
    Once you have already completed the outfit, pick a valid choice decision

    Revision: 12734
    Add Folder drops to monsters. Also display "unknown drop rate" as well as "no pickpocket", "pickpocket" or "conditional" if rate is 0 (n0, p0, c0), rather than 0% for Area Combat Data.

    Revision: 12735
    Recognize message when an Abyssal Portal is done for the day.
    abyssal battle plans are an item which redirects to a fight

    Revision: 12736
    Get contents of closet at login via api.php

    Revision: 12737
    Log the name of relay scripts when they are invoked.
    When automating choices via the Relay Browsers "auto" button, strip off
    action=auto from the request URL once the request is in the hands of

    Revision: 12738
    CDM added 9 new arg-less predicates to KoL's macro language

    Revision: 12739
    Added Manuel Potions to monster drops. Added Hidden City semi-rare into Hidden Park. Added monsters to The Gourd! location details.

    Revision: 12740
    Back items have hidden "power", so make checkpowers command check them.
    Fix power of a few back items.
    When eating/drinking things on the consumption queue, if the user says "do not
    continue" because Ode or Milk will run out, abort processing queue and
    requeue failed (and unprocessed) items.

    Revision: 12741
    Fix unlocking the Untinker's quest

    Revision: 12742
    If the consumption queue is not visible to the user - addCreationQueue is
    false - do not bother putting unconsumed items back on it when consumption

    Revision: 12743
    Keep an actual "queue" of food/booze/spleen items to be consumed.
    ItemManager Food/Booze/Spleen panel shows the queue, rather than the list of
    "usable" items filtered to show only those that have things queued.

    Revision: 12744
    When we emoty storage, refresh both inventory and closet, in order to figure
    out what went where.

    Revision: 12745
    Fix recognition of unlocking the Untinker quest, take two

    Revision: 12746
    Finish the refactoring of creation queues

    Revision: 12747
    Only update fullness for externally consumed sushi, since api.php will update
    fullness for internal requests.
    After processing the creation queue, refresh concoctions.

    Revision: 12748
    Arena parameters for Adorable Space Buddy. Add power for 5 items. When you
    mingle in the Great Overlook Lodge, remove jar of oil from inventory.

    Revision: 12749
    Inventory, Closet, Storage, Stash, and Collection are all SortedListModels.
    Whenever we refresh the entire contents, create an intermediate list of
    items and add them all at once (forcing a sort at the end) rather than one
    item at a time (forcing a sort after each item).

    Revision: 12750
    Mark Big Brother's Maps as Quest items since you can buy them but they never actually appear in your inventory.

    Revision: 12751
    Spoiler the choice option that goes from punk rock giant to steampunk giant

    Revision: 12752
    Create "images" directory at KoLmafia startup, in case this is the first time

    Revision: 12753
    Choice 679 is Keep On Turnin' the Wheel in the Sky

    Revision: 12754
    level 10 seal clubber skills not half price, but 6000 meat.

    Revision: 12755
    When requeuing food and booze after a consumption failure, take into account
    helper items and successful consumption of part of the consumed item.

    Revision: 12756
    Add support for tabbed chat using a patch from heeheehee

    Revision: 12757
    The Fun House -> The "Fun" House

    Revision: 12758
    Recognize using a ten-leaf clover in the Orcish Frat House

    Revision: 12759
    Very basic Reanimated Reanimator support (action in Throne, recognises item and equipment). Basic Fury support (recognises fury level from character pane in relay browser only, accounts for it in modifiers). Support during non relay browser waiting on api.php update.

    Revision: 12760
    create image directory sooner

    Revision: 12761
    Make chatBeep work for new chat like it works for older chat

    Revision: 12762
    The jack-in-the-box no longer gives consistent +item or +stats

    Revision: 12763
    Fix "take all from store"

    Revision: 12764
    When calculating adjusted drop rates in Location Details, the tiny black hole allows you to pickpocket

    Revision: 12765
    Do a much better job of detecting that a familiar sucks at particular contest
    in the Cake Shaped Arena and giving up on that contest after the first try
    when learning arena parameters for a familiar.
    Log the suckage message in the session log.

    Revision: 12766
    When logging the results of familiar training in the session log, include all
    of the "special" lines, whether for your familiar or for the opponent.

    Revision: 12767
    Fix access flags of maps you get from Big Brother

    Revision: 12768
    We attempt to deduce the character's gender from the name of the avatar's
    image file when we look at the charsheet. For some avatars, we can't tell.
    In that case, preemptively look at vinyl boots to deduce it, rather than
    waiting to do that when a modifier that depends on gender is fetched, which
    can happen while refreshing the pulveization panel in the swing event thread.

    Revision: 12769
    On Combat Action Bar don't display Noodles as standard if Seal Clubber, but do display Club Foot as standard if you have it. Only enable Fury requiring combat skills on Combat Action Bar if you have Fury (untested).
    On Custom Combat Panel, autoTangle refers to Club Foot if Seal Clubber, rather than Entangling Noodles. Text updates appropriately, but preference name doesn't change for backward compatibility. Interface tested, but not combat action.

    Revision: 12770
    Fix new location links for Degrassi Knoll to go to the knoll container

    Revision: 12771
    Add my_fury() ash command (untested).

    Revision: 12772
    Added my_maxfury() ash command

    Revision: 12773
    StaticEntity.openRequestFrame has a bunch of code to create various finds of
    RequestFrame. The ONLY code that is currently used is the small portion which
    makes a DescriptionFrame. Replace openRequestFrame with openDescriptionFrame.
    KoLmafia never calls charpane.php any more. RequestFrames that have a sidebar
    refresh it whenever charpane.php is refreshed - which happens only in the
    relay browser. That is obviously broken - and remains unfixed - but remove all
    calls elsewhere in KoLmafia which tell the RequestFrame to refresh whenever
    (supposedly) charpane.php would have changed, since that never happens as
    result of internal requests any more.

    Revision: 12774
    Add support for a planted Beer Garden

    Revision: 12775
    Give a useful link when you acquire items from a Beer Garden

    Revision: 12776
    Fix for Combat Action Bar. Removes dynamic buttons which match built in buttons. Also now allows removing of buttons when there aren't more than can be displayed.

    Revision: 12777
    Renamed setAstralConsumables to setVariableConsumables, and added Spaghetti Breakfast to it. Cold One is probably the same, but not added as there is zero spading below level 11.

    Revision: 12778
    Add restoration links to HP and MP in charpane more reliably.
    New setting - lastColosseumRoundWon - track the last round won in Mer-kin
    Colosseum (duh).
    Listing last events n the Relay Browser is not a "complex" feature, since it
    does not require Javascript

    Revision: 12779
    Add lastColosseumRoundWon to defaults.txt

    Revision: 12780
    When you are about to fight a round in the Mer-kin Colosseum without the
    correct weapon equipped and you have the weapon in inventory, give a nag
    screen the offers to let you go in anyway, equip the weapon, or closet it so
    you don't get nagged again.

    Revision: 12781
    The 12 possible Choice Adventures in the Mer-Kin temple each have only a
    single decision

    Revision: 12782
    Create virtual attribute, VirtualItems for things that cannot be in inventory but otherwise act as items. Fix is_displayable() so it doesn't claim virtual items can be transferred to the DC.

    Revision: 12783
    Recognize the Beer Garden on the ascension reminder list

    Revision: 12784
    Recognize the Beer Garden when it is empty

    Revision: 12785
    Restore spaghetti breakfast support inadvertently lost with Revision 12782

    Revision: 12786
    Arena parameters for Feral Kobold, Steam-Powered Cheerleader, and Reanimated

    Revision: 12787
    Track progress of Mer-kin quest in merkinQuestPath:
    "none" - not yet locked in to a path
    "scholar" or "gladiator" - you are High Priest or Colosseum Champion
    "done" - you have defeated the final boss and collected your prize.
    Location for hobo glyph is The "Fun" House
    Clean up virtual items

    Revision: 12788
    hot dogs are turn-free

    Revision: 12789
    Check for turn-free concoctions now allows anything with no itemId through -
    hot dogs, sushi, etc. - since such things are consume-upon-creation and
    do not require turns to create.
    When examine hot dog stand, after registering available dogs, refresh
    concoctions so they appear in the correct place on the Food panel
    When refreshing concoctions, if "forced", remember, even if refreshing is

    Revision: 12790
    Fix Beer Garden crafting

    Revision: 12791
    Add support for Wink at [familiarname]. Thrust-Smack and Lunging Thrust-Smack no longer require a melee weapon.

    Revision: 12792
    Display how many hot wings you have when one drops

    Revision: 12793
    Add links to use Hidden City spheres when they drop

    Revision: 12794
    Be a little more efficient about adding and removing hot dogs to usables list.
    If you have relayShowsSpoilers turned off, do not turn barrel.php into a
    blank page.

    Revision: 12795
    Attempt to not return null if cannot download a familiar icon

    Revision: 12796
    Do not ever return null as a familiar icon.

    Revision: 12797
    Don't show Gnomads booze in the Item Manager in KOLHS

    Revision: 12798
    If a fancy hotdog is queued, other fancy hotdogs are not available to queue

    Revision: 12799
    Parse demon names from the Quest Log and save the ones whose preference is currently empty.
    Thanks to PeKaJe @

    Revision: 12800
    Fix use links for hidden city spheres

    Revision: 12801
    Removed Baiowolf from questionable data list as the stats have been proven correct.

    Revision: 12802
    Added Baiowolf init and phylum.

    Revision: 12803
    The Arrrboretum is outdoors

    Revision: 12804
    Updated many sea items to pulverise to sea salt crystal, and IotM items set to not pulverisable.
    Fixed Baiowulf.

    Revision: 12805
    Don't show box of sunshine in maximiser in ronin / hardcore.

    Revision: 12806
    Compare string to string when comparing adventureIds

    Revision: 12807
    Detect the GamePro Dungeon boss' special power. Untested

    Revision: 12808
    Fix choice-goal for Violet Fog

    Revision: 12809
    When registering encounter, entityEncode the string

    Revision: 12810
    In Item Manager, storage panels now have a "refresh" button which refreshes
    storage, and an "empty" button which empties it.
    closet panel "refresh" button refreshes closet.
    panels that show ConcotionDatabase.usables or createables have a "refresh"
    button which does ConcoctionDatabase.refreshConcoctions.
    CreateItemRequest has a method which takes a request, looks at the URL,
    and determines how many turns will be consumed while making an item. This
    takes box servants, Innabox, and Inigo's into account. It does not take
    Sauceror 3 times yield for reagent potions into account yet.

    Revision: 12811
    Fix modifiers for moon-amber necklace

    Revision: 12812
    Do not autosell items which cannot be discarded

    Revision: 12813
    common pulled taffies are a zap group

    Revision: 12814
    Arrrboretum => The Arrrboretum

    Revision: 12815
    No NPE if simply visit Mer-Kin Deepcity

    Revision: 12816
    When you break your hippy stone, immediately mark it as broken.
    When checking number turns a CreateItemRequest will take, do it by examining
    the URL and calculating, rather than simply using the quantity from the
    instance variable.
    Split the Gear Changer into two tabs: one for equipment, and one for
    customizable items: crown of thrones, stickers, card sleeve, (and folders,
    by and by). Put fake hands on the second tab. Only stickers actually have
    code to back them up, currently.
    Alice's Army cards are now of type "card" and have modifiers associated
    with them.

    Revision: 12817
    Teach DebugDatabase about use type "card".
    On GearChanger, add modifierLabel relative to confirm button, rather than in

    Revision: 12818
    Update the display when mafia is unable to connect to kol during login

    Revision: 12819
    Temporary fix for parsing of cardsleeve slot

    Revision: 12820
    Revert 12818

    Revision: 12821
    Fix parsing card sleeve from api.php

    Revision: 12822
    unbreak crafting

    Revision: 12823
    locked doesn;t mean what I thought it did

    Revision: 12824
    Fix displaying modifiers for both tabs of Gear Changer
    Fix modifiers for Alice's Army cards

    Revision: 12825
    Add folders as pseudo equipment slots. Add them to the Customizable tab of the
    Gear Changer - although actually manipulating them is not implemented yet.

    Revision: 12826
    Add support for Reanimated Reanimator - Get number of parts when you equip it, track adding of parts after combat, account appropriately for meat/item drops, new preferences reanimatorArms, reanimatorLegs, reanimatorSkulls, reanimatorWeirdParts, reanimatorWings hold the counts.
    Add Hacienda Manager, gives spoiler text for Hacienda (AT Nemesis quest) that update as you learn more about the Hacienda. New preference haciendaLayout stores known and inferred layout.

    Revision: 12827
    Add slot names to EquipmentRequest.

    Revision: 12828
    Fix comment. Add blank diary

    Revision: 12829
    The Old Landfill

    Revision: 12830
    Another Beer Garden drink

    Revision: 12831
    Added more support for The Old Landfill

    Revision: 12832
    Fix drop for Doctor Oh

    Revision: 12833
    Added The Old Landfill non-combat choice adventure spoilers.

    Revision: 12834
    Add the Worse Homes and Gardens shop

    Revision: 12835
    Added Worse Homes and Gardens drop to all junksprites (all can drop it).
    McClusky File (complete) is now removed when you defeat Protector Spirit in Hidden Office, not when you first meet it.

    Revision: 12836
    Correct a couple of items, add adventure and stat gains for junkyard food and booze.

    Revision: 12837
    Update folders in the folder holder whenever they change

    Revision: 12838
    Updated familiar effects for Pants on Fancypants Scarecrow, based on wiki spading (also added to wiki spading). Have assumed 1x where wiki is vague. Didn't put Ghoul for places where only MP or HP is returned, but didn't remove it where people had previously.

    Revision: 12839
    Updated familiar effects for Hats on Mad Hatrack, based on wiki spading (also added to wiki spading). Have assumed 1x where wiki is vague.

    Revision: 12840
    Fix Hidden Park Choice Automation.

    Revision: 12841
    Added / corrected Hallowed Halls drop rates

    Revision: 12842
    Seething of the Snow Leopard gives +2xFury Weapon Damage.

    Revision: 12843
    Added hatrack effect for gold crown.

    Revision: 12844
    Initial support for fake hands in the Gear Changer

    Revision: 12845
    Minor data file fixes

    Revision: 12846
    Get ingredients if needed before Beer Garden or Junk Magazine crafting

    Revision: 12847
    Address an issue where the "default" location of files were being shown in some SVN dialogs in lieu of the "rebased" (ie actual) location of said files.

    Revision: 12848
    On liberating king, reset hermit knowledge, as items available may have changed (especially number of clovers available, and when coming out of a Zombie path). Unverified.

    Revision: 12849
    Stats for Mer-kin gladiators now available, based on current Round.

    Revision: 12850
    Lunge-smack is again obtainable, so don't exclude it in list of purchasable skills in valhalla decorator.

    Revision: 12851
    ChooseEquipmentSlot changed parameters but not all callers updated to reflect
    the change. Do so now.
    Remove excess spaces and obsolete credits from monsters.txt

    Revision: 12852
    Lunge-Smack is now called Lunge Smack

    Revision: 12853
    Tongue of the Otter is no longer an option for healing

    Revision: 12854
    Add tracking for Daily Dungeon progress, last room completed tracked as _lastDailyDungeonRoom.

    Revision: 12855
    When adventuring at the Mer-kin Colosseum and win a fight, don't advance
    round counter unless you beat a gladiator. Wandering monsters need not apply.

    Revision: 12856
    Stats for The Master of Thieves

    Revision: 12857
    Support Crown of Thrones on Customizable tab of Gear Changer

    Revision: 12858
    Fix "take one" and "take all" from store

    Revision: 12859
    Fix entry for The Master of Thieves

    Revision: 12860
    Fix entry for The Old Landfill

    Revision: 12861
    When calculating current modifiers, take card in card sleeve, folders in
    folder holder, and fake hands into account.

    Revision: 12862
    Fix folder modifiers

    Revision: 12863
    Initial patch to add Maximizer support for over-the-shoulder folder holder. It is known not to support folder (Ex-Files), +5 Combat Rate, not all folders tested. It is not planned to support suggesting changing folders.

    Revision: 12864
    Rusty metal key not usable.

    Revision: 12865
    Fix PvP Fights folder mod in modifiers.txt

    Revision: 12866
    Clean up calculating modifiers for equipment

    Revision: 12867
    Initial support for configuing card sleeve via Gear Changer.
    When you change fake hands in the Relay Browser, Gear Changer notices
    Darzil's patch to make Maximizer consider (currently equipped) card sleeve
    if appropriate.

    Revision: 12868
    fix for issue in ItemFinder where a given string matches multiple untradable items (and no tradable items)

    Revision: 12869
    Probaperly log sliding cards into and out of the card sleeve, either via the
    Gear Changer or in the Relay Browser.

    Revision: 12870
    remove debug loogging.

    Revision: 12871
    Add plural "handfuls of salt"

    Revision: 12872
    Experimental: on the Mall Purchase frame, if you are in Harcore or Ronin, add
    a line showing your inventory Meat (black) and storage Meat (blue). When you
    do a mall search, if you are in Hardcore or Ronin, display any results from
    PC stores in blue (like the storage Meat value) to indicate that these items
    will be purchased from using Meat from storage.
    I suspect that we do not actually let you make the purchase, yet.

    Revision: 12873
    improve display for PurchaseRequests when they are highlighted

    Revision: 12874
    Fix some bogus generated HTML

    Revision: 12875
    When inventory Meat or storage Meat changes, update label on Mall Search Frame
    that displays those.

    Revision: 12876
    Fix logging of Worse Homes and Gardens crafting

    Revision: 12877
    When you free the king, update the Mall Search Frame
    Add zap group for fancy beers
    Fancy cans of beer have secondary usage of "usable"

    Revision: 12878
    You can buy stuff in the Mall even if you are in Hardcore or Ronin, using
    Meat from storage, with the purchases ending up in storage.

    Revision: 12879
    If you do a mall search for an item available in NPC stores, do not skip
    the mall search in Hardcore or Ronin, since you can still buy it and have it
    end up in storage.
    Do not give use links in the Relay Browser for items acquired from the mall
    in Hardcore or Ronin, since they ended up in storage.

    Revision: 12880
    When you use a food or drink item via the Food or Drink panels, force a
    CONSUME_EAT or CONSUME_DRINK, rather than always using a CONSUME_USE, in case
    the item has a secondary usage that is accessed via CONSUME_USE

    Revision: 12881
    Remove Groar's fur when you get a fuzzy object

    Revision: 12882
    same thing, different trigger

    Revision: 12883
    Add lost's support for maipulating folders in the folder holder

    Revision: 12884
    moon-amber necklace mysticality boost tied to Grimacite darkness, according to
    heeheehee. He better be right this time.

    Revision: 12885
    Fix code for updating stickers and folders via the Gear Changer

    Revision: 12886
    TransferItemRequests take arrays of AdventureResults, not of Objects

    Revision: 12887
    Handle removing items from your store that ended up going into Hagnk's

    Revision: 12888
    More AdventureResult array munging

    Revision: 12889
    AdventureResultArray to simplify toArray into AdventureResult[]

    Revision: 12890
    moon-amber necklace is single equip

    Revision: 12891
    HOA zombie eyes is single equip

    Revision: 12892
    Add getSelectedItems to ShowDescriptionTable

    Revision: 12893
    Recognize when items are added to your mall store via backoffice.php.
    Recognize when items are taken from Hagnk's storage and put into your store.
    "shop take N item" will take N of the item from your mall store.

    Revision: 12894
    Fix pygmy janitor relocation choice.

    Revision: 12895
    When consuming queued items, if creation is required, remember the requested
    consumption type. I.e., sue CONSUME_DRINK for booze, even if you have to
    make it.

    Revision: 12896
    Munge to /images as the very last thing before
    generating the byte array to send down to the Browser, rather than doing it
    before handing the responseText off to a relay script. This allows relay
    scripts to use either or /images and KoLmafia's
    image caching will still kick in.

    Revision: 12897
    If there are a ton of svn-updated files, truncate the warning dialog (as it's mostly redundant info)

    Revision: 12898
    The "use", "eat", and "drink" commands (and "overdrink" and "eatsilent" )
    pass in the actual consumption type corresponding to the command, rather than
    always CONSUME_USE.

    Revision: 12899
    Register adding and removing items from store via backoffice.php.
    When remove items from store, tell how many were removed.

    Revision: 12900
    Implement tracking for castle unlock (untested) and Haggis Socks are single equip.

    Revision: 12901
    AutoMallRequest now moves things into your store using ajax

    Revision: 12902
    Add "put in mall" buttons to various storage panels in the Item Manager

    Revision: 12903
    Don't throw an NPE if making a hedge puzzle requets that takes a turn
    (retrieving the key or opening the gate) is prevented because of an expiring

    Revision: 12904
    Split the Additions tab of the Store Manager into a tabbed pane: Inventory
    and Storage.
    The "use" command uses the form of UseItemRequest.getInstance that does not
    specify the consumption type, as before, so that things can be multiused

    Revision: 12905
    ASH changes:
    take_shop( item ) -> "shop take all item"
    take_shop( num, item ) -> "shop take num item

    Revision: 12906
    Add shop_price() and resresh_shop(), per heeheehee

    Revision: 12907
    When you acquire a folder, add it as potential equipment to all five folder
    If you cannot eat, do not consider Spaghetti Breakfast as a breakfast summon.
    If you cannot drink, do not consider Grab a Cold One as a breakfast summon
    KOLHS is considered to be a "can't drink" path for the purpose of breakfast.
    Add plurals to a bunch of KOLHS items.

    Revision: 12908
    Give folders a secondary access of "usable" so Item Manager will "use" them.
    UseItemRequest wants GenericRequest to follow redirects for it.
    Handle a Javascript redirect just like an HTTP redirect, in that result
    processing is not called on it.
    "using" a folder in the item manager limits you to 0 (if there are no free
    folder slots) or 1 (if there is at least one free slot).
    Give use links to folders in the Relay Browser.

    Revision: 12909
    Fix the "refresh" buttons on the Additions panel of the StoreManageFrame

    Revision: 12910
    Rather than having ItemManagePanel and ItemTableManagePanel have lots and
    lots of duplicated methods which need to be kept up to date in parallel, make
    ItemManagePanel have all the duplicated code and ItemListManagePanel and
    ItemTableManagePanel subclass off of it.

    Revision: 12911
    change message that starts a debug log to clarify that it is the G-D thread
    that you are not to post logs in.

    Revision: 12912
    Mesmereyes contact lenses are single equip. Navel ring damage reduction scales with level.

    Revision: 12913
    Bugbear Pens => The Bugbear Pen, and it is now an indoor location.

    Revision: 12914
    Fix "skeleton" command to take the desired choice.
    When you use a skeleton get a buff, remove the skeleton from inventory.
    Add +yearbookCameraTarget to track today's monster of choice. Set this when
    you look at the item description or when you get the assignment at the
    yearbook club.
    ItemManagePanel is abstract, since only the subclasses know how to get the
    selected values from the scroll component.

    Revision: 12915
    Fix pattern for getting camera target when visiting club

    Revision: 12916
    Only remove the skeleton from inventory if you didn't say "Never Mind"
    When UseItemRequest ends up in a choice, let ChoiceManager automate it.

    Revision: 12917
    When you use a universal key in the Sorceress's entryway, recognize which key
    it morphs into

    Revision: 12918
    Possible fix for key identification regex.

    Revision: 12919
    Initial Space Odyssey Discotheque support.

    Revision: 12920
    Unconscious Collective Dream Jars are multiusable. So are disco horoscopes.

    Revision: 12921
    Move various locations from "Town" to "Events".

    Revision: 12922
    Fix detection of Giant's Castle Ground Floor unlock, untested.

    Revision: 12923
    Choice #803 goes in Events, not Town

    Revision: 12924
    Move maximizer help text out of String constants in the source code into

    Revision: 12925
    Day two support for Space Odyssey Discotheque. Added discocktail, monsters are limited to 3000 ML.

    Revision: 12926
    Discocktail effect lasts 30 turns per drink, not 10.

    Revision: 12927
    Recognise getting the jump on seahorse. Untested.

    Revision: 12928
    Disco dancer cocktail drops are conditional. (don't drop from yellow ray, rave steal or pickpocket)

    Revision: 12929
    When refreshing session, set turns used this run, rather than incrementing
    disco horoscopes are a zap group

    Revision: 12930

    Revision: 12931
    The Bugbear Pens -> The Bugbear Pen

    Revision: 12932
    Initial Disco Bandit update support. Added skills, costs, modifiers, effects, free rests fixed, removed disco power nap as a restorer, added Disco Momentum, available in ash from my_discomomentum().

    Revision: 12933
    You can only cast Advanced Cocktailcrafting once per day now

    Revision: 12934
    Add missing tab to The Sagittarian's leisure pants. Add The Sagittarian.

    Revision: 12935
    Only use Disco Combat Helper for Rave combos.

    Revision: 12936
    Don't show Noodles in combat action bar if you're a Disco Bandit.

    Revision: 12937
    Pigsticker of Violence is a melee weapon now

    Revision: 12938
    Disco Nap removes various effects (those Disco Power Nap used to remove) if you also have Adventurer of Leisure.

    Revision: 12939
    Brought Disco Nap removals in line with old Disco Power Nap (not poisons), added sharpened spoon.

    Revision: 12940
    Fixes Disco Nap uneffects if Adventurer of Leisure known or learned (learned untested). Fix expected HP restore from Disco Nap if Adventurer of Leisure known. Tongue of the Otter no longer uneffects as it doesn't exist.

    Revision: 12941
    Add steal button to Combat Action Bar if Tiny Black Hole equipped (untested) and simplify code to check KoLCharacter.canPickpocket rather than have local checks.

    Revision: 12942
    When looking at what the universal key turned into, look for "You acquire" in
    the response text, not the URL.

    Revision: 12943
    Changed availableConditionalSkills code to availableCombatSkills and it now picks up all skills on the fight page, not just 7xxx ones. Only add 7xxx skills as CAB buttons, rather than availableConditionalSkills. CAB buttons now grey out if combat skills aren't available (which could be not enough MP, or once per combat, or other reason), so we don't need to handle more complex checking.
    ie. Handle all once per combat skills, and naturally support things like Rat Kings and Mariachi's which become a new combat without mafia knowing. Noodles now enables against a Rat King!

    Revision: 12944
    If you have a Knife, and Tricky Knifework, and your Moxie > Muscle, treat it as a Moxie weapon.

    Revision: 12945
    Fix Sharpened Spoon

    Revision: 12946
    Disco bandit summoned knives pulverize to useless powder.

    Revision: 12947
    Added two more summoned disco bandit knives.

    Revision: 12948
    Add broken beer bottle. Yes, non-passive non-combat skills can have an MP
    cost of 0

    Revision: 12949
    Neither Hibernate nor That's Not a Knife require MP to cast

    Revision: 12950
    simplfy UseSkillRequest.getInstance. If you cannot afford an item from an NPC
    store, color it grey, just as we do if you cannot afford an item from the mall
    or from a Coinmaster.

    Revision: 12951
    Another disco bandit knife that pulverizes into useless powder

    Revision: 12952
    Disco Fever costs 10 MP

    Revision: 12953
    Track disco knife summoning.

    Revision: 12954
    fix for store manager issue: limit changes not applied to correct item when non-default sort applied.
    JXTable overrides the getValueAt method explicitly in order to account for model/view index mapping differences, so use that.

    Revision: 12955
    Add Expression as a type of skill, of which you can only have one. Added Songs and Expressions skill types in the Skill Casting filter.

    Revision: 12956
    Update mall prices

    Revision: 12957
    Bump version to 16.1

    Revision: 12958
    bump svn.revision.base, too
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
    R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn.

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