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Thread: Best Between Battle Script Ever -- formerly AutoMCD

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    I'll have to look into this.
    Originally Posted by zarqon View Post
    Don't forget my underwater adventuring line!

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    I had to add Dark Gyffte to line 24 to keep BBB from trying to eat fortune cookies on the new challenge path.

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    So it is 'Dark Gyffte' then, not 'Darke Gyffte' as the KoL announcement had it? I note they also spelled it sans 'e' in the Feb 20 trivial announcement.

    I'm finishing up a series of Standard runs before jumping into the new challenge path, so I'm presently unable to check myself. But quite excited to give it a shot, considering there's always been something vaguely vampiric about the character of Zarqon, with his love of bats and his capes and his spooky skills and his having a well-stocked library.
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