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Thread: Multiple consult scripts?

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    Default Multiple consult scripts?

    Is it possible to list multiple consult scripts in a CCS? I was hoping to run it through a first consult to see if I can setup a Nanorhino banish, and if conditions aren't right for that then just consult SmartStasis.ash

    something like:

    [ default ]
    consult MaybeBanish.ash
    consult SmartStasis.ash
    Edit: I see a hangup being it may take 2 rounds to setup a banish (buff with Nanobrawny, then unleash Nanites), but in this layout MaybeBanish will only happen for one round? Do I need some kind of loop in MaybeBanish that will release to SmartStatis if we don't want to banish this round?
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    You can do that just fine, that was the way WHAM worked before I integrated SS into it and called its functions from within it. Mafia will run script A and when it is done call script B and then follow up with whatever you have after that.
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    The CCS doesn't use the notion of KoL rounds, it just goes through the list of actions one after the other, whatever the number of rounds each one takes.
    Try the Nemesis Quest Script or the FamiliarFeeder interface.
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