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Thread: Monster Manuel: Improved

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    Ok, thanks.

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    Made some improvements to this today.

    There are several monsters that show noart.gif for the monster image because it is variable, so I added images for those monsters including random generators. These monsters are: one of Doctor Weirdeaux's creations, Slime Tube monster, time-spinner prank, wall of meat. I couldn't think of the correct solution for the time-spinner prank so I settled for an enjoyable solution.

    Also, there are a bunch of monsters from batfellow that show blank images. I've fixed them to properly display a version of the proper criminals. These monsters are: common criminal, uncommon criminal, rare criminal, low-level mook, mid-level mook, high-level mook, time bandit, burner, former guard.

    Feedback on my solutions for these images is welcome.
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