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  1. Feature Pirate fork is a resuable source of size 4 food

    I noticed the pirate fork was not listed as something I had anymore in the fun-a-log if I had used it to eat that day, so I made these changes.

    It tracks whether the fork has been used, recognizes...
  2. Bug - Fixed Typo in sausage grinder image name (patch)

    First letter of sausage grinder golem image incorrectly capitalized

    Tested in r19142

  3. Bug - Fixed government-issued necktie meat drop varies with grimace darkness (patch)

    Rather than a flat +25% meat drop as modifiers.txt currently asserts, the meat drop of the government-issued varies from 0% to 25% with Grimace darkness.

    Tested with r19122

  4. Bug - Fixed The Master Of Thieves not recognized as ultrarare

    I recently set one of my accounts to auto-adventure in the dungeons of doom for a bit, when I came back it was all done and I had a shiny new PYEC I didn't used to have. Queue face attempting to...
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