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    Daily Dungeon

    Though, if you've already got the IOTMs, then more free loot tokens as long as you're not in a Standard run. What's the thing at Gingerbred City to get one? I sometimes get a bit lost in the Rube Goldberg setup of that place...
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    Bug Maximizer suggests Clan VIP Furniture I Don't Have Access To

    My clan has no jukebox, but maximizer has always suggested using the jukebox.
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    Feature - Rejected Add fallback choice support

    Some of the built-in choice adventures options do have multiple results, which might be where the OP was coming from. The fantasy airship, for example, has an option to get the model airship, and then get chests after getting the model airship is no longer an option. While I don't know the...
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce Quantum Terrarium - Wrong Next Familiar Displayed

    Considering that the strategy is for a 100% familiar run in QT, that would require burning a lot of adventures at like bounty board, gym, etc. to force the familiars to cycle through the whole list and reset, so that you can select that familiar again before combat adventuring. And repeat the...
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce Quantum Terrarium - Wrong Next Familiar Displayed

    I remember this being an issue back when QT was the current path.
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    Feature - Implemented Track Floundry fishing locations

    I'm sorry you misinterpreted what I said.
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    Feature - Implemented Track Floundry fishing locations

    How is stating that the clan I belong to keeps track of people's floundry use "overboard"? I was saying that this feature would be good for letting people know where they can fish to replace what the clan expects us to put back.
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    Feature - Implemented Track Floundry fishing locations

    This would be helpful in clans like mine, where some users find themselves "in debt" as the clan keeps track of who uses what from the floundry and expects clan members to at least put back what was taken.
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    autoscend - a sl_ascend fork/continuation

    Woim is easy enough to get. Just make oily boids from bubblin' crude and use them till you get one. Or buy the hatchling from the mall. It's often overlooked by people, since all the familiar does is increase initiative by twice the familiar's weight. And in a Bjorn/Crown, it gives +10% item...
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    New Content June 2022 IotM: June Cleaver

    I ran into that with the cartography skill. This post was a huge help with how to deal with unsupported adventures.
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    Bug Mafia's Modifier Maximizer works too long

    I always took this to mean: "if you happen to get something that ups the count after the initial search, the second one will take less time". Example: I sometimes forget to do the Bastille Battalion to get the driving gloves, and do a +adventures search. Then, I equip all the stuff, go back to...
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    Bug csend with commas acts unexpectedly when sending meat

    From a more layman user's stance, "*" being the only thing that means "all" is a good way to "foolproof" an accidental usage of everything. It's a lot easier to remember what not to put into commands.
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    New Content Grey You Challenge Path

    The mechanic is that you do X damage, where X is your muscle. If that damage kills the enemy, then that enemy is banished until rollover. It's one of the skills I played around with when I did a grey you run. When you do banish a monster, it seems to act like a 20 mp alternative to the Seal...
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    Bug - Fixed goblin water causes questL05Goblin to be marked as finished in casual

    Does the Can of Mixed Everything count as a potential offender, also? It drops random potions, food, and boozes as well.
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    New Content March 2022 IoTM - Grey Gosling

    I discovered an odd thing in the GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon. Most of the item drops will be ignored by the duplication drones. However, the fat loot token will be copied by a duplication drone.