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    New Content 2022 Standard

    Does it ignore free pull items? Because you can pull all of those in the same day. You just have to do it 1 at a time.
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    New Content Jan 2022 IOTM and 2022 IOTY

    I don't know about all the coding stuff... I do know that rollover will reset the duration of the effects each day. Possibly, this might be causing some bugs?
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    Feature Add more $monster[] data

    Out of curiosity, does elemental resistance go into negative values for elemental weaknesses? Or is that a different property?
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    Feature In Fedora 34, GIO fails to let KoLmafia launch default browser

    Don't get mad. Get even Glad Mafia. 🤪
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    New Content - Implemented 2022 New Year Changes

    Mafia's not doing anything wrong. I'm just stating that so far it hasn't been updated to 11-leaf clovers in KOL itself, in case that might affect anyone's scripts. Also, until TPTB get around to fixing it, this is a daily source of free 10-leaf clovers. I sent a bug report to KOL on it. If I...
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    New Content - Implemented 2022 New Year Changes

    So far, in the Zombie Slayer path, you still get a single ten-leaf clover per day from the hermatage.
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    Bug - Fixed Lucky Lindy adventure count is incorrect

    Wiki lists it as "17-19?" adventures. Perhaps it's not fully spaded yet?
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    Vlad's Familiar Changing Frankenscript

    The above issue seems to have been fixed.
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    Vlad's Familiar Changing Frankenscript

    It looks like there's something wrong with Mafia's tracking on the llama lama's drops. he's dropped 5 gongs, but mafia is stuck thinking he's dropped 2. I wasn't able to ferret out the cause last night, and I'm still stumped today. So, here's a debug log. The familiar should've been swapped out...
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    cold medicine cabinet scripting

    I just know that there's different conditions for how you get stuff on the variable things, like food/booze/spleen/potion. Fleshizol may be particularly difficult if you don't have access to underwater adventuring, for example.
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    New Content Jan 2022 IOTM and 2022 IOTY

    I got a message about hurling the ball down the ancient lanes, and something about "you must be getting better at this" after using the ball against the Protector Specter in the bowling alley.
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    New Content Step right up! Post monster Meat and/or item drop spading here!

    The new IOTM for January gives wandering monsters once every 13 combats. So far, I've encountered Void Slab, Void Guy, and Void Spider. Talking with my clan, these seem to share an item pool. So far it seems that they're guaranteed to drop one item at random. So far, I have encountered the...
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    New Content Quantum Familiar Support

    Ok. Well, this is the first I've ever encountered or heard of it. So, please forgive my ignorance in assuming it was the path.
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    New Content - Implemented 2022 New Year Changes

    This is probably one of the things that they'll start working on on monday.
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    New Content - Implemented 2022 New Year Changes

    Apparently, not all is yet set up for the new Lucky system. According to the forums, they're going to start working on things like the pillkeeper on Monday.