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    all but usable

    Sorry for the necro, but I was wondering if there were any way to set "all but usable" to be a different number for a specific item instead of a class of items. I'd like to change it so that selling all but usable thin black candles saves 3 instead for easy demon suffering. Any suggestions?
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    KoLmafia Praise

    Ditto to everyone who's posted! Great job and thank you for all your hard work!!! :D
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    One-Click Wossname -- automatic level 12 quest completion

    Re: One-Click Wossname 1.1 -- automatic level 12 quest completion Hey, I'm really loving the script so far, but I'm running into trouble when it's trying to go through the junkyard (step 9). I went and got the magnet manually, thinking that it might fix it, but it didn't. Does it have...