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    Back after almost a decade

    Hi everyone, I used to be a dev here, and while I had a lot of fun playing KoL and having some very basic on-hand experience in community coding, life sort of happened and I stopped participating in this great community. With everything that is happening around the world I started working a...
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    Equipment reverting after using Adventure()

    I think you can game the system by adding a cli_execute( "checkpoint" ) in whatever script changes your equipment. That way, Mafia will silently try to equip the last checkpoint gear (the one you are currently wearing) once you are done adventuring. I'm not 100% sure it will work though, and I...
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    Nemesis quest script

    Hey, I'm sorry for disappearing so utterly... Life has a pretty firm grip on me now. Ckb1 should be able to administrate the project on SourceForge now. He will probably update the bits that stopped working... so blame him for all the new (and old) bugs!
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    Nemesis quest script

    I ended up being stuck in a real break from KoL. If anyone comes up with a fix for the PM nemesis quest, I'll happily share the sourceforge access so the script can be updated.
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    lost meat:

    Just to be clear: if you "multi-create" more than 2^24 stacks, there is a KoL bug and you only get 2^24 stacks and loose all the meat you wanted to transform?
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    Today's birthdays

    For some reason, I did the exact opposite.
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    Possible to take a logarithm?

    log10(A) = ln(A) / ln(10)
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    What is the error in my regexp?

    And when you think you're getting the hang of Regex, it gets worse.
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    KolMafia autocombat. Conditioned Combat help

    I think he meant to ask why the "monstername" predicate didn't work. Another small detail: When turning a CCS into a KoL Macro, Mafia adds some checks and possible actions like MP restoration between each "round" (ie line). This means that things like skill weapon of the pastalord repeat...
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    Is there a script for Familiar Drops?

    In this thread you can find a betweenBattleScript that will automatically choose a drop familiar for you. It might need a bit of updating though.
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    KolMafia autocombat. Conditioned Combat help

    Here is my warbear CCS: [ default ] skill pocket crumbs attack with weapon [ global prefix ] scrollwhendone "abort hppercentbelow 25" [ officer ] if match hardened if !hasskill shrap abort endif skill shrap "repeat" endif skill saucegeyser "repeat"
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    New Content - Implemented Crimbotown is here!

    Let's just hope Skully's rant this year makes it all worth it.
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    Scripting the birth of a new life.

    Or you could tweak your login script to make it exit if you just ascended ( my_turncount() == 0 ).
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    Nemesis quest script

    That's not an error message, it's just informational.
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    Help With Fuction item_amount

    Keep in mind that it checks to see if you have exactly that amount in your inventory. If you simply want to check if you have enough to drink four, you could use ">= 4". EDIT: reading other's posts to the end would avoid this kind of embarrassment.