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    Feature Better combat item info during combat

    One thing I struggle sometimes is remembering what all combat items do, the simple thing that would already help a lot would be to have quick access to item descriptions in combat. Another even better, but I understand it could be a lot harder to implement, would be to have a way of filtering...
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    Bug - Waiting for Info Mafia doesn't know I have Kramco, probably wouldn't recongnize Latte as well

    At least with Kramco, and maybe with other offhands, mafia won't know you have them if they are equipped on lefty when you log in (it was my first login of the day, so might do with rollover as well)
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    Feature - Implemented Better NEP NC spoilers

    When I go to NEP and don't remember wich NC option leads to a particular buff I always end up having to open the wiki, because Mafia spoilers only say "to bedroom", "to backyard" etc I think it would be better if they were more verbose in what you can do in each option, more like the spooky...
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    Pizza Cube GUI

    I plan to do some things like that, but I'll be on vacations this month, so when I come back, I hope to update it.
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    Character Info Toolbox

    I changed this in chit.css #chit_roof { overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y:hidden; <= was 'auto' margin:2px 2px -2px 2px; } as for me the scroll bar kept showing up in the roof... would do a pull request if I was better versed in github :P
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    Pizza Cube GUI

    I still have a lot to learn on making the whole setup for distribution, but I tested and this works for me at least: svn checkout Any doubts and suggestions can be post here or send me a KMail as well. This tells a lot about your pizza...
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    Beach Comb Relay

    I made this, might be useful for others, it needs Ezandora's Choice Override to work properly. It will print the coordinate you combed after combing, and also shows the coordinates on hovering your mouse through sand patches. Just put it on the relay folder.
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    Feature - Implemented Track what is consumed with Pirate Fork and Everful Glass

    Right now if you drink through the CLI there's no log indicating what was consumed, the flavor text of both these consumables says what was consumed, so I'm guessing it would be just a matter of parsing that text and reporting it together with stat and adventure gains in the session log.
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    Feature Gear Changer outfit selection behaviour

    Right now on v18.1 r19050 whenever you select an outfit in any of the outfit combo boxes, it automatically changes you to that outfit, the problem is this is happening before the combo box is closed, so you can't use the arrow keys or typing the name of the outfit to navigate the list, typing...