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    Universal Recovery Script

    You're welcome! I'm glad its sorted out.
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    Universal Recovery Script

    I think that might be a sign that you need to update Java. I remember something about older versions of java not handling https protocols properly. (Older meaning like half a year older than the most recent version.) I don't remember though if it produced that exact error. Still, it cannot...
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    Universal Recovery Script

    Sorry. Problem involving change of protocols for the map manager. My local copy was fixed, but I forgot to update the SVN. Try updating the script. Then let me know for sure that it worked.
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    Bale's Relay Overrides

    It would be fairly easy if you are familiar with HTML and can script some simple text substitution. If you aren't familiar with HTML, then you'd just have to learn to recognize the HTML of a drop-down list and copy its structure. And if you aren't familiar with any scripting, you'd only have a...
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    Level 13+ Can't be used in Ronin/Hardcore relay override thing

    I don't think your code checks to see if to_int(lv) is greater or equal to 13. You just adds that warning to everything with a level limit. Anyway, I thought that this was a good idea so I added this functionality to my desc wikiLinks script which also overrides desc_item. That means any users...
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    How do I execute several CLI commands as a single command / script?

    I am partial to this data structure for using multiple cli commands in the middle of an ash script. cli_execute { CLIcommand1 CLIcommand2 CLIcommand3 }
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    New Content - Implemented Spleen items that give Adventures are no longer a thing in Ronin or Hardcore

    I think it's not a big deal. Before NS-13 it was perfectly normal for rules to shift around from time-to-time. We've gotten used to the rules being stable and unyielding. As a result this sort of thing is now considered strange. This isn't a punishment, it's just a rules change.
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    Bug - Fixed put_shop() gives bad response in CLI when price protection activates

    3 thousand? Oh, heck! I meant 3 million. I tried it again with the proper price and it worked perfectly. Apparently mafia's protection against extremely low prices stopped me. Yay! Important things worked perfectly! The bug is actually bad feedback from price protection. I'm changing the...
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    Bug - Fixed put_shop() gives bad response in CLI when price protection activates

    The response from KoLmafia says it works, but nothing actually goes to the store. > inv journal of mime The Journal of Mime Science Vol. 4 (4) > ash put_shop(3000, 0, 4, $item[The Journal of Mime Science Vol. 4]); Adding The Journal of Mime Science Vol. 4 to store... 4 The Journal of Mime...
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    Mimebo Letter Helper Script

    I'm less active than I once was, but even so, it was usually other people posting Event scripts.
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    New Content - Implemented 2017 Crimbo content

    The mime army insignia (intelligence) shudders for a moment, but nothing happens.
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    New Content - Implemented 2017 Crimbo content

    So many non-tradeable items today. Anyway, I got their descIDs from HERE to create this list with test newitem: -------------------- 133 Miming Paraphernalia mimetat.gif miming beret, miming gloves Outfit Miming Paraphernalia Damage Reduction: 50, Hot Resistance: +2, Cold Resistance: +2...
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    OCD Inventory control

    I don't even know why you have those problems. Nobody else does, so I'd have to guess what you are doing different. Perhaps you changed the default value for the data file so that all your characters are using the same data file. Or maybe your characters are called by an script which also calls...
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    Character Info Toolbox

    If you've got pantogram pants as one of your favorites, then you'll see a link to the pantogram there.