View Full Version : Java script question and Relay question

01-07-2008, 06:25 PM
I know this forum is kolmafia scripts, but this question relates to ash scripting in that I am working on a relay over-ride script, and the tag-along javascript files. http://kolmafia.us/index.php/topic,1420.0.html

I am wanting to center a button on a form, and the button is generated using java script. How do I find the center of the current document in Java Script? That is to say, I don't want the button centered with the frame window when there is a scroll bar present. I am wanting the center as if the button were centered using html's center tag.


The same script above uses custom images. I could easily invade another site that uses those same images, and get the url from them, but that just wouldn't be right. Is there a way to use custom images without turning on kolmafia's cache feature?