View Full Version : Changes in classskills.txt file?

09-14-2007, 03:26 PM
Shortly after the September Item of the Month came out, a change was made to the classskills.txt file which included that skill, and everything seemed to work great. Some time after that a new change was made to the file which caused it no longer to work - in fact, my internal DB for "skills" seems to be completely empty unless I revert to the previous version...

Here's what the difference is:
7015 Omphaloskepsis 3 6 10 0

Not Working:
7015 Omphaloskepsis 3 10 0

It looks like there is a whole field missing on all the skills... both changes seem to have been made by shwei, and I'm not confident enough to commit any changes to the repository, so I wanted to check to see if anyone else was seeing a similar problem?

Edit: ... looks like something changed today... it seems to work with the new version now ??? Thanks ;)