View Full Version : newbie with script itea requires help :D

05-28-2007, 03:40 PM
Hey, I had a post on the kol forums awhile ago regarding making a bot, I looked at the kolbot forums for help but there very few people around. I hope I can get some help with this idea.
I wanted to make a middle man bot for Trade to help with (to start with) Klaw game items. Basically you would send the bot a kmail with the item you were trading and the other player would sent it an item or meat and it would exchange it for you. Here is what the bot would do:
(when it says "me" its referring to the bot)

Player Bob has Stuffed Angry Cow and wants 1000 meat for it.

Player Cool has 1000 meat and wants Stuffed Angry Cow.

Player Bob sends me the Cow in a kmail,
"Cool 1000"

Cool sends me 1000 meat..

Cool will get Angry Cow
I will send 1000 to Bob

____________________ __________
Player Joe has Stuffed Scary Death Orb and wants Dimand Necklace.

Player Krag Wants Stuffed Scary Death Orb and has a Dimand Necklace.

Player Joe sends me kmail along with his Stuffed Orb

"Krag Dimand Necklace"

Player Krag sends Dimand necklace to , me:
I send The Dimand to Joe.
I send Krag the Death Orb.

That's basic enough , latter it could be expanded to recognise other items like Fake Hands or whatever. I would see this being a free service, like chatbot.
The bot would also have to wait (not sure how long) and then send items back to owner if the trade failed for whatever reason.

As I'm total newbie to bots and scripting, any help would be great, I'm reading how to write scripts, and to be honest this might be beyond my understanding, but I want to give it a shot.

05-29-2007, 02:55 PM
yeah, I'm also on the kolbot fourms, but no one responed to my call for help at all, and I am totaly clueless on even how to make it run, the kolbot does not come with an exe file or any user info, its not easy to run or as streemlined like maffia, I'm guessing the last like is perhaps in fear that this bot would somehow cause lag on the server, I'm not sure how much kmails lag the server or if they are handled some other way.
I guess, this is just beound what kolmaffia can do - in terms of "reading" kmails. And for kolbot.. well they are not talking to me, so I guess this is a pretty dead idea I dont have the expertise to do it by myself.
I can only hope someone will put forth a project like this so that trading becomes safer for items that you cant trade normaly.

05-31-2007, 06:49 AM
Writing such a script requires knowledge of the following:
A: Kol Html source <--intermediate to advanced
B: Kol Urls <--intermediate
C: The language that you will be writing the code in <--this can be beginner level to bachelor's Degree level

and more...
Such a project would not be good for someone relatively new to programming/script writing to take on.

Suggestion: What you are wanting is possible in kolmafia, or kolbot. I suggest kolbot. Whichever you choose I would tackle smaller projects first like putting stuff into display case via url instead of using the built in command, and finding out how much of the item is in the display case via the html source instead of using the built in commands. Once you have that figured out, then start working on reading kmails, and putting the stuff in your DC.

There are a lot of things to remember when doing what you want to do. Player names may have spaces in them. Item names may have spaces in them. So if John The Mighty is supposed to send a stuffed angry cow the message sent would be:

John The Mighty Stuffed Angry Cow
Now when read does "John" need a "The Mighty Stuffed Angry Cow" or does "John The" need a "Mighty Stuffed Angry Cow" or for that matter is the players name "John The Mighty Stuffed Angry Cow" and the user forgot to include item/meat details?

05-31-2007, 02:44 PM
there currently is a "Sellbot" if i can contact whomever made that it does things close to what I was looking to do.
I think I'll poke around and make simple scripts for awhile.