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If someone here is able to post on KoL’s Games Discussion forum - especially if you know any KoL admins - perhaps you can help me.

A couple of months ago I was logged out on both my phone and desktop computer (not something that I did myself) and my long-time password no longer works.

I clicked on the “click here to reset your password” link and it told me that it sent me email to do that.

It sent no email. I’ve done that 20 times or so. No joy.

I sent messages via the not-logged-in way to report problems logging in. No response.

I’d like to log in. I occasionally make useful comments. But, apparently I have been cancelled without notice and nothing I can do gets a response?

If anybody who still does have access is willing to inquire for me, I would be grateful.



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I tried! ...
1: sent you a private message in hopes that it goes through to some mailbox you recognize.
2: wrote a request to webmasters to see if I can get them to send your password reset, including a link to this page.

Your user does not seem to be cancelled, they probably just bollixed up the "reset" function, or don't have SPF properly configured, or your host sees something shady in their host...