20927: Strip all carriage returns. Ran `perl -pi -e 's/\r//g' **/*.java`, then added all the...


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Strip all carriage returns.

Ran `perl -pi -e 's/\r//g' **/*.java`, then added all the modified files.

Almost all of the rest of our code uses Unix line endings (\n), not
DOS / Windows line endings (\r\n).

I'm doing this in one big change, so the next diff is easier to read,
since one of my precommits is failing due to non-Unix line endings.

by heeheehee on 2021-09-13 02:54:20

M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/session/MonorailManager.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/chat/ChatMessageTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/objectpool/ConcoctionTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/request/CharSheetRequestTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/request/ChatRequestTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/request/FightRequestTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/request/ZapRequestTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/utilities/BooleanArrayTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/utilities/CharacterEntitiesTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/utilities/IntWrapperTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/utilities/KoLDatabaseTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/utilities/LowerCaseEntryTest.java (view) (diff)
M /test/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/utilities/RollingLinkedListTest.java (view) (diff)


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This was a common problem in Ye Olden Days when the developers used multiple environments. The solution (pre-Git) was to configure the SVN client so that it always converted to the repository standard on check in and to the developer's local standard on check out.

To future proof this, is it possible to configure git similarly?

It is also possible to tell a diff utility to ignore whitespace differences which makes dealing with mixed mode collections easier.

Finally I see a lot of things I checked in. I use SVN on Windows which may be a unique set of tools. More to the point I moved to a new machine within the past few weeks and it is quite possible that I failed to configure SVN properly on the new system :)

I will try and set things up so the repository standard is *nix line endings and get SVN to do the conversions when needed. Please watch my next few commits and confirm that I fixed it.


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The SVN switch was not set on my machine but AFAIK it wasn't on my other machine. The switch behaves differently on new and existing files so I probably created this situation with new tests. I'll set the switch or manually deal with it until I switch to git.