20712: Add scrolling to the Scripts menu


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Add scrolling to the Scripts menu

by innerdreams on 2021-05-04 16:18:00

A /lib/darrylbu (view)
A /lib/darrylbu/util (view)
A /lib/darrylbu/util/MenuScroller.java (view)
M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/swingui/menu/MenuItemList.java (view) (diff)
M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/swingui/menu/ScriptMenu.java (view) (diff)


Well I don't feel too bad letting this sit around for so long since the code only goes back to 2019. We should probably grab and add the license file.


See: https://tips4java.wordpress.com/2009/02/01/menu-scroller/

2009 actually but even still, makes total sense not to have used it. These sorts of things become easier to find over time sometimes.

The closest thing that exists to a license is this comment from the author, so I think we're good. But just to be sure I put it in lib instead of our src folder
There’s no license, nor any guarantee. All code on the blog is offered on a ‘take it, use it, change it — just don’t cry about it!’ basis. If used in commercial software, we do request a credit in the doc or other code comments, but that is by no means mandatory.
I also added my own changes (mouse wheel support) so perhaps it *would* make more sense to just incorporate into our source.


OK. I found it on GitHub with dates circa 2019 and a license file and didn't really distinguish between the file and a project that apparently used it.

If you actually changed it and the changes were functional and not required to work with KoLmafia I'd consider moving it into src, agreeing to have KoLmafia maintain it, and acknowledging the intellectual property in a way that seems appropriate.