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Thread: Miniature sword & martini problem

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    Exclamation Miniature sword & martini problem

    > ash to_familiar(to_string($familiar[miniature sword & martini guy]))

    Changing "miniature sword & martini guy" to "Miniature Sword & Martini Guy" would get rid of this message. (zlib.ash)
    Returned: none
    This reveals two problems:

    1) There is no obvious way to specify this familiar in a script without generating the above message. Using an actual ampersand results in a "Bad familiar value" message, whereas using the HTML entity results in the message.

    b) If you convert it to a string, the resultant string is not recognized as a familiar. I found this because when I set my is_100_run Zlib setting in the CLI to "miniature", ZLib normalized it to "Miniature Sword & Martini Guy", then when I ran the script again, ZLib re-normalized it to "none".

    EDIT: I have found that the first part of this report is a duplicate. The latter part/consequence has not yet been reported though and is slightly less minor as it actually messed up my 100% run.
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