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Thread: 19050: No machete warning against Lianas, lightly tested.

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    RSS 19050: No machete warning against Lianas, lightly tested.

    No machete warning against Lianas, lightly tested.

    by darzil on 2018-12-26 17:07:06

    M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/ (view) (diff)
    M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/objectpool/ (view) (diff)
    M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/objectpool/ (view) (diff)
    M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/request/ (view) (diff)
    M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/session/ (view) (diff)
    M /src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/session/ (view) (diff)
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    I suspect "option=1" is not the correct string to test against, in

    Actual HTML:
    <input type=hidden name=option value=1>
    I was running my ascension script. When it tried to unlock the hidden city areas, this happened:
    It attempted to unlock the areas. hiddenApartmentProgress/hiddenBowlingAlleyProgress/hiddenHospitalProgress/hiddenOfficeProgress were set to 1. None of the areas were actually unlocked.

    What appears to have happened:
    Mafia encountered the unlock NCs. The new ChoiceManager code ran, and set the relevant progress value to 1, incorrectly, because we haven't unlocked the area yet. Some other part of mafia(?) then overrode my "set choiceAdventure783=1" to 6, because it's unlocked? So, it skipped the NC entirely.

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    Oops. Try r19051

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