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Thread: 18985: Synchronize two maps in hopes that an intermittent NPE was caused by unsafe th

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    Hehe, etymological misappropriation also leads to plurals like "octopi" and conversely, "datums". My above remark wasn't based on etymology, however, but rather "fun with language", a phrase which quite possibly completely sums up my entire existence.

    I also enjoy creating irregular past participles for verbs that don't actually have them (e.g. pee->peed->peen, loot->looted->looten), but usually only in the company of other people who enjoy Fun With Language (and who understand I would be the last to suggest actually rewriting the dictionary with any of these playful conjugations).

    Veracity's post got me curious about other plurals that take -en. As usual, Michael Quinion does not disappoint. Looks like "oxen" is one of only three plurals that survived to the present day with -en intact.

    Sorry/not sorry for the derail!

    EDIT: The above link appears to have been automatically converted to an 'https' link by the forum software, which makes it not work. After clicking it, remove the 's' from the URL in your address bar and you should be fine.
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