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    Bug - Not A Bug Occasional exception in headless mode

    I'm not entirely sure what is causing this, but I've been occasionally seeing this exception in my terminal while running a bot in headless mode Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ClassCastException: sun.java2d. HeadlessGraphicsEnvironment cannot be cast to...
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    chatbotScript in CLI mode

    How do you get chat started so that a chatbotScript can parse chat when running in CLI mode? cli_execute( "chat" ); won't work because it tries to start the chat gui.
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    Bug - Fixed $stats[] does not include $stat[muscle]

    Title pretty much says it all, but here's an example to show exactly what I mean. > ashq foreach st in $stats[] print(st); Mysticality Moxie > ashq print( $stat[muscle] ) Muscle
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    Bug - Not A Bug cli_execute("logout") doesn't do anything in an ash script

    As the title says, cli_execute("logout") simply returns true without doing anything. logout works fine in the gcli normally, just not in an ash script.
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    Changing rank of whitelisted members

    I'm trying to figure out how to change the rank of members of a clan who are whitelisted, but not currently in the clan. So far I have the following: else if( on_whitelist( name ) ) { string results = visit_url(...
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    Bug - Fixed chatbotScripts no longer recognize channels

    The channel parameter of a chatbot script no longer seems to be passed anything, even when the message is in /clan or /hobopolis, for example. No matter where the message is, the channel parameter is ""
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    Feature - Implemented Add coal paperweight, jingle bell, and plurals

    Here's a patch to include those items, and the plurals for them and the office supply toys. The patch also includes making jawbruisers a curse item.
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    Cagebot script

    I've dusted out an old cagebot chatbot script that I had, and for some reason, it's not actually adventuring in the sewer. Can someone take a look and see what is going wrong? EDIT: Ignore me, I forgot to include case insensitivity on the clan roster check.
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    Feature - Implemented Allow "acquire" to buy items with 0 autosell

    It seems to me that there isn't really a reason to disallow buying items with 0 autosell, due to the "autoBuyPriceLimit" setting. I have a script to stock up hagnks, using acquire, to take advantage of mafia's intelligence in acquiring items, but it dies on a few items with 0 autosell, despite...
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    Strange mIRC interaction

    Just a warning to anyone who uses mafia and mIRC, somehow mIRC ended up overwriting my GLOBAL_prefs.txt with its own preferences. I've got no clue what sort of conditions it could be repeated under, but I'd reccomend being careful.
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    Consumption History for PvP

    This script will check your previous 30 days of session logs, and compile a list of what you have eaten and drank, and what you still need to eat or drink to maximize your performance in the Wine Tasting and Balanced Diet PvP minis. Note that if you don't have 30 days of logs, it will create...
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce Tattered scrap battleAction

    "item tattered scrap of paper" does not seem to be accepted in the battleAction box on the adventure tab, and possibly causing a bug displayed in the following section of log:
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    Slime Tube Adventuring Script

    Slime.ash Major Update: I've updated the main version of slime.ash to be "relay_slime.ash" This version of the script uses Bale's wonderful interface. The old version (still known as slime.ash) will still be available, but will not be updated for anything but bug fixes. Consider it a stable...
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    Regular Expressions/Matchers

    I know that the Matcher datatype is for regular expressions, however, short of trying to understand the source code (Which would be rather hard for me; I'm horrible with Java) I haven't been able to find anywhere where it is described how they are to be used. Is anyone able to help me out? PS...
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    Cagebot Version 1.4.0 Without further adieu, here is the much requested (at least by Bale) Cagebot script. Simply type "set chatbotScript=cagebot.ash" into the CLI, set whether you want to use rock salt, set up a "cage" ccs and wait for someone to /msg you! My current "cage" ccs is simply...
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    Am I doing something wrong here? I've attached the script I've written to be used as a chatbot script. I've previously written another chatbot script in a similar fashion that worked, but this seems not to. I've set chatbotScript to both cagebot and cagebot.ash, and have tried restarting mafia...
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    Shouldn't while evaluate its conditions in order? e.g. while( ( offers = visit_url( "makeoffer.php" ) ) && contains_text( offers , "Pending Trade Offers (Incoming)" ) ) Should do what is in the loop as long as you have pending incoming trades, shouldn't it? If not, can someone smarter than...
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    Modulo function

    Does anybody know if I'm doing something wrong while using the mod (%) operator? I'm trying to calculate the current time from a timestamp for use in a log file, but the following script is outputting an incorrect result. This: void main() { print(1231377629%86400); } Outputs: 4864.0 While...