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    Slime Tube Adventuring Script

    As soon as I get svn set up again I'll try to get that uploaded. If anyone's interested in taking over the script, let me know and I can get you added to the repository.
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    Slime Tube Adventuring Script

    I don't really play anymore, so I'm not sure how the damage resistance works, but if someone can explain it to me I can probably get the script updated.
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    Slime Tube Adventuring Script

    It currently handles Navel and GAP just fine. It uses the runaways from the bandersnatch, but not the boots. Probably wouldn't be too hard to add. EDIT: Added in support for the stomping boots with r7
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    Slime Tube Adventuring Script

    You won't actually need to install zlib seperately. Zlib is able to be included via an svn dependancy, but htmlform is not (as far as I'm aware).
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    Bug - Not A Bug Cant run MAC version after install.

    Reading up a little, it looks like someone would have to pay the $99 to get the Apple Developer ID, then anyone who was doing a release would just have to have access to the key to sign the dmg with.
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    Slime Tube Adventuring Script

    Okay, everything above should be fixed, though the revamps aren't entirely handled. LTS, Cannon, Stringozzi, WotPL and Geyser are all fine to use, as is attacking with both melee and ranged weapons, divine items (which reminds me that I should add in love songs) and Vicious Talon Slash...
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    Really old Mafia builds.

    Actually, the one I compiled there doesn't have code for anything but the login frame, so that really is all it can do.
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    Really old Mafia builds.

    I find this interesting, so I went back and grabbed the first revision of mafia that would compile. (The second commit, to be exact) This was all it could do.
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    Really old Mafia builds.

    Here's a compiled version of r1
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    Feature - Implemented Hermit - Auto use chewing gum

    Maybe it should, but it doesn't. > prefref autoSat autoSatisfyWithCloset (global, now 'false', default false) autoSatisfyWithCoinmasters (global, now 'true', default false) autoSatisfyWithMall (global, now 'true', default false) autoSatisfyWithNPCs (global, now 'true', default...
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    New Content - Implemented Dreadsylvania

    EDIT: Nevermind, I really need to learn to read first thing in the morning.
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    New Content - Implemented Dreadsylvania

    Looking at item #6483... Unknown item found: electric Kool-Aid (6483, 363523121) -------------------- 6483 electric Kool-Aid 363523121 sk_koolaid.gif food t 0 electric kool-aid 2 1 EPIC 0 0 0 0 electric Kool-Aid Effect: "Electric, Kool", Effect Duration: 50 --------------------...
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    Bug chatbotScript executing twice

    As far as I'm aware, chatbotScripts execute on both incoming and outgoing messages, which would explain your issue.
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    Combat skill/item filter

    Definitely my favorite script. Makes the CAB so much easier to use.
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    Feature - Implemented Friendly warnings for fuzzy matches in $type[]

    Assuming you have the entity already, just change & to & EDIT: Got ninja'd in the time it took me to type that on my phone >.<
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    Feature Orc Chasm helper

    Rename the Batman fight.ash to, say batman_fight.ash, then name your other one something like chasm_fight.ash Then you can have a fight.ash like import <batman_fight.ash>; import <chasm_fight.ash>; void main() { main@batman_fight.ash(); main@chasm_fight.ash(); }
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    Form of...HTML!

    I don't know if jason still even reads the forums at all, but it would be great if this could be put on svn to be used as a dependency.
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    SVN and Changelog support (moved from BatBrain thread)

    Honestly, as an end user, I really don't care about what exactly has changed in, for instance, BatBrain. I'm sure Winterbay, on the other hand, does. I feel like whether you pop up the release notes or not, the same people who actually read them before will STILL be the same people who read them...
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    Slime Tube Adventuring Script

    Alright, I've updated the script to add all of the multi-round stunners listed on the wiki. You can get the latest version of the script by typing svn checkout svn:// in the cli.
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    Slime Tube Adventuring Script

    I'd be willing to bet that the problem is that it doesn't know about any stunners besides entangling noodles. I'll fix that tonight and put out the first update in like a year. Maybe I'll try to figure out sourceforge to get it on svn.