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    You're welcome, though you might want to check the include - it's got "import <fluxxlib.ash>"...

    You're welcome, though you might want to check the include - it's got "import <fluxxlib.ash>" instead of "import <corelib.ash>" like the old one did.
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    Superhuman Cocktailcrafting script

    Anyone getting a "Missing return value (superdrinks.ash, line 174)" error? I've looked at the code but can't seem to see what the issue might be. It seems to be in here: boolean bellyup(){ if(prop_flag("requireBoxServants") && !have_bartender()){ failure_print("Your bartender is gone and...
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    ZLib -- Zarqon's useful function library

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!
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    ZLib -- Zarqon's useful function library

    Ok, I'm getting the following error: I am using the newest build (8762). I suspect the item cache is out of date, but don't know how to force an update. Thanks for any help.
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    CounterChecker: Wormwood, Semi-rares, Dance Cards and more

    I love the integration between the two scripts. One request: for aftercore farming, is there any way that I can specify whether to use milk of magnesium before eating the cookie? Thanks so much!
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    macguffin.ash (a script in progress)

    I think a section of code may have gotten dropped when you did the drums fix, because the script does not go back and get the non-combat in the desert which asks for the pages from the worm-riding manual. If you add this code in between the drum code and the worm-riding manual code, it seems to...
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    One-Click Wossname -- automatic level 12 quest completion

    I absolutely love this script. Just one request - has anyone created a plan file which will do one side or the other only? It's great for getting the Wossname, but I'd like to use it beyond that, for when I only want to do the frat or hippy side. Perhaps that could be made into options in...
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    Custom Combat Pick Pocket bug in Island War

    Yes, I can click "Pickpocket" in the browser and steal an item manually. I am in Hardcore. I am level 13, so it would be right on the line for the safe-moxie feature, but I can't find the preference either. I'll keep a watch on it when I hit level 14 and report back. Thanks!
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    Custom Combat Pick Pocket bug in Island War

    I've noticed an issue when I set Custom Combat to the following: 1: steal 2: attack In this case, the steal attempt never happens in the Island War adventures (I have confirmed it happening correctly in other locations via CLI, and auto attack is off). Has anyone else seen this behavior? I...