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  1. lostcalpolydude

    Bug retrieve_price incorrect values

    Wiki pages exist when people decide to spend the time to create them. Describing it as a problem that it hasn't been created yet seems a bit misleading.
  2. lostcalpolydude

    Feature What to do about locations / monsters with identical names?

    That one is my fault. The Florist Friar let us determine KoL's name for any place that uses adventure.php at least (with no basis for it, I'm guessing that's all the Autumn-aton shows too?). The location name having brackets seemed ridiculous enough that I didn't want to match it. I'm pretty...
  3. lostcalpolydude

    Feature - Implemented Prevent multiple instances of kolmafia from accessing the same account

    My vague recollection, from reading stuff from before I started even using KoLmafia... The reason for two instances being the limit, instead of one, is that sometimes the session lock files weren't cleaned up properly, for whatever reason. So there wasn't actually an expectation that two...
  4. lostcalpolydude

    Feature Allow print_html to print output to the session log

    I would want the default behavior of print_html() to stay as is, rather than having to go back and change scripts that I wrote a decade ago with the explicit goal of not spamming up session logs with output that is only useful for the user to look at in the moment.
  5. lostcalpolydude

    Feature - Rejected Add fallback choice support

    I think those players would mostly find choiceAdventure40 = 1,3,4 confusing also, and will simply copy-paste what someone posts in a chat conversation, so it may as well be a script installation command.
  6. lostcalpolydude

    CCS not using any actions other than those under [ default ]

    My first guess (not looking at any code, not having touched the new path, not having automated any adventuring at all this year at least) is that the dinosaur adjectives you are using aren't considered to be part of the monster's name according to KoLmafia, so those sections aren't matching.
  7. lostcalpolydude

    Bug - Won't Fix Maximizer treats "mus experience percent" and "muscle experience percent" differently.

    Well, the bug report is actually describing a feature. Anything starting with "mus" that doesn't exactly match some other modifier is treated as "muscle". That includes "muslsdfjkskdlflkdsf", for example. I expect someone would be disappointed if that changed. Also, editing your post instead...
  8. lostcalpolydude

    Bug - Won't Fix Maximizer treats "mus experience percent" and "muscle experience percent" differently.

    So, "muscle experience percent" and so on, which already exist?
  9. lostcalpolydude

    New Content - Implemented The Big Book of Every Skill

    In items.txt, usable needs to be changed to reusable.
  10. lostcalpolydude

    Bug Failed to equip familiar equipment

    I added familiarScript a long while back, for people that disagree with the ordering of generic familiar equipment, particularly equipment that all gives the same weight bonus.
  11. lostcalpolydude

    Feature Tracking zone types for the Cold Medicine Cabinet

    And there will need to be another symbol for adventure.php locations that don't yet have an environment type (new content that isn't in the data files yet).
  12. lostcalpolydude

    Bug Failed to equip familiar equipment

    It isn't in inventory. KoLmafia thinks it is. That is the issue, which is why refreshing inventory fixed it.
  13. lostcalpolydude

    Bug - Fixed Undesirable re-purchase of etched hourglass when not found in inventory

    I know that pulling everything from storage (using KoL's built-in button equivalent) takes a while. Long enough that the request times out, in my experience. So internally, there's built-in detection that the request has timed out, and then a delay of 20(?) more seconds (I arbitrarily chose...
  14. lostcalpolydude

    Bug - Fixed turn spent getting boring binder clip not counted when it is turned into file on obtention

    I haven't looked at the code for this in a long time, but I do remember that it was kind of a mess trying to handle all the weird cases. Eventually I gave up on fixing things I knew weren't working right, because I couldn't see a way of improving it. If anyone actually wants to take a look at...
  15. lostcalpolydude

    Bug - Not A Bug Free runs underwater w/o fishy are still reported as no turn cost

    I think the primary reason there was a request for KoL to make that visible was for BoomBox tracking, and similar things that specifically care about whether a combat took a turn. I would guess (though I'm becoming increasingly out of touch with detailed mechanics at this point) that this combat...
  16. lostcalpolydude

    New Content Grey You Challenge Path

    Pull request created. I might finally be figuring out this new process.
  17. lostcalpolydude

    New Content Grey You Challenge Path

    I see that api.php provides basemuscle (unbuffed stats), rawmuscle (raw substats), and muscle (buffed stat) (along with equivalents for the other stats). KoLmafia ignores basemuscle, since it can be calculated from the more precise rawmuscle value. But in Grey You, rawmuscle is a useless value...
  18. lostcalpolydude

    Bug - Fixed Steely-Eyed Squint is being counted twice for +item, causing infinite bloat

    I feel like some of the code was there to handle predictions (from the Maximizer) as opposed to current calculations for effects on hand. I haven't set up an IDE since the transition to github, so I'm not in a position to even try looking at it.