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    Bug - Fixed Trying to use an unusable item from the gCLI produces wrong error message

    r17438: This should work like so: This works correctly from the item manager.
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    Witchess Puzzle Solver

    I get this as well in the exact same situations. Why it wouldn't detect that Witchess isn't active and try to go there BEFORE attempting a solution... is beyond me.
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce NPE setting prices in mall

    Interesting... I tried doing some debugging in Eclipse. What I found is that, for some odd reason I have yet to figure out, IntegerRenderer.getTableCellRendererComponent() is getting called twice: Once with a valid value object, the second time with a null value! Changing IntegerRenderer in the...
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce NPE setting prices in mall

    I'm beginning to wonder if something specific to 10.12 "Sierra" is causing this. All the other attempts to reproduce the issue were not on Sierra, and failed.
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    Time-Spinner Far Future Solver

    That explains why I'm only getting one item per day, then. Thank you!
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    SmartStasis -- a complex script for a simple CCS

    Here's some gCLI output from SS getting confused and aborting, with zlib verbosity set to 10. Hope it helps someone. 1 HP costs 6μ. ( 239 / 239 ) 1 MP costs 6μ. ( 119 / 119 ) WHAM: We currently think that the round number is: 0 and that the turn number is 352. WHAM: Checking to see if WHAM...
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce NPE setting prices in mall

    Maybe this is a Java bug, then, Veracity? It clearly isn't doing that for me.
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    Bug - Fixed KoLmafia attempts to repeatedly visit the rumpus room for a clanless character

    My alt DDStashBot is clan-less. When I log in as that character, KoLmafia tries to visit the Rumpus Room, and fails, repeats the request indefinitely, and no amount of typing "abort" in the gCLI or pressing Escape will make it stop.
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce NPE setting prices in mall

    There we go. Reproduced by hitting Enter twice inside a price field, after changing the price (which does nothing), THEN clicking the "save prices" button. The NPE happens at that point.
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    Universal Recovery Script

    Fixed the command for you. :)
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    Am I missing something or is Auto Reprice just missing?

    Noticed the same thing. Changing prices doesn't work right now - throws a NullPointerException. So maybe that is related? Bug report has been submitted.
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce NPE setting prices in mall

    I tried to set the price of one random item I deemed worth selling in the Mall of Loathing, in KoLmafia's mall manager... and got a NullPointerException when I hit Enter to commit the change. KoLmafia r17225, macOS 10.12, Java 8u102
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    SmartStasis -- a complex script for a simple CCS

    I have no objections to abstraction upgrades; I didn't even know that was possible! As for the SS early abort... if you attempt to force the issue by clicking the script button in the KoLmafia relay browser, when it DOES occur (after loading the combat if necessary)... SS goes through the same...
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    Bug - Fixed Reassured can be shrugged, but KoLmafia doesn't know this

    Reassured can be shrugged, but KoLmafia doesn't know this. It insists a SGEEA is needed, which is false (and fails to remove the effect without any). r17164.
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    Automatic Flavour Tuning

    Nice. :) I have Flavour permed for this exact reason, and will install this.
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    Feature - Implemented Update a few default goals

    For Cyrpt: The Defiled Alcove: current default is "3 shysterweed". That item no longer drops there. Perhaps "none" is better? For Island: Belowdecks: current default is "1 Talisman o'Nam". This works OK in practice but should be changed to "1 Talisman o'Namsilat" for correctness. For Beanstalk...
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    New Content - Implemented KoL now displays max fullness / drunkenness in charpane

    The new display (of your fullness and drunkenness with limits) understandably confuses KoLmafia somewhat. KoLmafia r17067, Java 8u102.
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    SmartStasis -- a complex script for a simple CCS

    SS has been getting into a bad state for me lately, reporting to BatBrain / WHAM that it finished the fight before taking any actions when it really isn't done. This leads to a KoLmafia abort. Anyone else seen this? Do I need to change verbosity to debug?
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    Introducing KoLmafia Daily Downloader

    Licensing enforcement: Lawsuits: