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  1. StDoodle

    SVN and Changelog support (moved from BatBrain thread)

    I mostly lurk now, having pretty much retired from KoL itself, but I thought I'd chime in a couple things (then run and hide away again). 1) I agree w/ roippi about tortoiseSVN; I know nothing about SVN, not really a coder myself, but I used it a few times and found it fairly newbie-friendly. I...
  2. StDoodle


    I'm on my second account now; the first (same name), was deactivated for inactivity back in the day. Shortly after returning, I wondered why it was I hadn't picked up a new Crazy Bastard Sword; that thing had been kinda nifty (or so I thought at the time, mostly 'cause of the name). So I looked...
  3. StDoodle

    Omnibus Threads (New Content Handling)

    On more than one occasion, the "New Content" threads have gotten out of hand. Once upon a time, before the major revamps to quests / locations and holey-crappery complicated new items, this was so rarely an issue as to be unworthy of notice. That is no longer the case. Now, let me preface this...
  4. StDoodle

    Using both a combat filter and a ccs?

    It's probably simpler to combine all of your various CCS stuff into one script that can be called from the KoLmafia CCS settings, but I'm not 100% sure I follow all of what you're doing correctly. I've been looking at making one for myself lately, so this is kind of on my mind; if you'd like to...
  5. StDoodle

    mall = DEPRECATED

    Winterbay, you're begging the question: since when were "regular frames" or "iframes" the only options?
  6. StDoodle

    mall = DEPRECATED

    Ya know, it'd be nice (but probably unreasonable at this point) if KoL could just do a frameless facelift. Would also make it a good deal easier to "skin" KoL for easier use on phones and such. Ah, well.
  7. StDoodle

    Feature - Implemented Avatar of Jarlsberg chefstaves, tracking and info

    Bale, your info is outdated (they JUST pushed a change). For the record, out of 130 billiards fights (after cream-jiggling the chalkdust wraith, and throwing out my semirare fight), 111 fights were said wraith.
  8. StDoodle

    Feature - Rejected Add Video Game Level choice adventure dropdowns

    I'm wondering if you really need to have all of those choices listed; wouldn't it be simpler to have one setting, which could be either "Complete Quest" or "Mine 4 Stats" or whatever?
  9. StDoodle

    New Content - Implemented Avatar of Jarlsberg (Items have their own thread)

    Skill: Lunch Like a King Grants: Stomach Capacity +5 Skill: Nightcap Grants: Liver Capacity +5 ... seem like two that might be good towards the top of the priority list.
  10. StDoodle

    Determine if/which holiday it is

    I dunno, why not just day_to_holiday() and you could always do day_to_holiday(today_to_string) assuming the format could easily be made identical? Edit: Nevermind; we still can't go backwards to milliseconds since epoch, so the math part is a PITA... sigh
  11. StDoodle

    Bug - Won't Fix Staph of homophones (I think) screwing up session results

    I would recommend adding something to your login script (you have one right?) that checks to see if it's equipped, and puts something else in your hand if so.
  12. StDoodle

    Winterbay's Helpful Automatic Monsterbasher (WHAM)

    For those of us using BCC's ascension script with a mimic set as "default" familiar, and using WHAM, this could make a huge difference in how long it takes to run turns. Thanks for finding that!
  13. StDoodle

    bumcheekcity's Easy Snapshot Maker

    Actually, Rad Libs is missing too. But I haven't pursued those on the bug reports page, since I don't have them and would rather not see 'em. :p
  14. StDoodle

    Winterbay's Helpful Automatic Monsterbasher (WHAM)

    Ya know, I can understand how & why the "11 = debug mode" thing could occur to one, but as that's not suggested by documentation, it seems kinda... I hate to use this word, but... annoying. ;) The scripting community should probably agree on a unique global zlib var to use to mean "don't...
  15. StDoodle

    bumcheekcend.ash - A zero setup semi-automated ascension script!

    This is the second ascension I've had this happen, when all that was needed was to navigate the final choice adventure. Not a huge deal, but just thought I'd mention it.
  16. StDoodle

    Trouble identifying a fax monster

    Unless you've defined string chief = "chief"; somewhere, shouldn't that be visit_url("desc_item.php?whichitem=835898159").contains_text("chief"); ;)
  17. StDoodle

    bumcheekcity's Easy Snapshot Maker

    That fixed it, thanks.
  18. StDoodle

    bumcheekcity's Easy Snapshot Maker

    2.6, downloaded less than half an hour before posting.
  19. StDoodle

    bumcheekcity's Easy Snapshot Maker

    "This was generated using an old version of the snapshot script. More functionality is available in the current version of the script - 2.6. Update it and run again for more information!" Um, actually no, I used the latest version. Even re-saved my setup page stuff. I'm confused (nothing on the...