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  1. sapph

    KoLMafia Launcher and Auto-Updater for Windows

    Release 2.1 Changelog: Compile-Launcher.ps1 Added logic to intelligently determine if ps2exe module is available, should be imported, or should be installed from Gallery Launch-KoL.ps1 Removed user-editable line to determine KoL install location Added logic to read install location from...
  2. sapph

    KoLMafia Launcher and Auto-Updater for Windows

    I've built a PowerShell script that checks to see if a new build of KoLMafia has been published compared to the version you have. If so, it replaces what you have with the latest. Either way, it finishes up by launching. This script makes the following assumptions: 1. You are running KoLMafia...
  3. sapph

    Feature Expand ChoiceAdventure Options

    I don't know how difficult this would be to implement, but it occurred to me that there are a number of ChoiceAdventures that can give you an item - but you want only a certain maximum of that item. And it can also give you stats. It would be nice if there was an option that said (say for...
  4. sapph

    New Content - Implemented Data For Dad's Brandy

    See attached patch file. Modifies src/data/inebriety.txt, line 187 to included spaded data from ColdFront
  5. sapph

    Character Info Toolbox

    Just installed CHIT. As soon as I refresh the relay browser window, I get the following error in CLI: It repeats (it appears) every time something causes the character pane to refresh (so a lot). It also appears to prevent CHIT from loading. Any thoughts? SVN says CHIT is at HEAD (r211) and...