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    Some Game Questions

    I'd assume it takes the same slot as the meat maid, clockwork maid, and meat butler, in which case you can see if you have it by clicking the magnifying glass over your dwelling.
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    New Content Summer 2023 special challenge path - Legacy of Loathing

    Two more minor issues: Defeating The Little Wisniewski or The Boy doesn't advance the quest preference. In aftercore of LoL, KoLmafia didn't think I had the Tome of Clip Art until I manually looked at my bookshelf.
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    New Content Summer 2023 special challenge path - Legacy of Loathing

    This path recently dropped the Standard restrictions, giving access to a lot of old IotMs that aren't familiar or equipment. KoLmafia seems to be handling this change well, for the most part. However, I am getting some issues from KoLmafia thinking it can pull things it can't. I'm in HC LoL, but...
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    New Content Summer 2023 special challenge path - Legacy of Loathing

    I've started this path. On buying/using a replica august scepter via the relay browser, KoLmafia didn't recognize that I'd gained the associated skills. A "refresh all" corrected this.
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    BatBrain -- a central nervous system for consult scripts

    The best way would be to just add them to your personal blacklist. In KoLmafia's data folder, edit (or create if it doesn't exist) the file BatMan_blacklist_[your KoL user name].txt and add these lines: skill 7415 0 skill 7416 0 skill 7417 0 skill 7421 0 (That should be a tab before...
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    BatBrain -- a central nervous system for consult scripts

    Thanks for the update, and sorry for putting you on the spot. The update actually ended up being too effective for me. It's now using all the skills from my designer sweatpants, leaving me unable to cast Sweat Out Some Booze. I added this line to my BatBrain.ash to address this: case...
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    Why is my mafia saucegeysering?

    On the Custom Combat tab, the Action field at the very top should be set to "custom combat script", but it's apparently currently set to saucegeyser.
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    BatBrain -- a central nervous system for consult scripts

    It's great that that possibility exists, but I definitely don't feel comfortable pushing an update myself, without first being 100% sure that it's correct.
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    BatBrain -- a central nervous system for consult scripts

    So, I'm doing AOSOL now. Because of the lack of updates to batfactors.txt, it won't use any of the combat skills. I did some Pig Skinner runs, and just attacking with my June cleaver was good enough, but now I'm playing as Cheese Wizard and do want to use the skills. I looked at the wiki pages...
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    New Content Spring 2023 special challenge path - Avatar of Shadows Over Loathing

    I've started doing this path today. One thing I noticed is that, so far at least, killing the path's replacement bosses doesn't update the corresponding quest preference, because they haven't been dropping the normal item (e.g. batskin belt) and there isn't special handling for them yet.
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    Bug Mafia seems to be missing the "Tome Skills" dropdown from the "After Ronin" tab.

    You're right. For the various breakfast items/skills, the choice is just whether to use them or not. With clip art, you need to choose which item you want, and that's likely to change either over the course of an ascension or as mall prices change. Breakfast just doesn't handle clip art all...
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    Bug Mafia seems to be missing the "Tome Skills" dropdown from the "After Ronin" tab.

    In ronin, you're limited to three tome uses per day and have to choose which tomes to spend them on. Outside of ronin, you can use each tome three times, so that's what KoLmafia does.
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    Bug - Fixed Missing multiusable items

    I occasionally get messages regarding item multiusability. Usually, I just ignore them, assuming someone else will already have noticed it (especially for new content). I just now decided to go through this year's sessions logs and compile those messages. I then compared it to the current...
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    New Content august scepter

    When casting Aug. 16th: Roller Coaster Day! with gCLI, the decreased fullness is correctly noticed. However, this doesn't cause the food consumption tab to update.
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    Bug Rain Monster counter outside of Heavy Rains

    If you fight one of the Heavy Rains wanderers outside of the Heavy Rains path, KoLmafia will still set up a counter predicting when the next one will appear. I noticed this as a result of getting an alley catfish via "Aug. 8th: Cat Day!" yesterday.
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    New Content Perpetrate Mild Evil

    One change accompanying the introduction of the skill is that evil noodles, evil paper umbrellas, and nauseating reagents are no longer untradeable quest items, so their items.txt entries will need to be updated.
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    A Multi-Armed Bandit PVP Script

    I've been getting a lot of preference change notification spam recently, and I've traced it to this script. It seems that it sets logPreferenceChange to false to avoid spam (good), but then it sets it to true afterwards, regardless of what it was originally (bad).
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    Boxing Daycare assistance needed.

    I'm glad it's working for you. It's a small thing, though; no compensation is needed.
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    Boxing Daycare assistance needed.

    I haven't tested it directly, but this script should do what you need: if (get_property("_daycareRecruits").to_int() < 3 && my_meat() >= 11100) { visit_url("place.php?whichplace=town_wrong&action=townwrong_boxingdaycare"); run_choice(3); while...
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    Veracity's Garden Harvester

    I can report that it's successfully allowing my rock garden to grow, despite my ginormous pumpkin dwelling.