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    Character Info Toolbox

    Same thing happened to me. I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling the script.
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    ZLib -- Zarqon's useful function library

    I'm getting Expression syntax errors for 'Generated:modifier_eval()': Can't understand {3,4,5} (zlib.ash, line 201) at eval (zlib.ash:201) at to_event (BatBrain.ash:285) at build_items (BatBrain.ash:1227) at build_options (BatBrain.ash:1534) at act (BatBrain.ash:2282) at main...
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    Feature Elemental International Airport Duty Free Shop

    The Elemental International Airport Duty Free Shop is a coin master store that takes the charter currencies. Can it be included in the Coin Master screen?
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    New Content august scepter

    Perfect, thank you!
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    New Content august scepter

    Could we get a property that counts the number of times the August skills have been used (or vice versa, the number remaining)? Also a boolean that tells whether or not today's skill has been used?
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    muffin - a monorail breakfast counter helper

    This script used to work fine, but now I get when running muffin.
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    BatMan Relay -- more info, less clicking

    Factroid seems to have stopped working for me. After scraping the manuel pages, the Factroid page shows with no factoids, although according to the manuel: You have casually researched 24 creatures. You have thoroughly researched 7 creatures. You have exhaustively researched 1970 creatures. If I...
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    "Try to steal an item" not working

    Whenever I add "try to steal an item" to my ccs, when combat initiates, Mafia quits to the relay browser. Alternatively, if I start a combat from the relay browser, my ccs aborts with "Invalid macro". Pressing the script button allows the script to continue, but a pickpocket never happens. If I...
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    Word Wrap in the CLI

    When running scripts, frequently lines of output are longer than my window. This causes the window to move and cut off the beginning of subsequent lines. Is there any way to enforce word wrapping in the CLI?