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  1. Fluxxdog

    Bug - Not A Bug r16536 - Doughtbat is listed as sleazy when not aligned

    > ash $monster[doughbat].attributes Returned: Atk: 14 Def: 12 HP: 8 Init: 60 EA: sleaze Meat: 20 P: beastDoughbat should not have an elemental affinity.
  2. Fluxxdog

    New Content - Implemented 2015 Advent Calender

    On the first day of Crimbo, a hippy gave to me: -------------------- 8750 hemp candy necklace 940456173 candynecklace.gif multiple t 0 Item hemp candy necklace Effect: "You Ate Some Hemp Candy", Effect Duration: 20 -------------------- -------------------- 2025 You Ate Some Hemp Candy...
  3. Fluxxdog

    New Content - Implemented Box of Gratitude chocolates

    Jick seems to be giving out thanks to subscribers. I couldn't find the box of Gratitude chocolates item in the log, but I did find this after using a box of Gratitude chocolates:inv_use.php?pwd&which=3&whichitem=8764&ajax=1&_=1449013966914Using it gave these goodies:-------------------- 8765...
  4. Fluxxdog

    New Content - Implemented Dec 2015 IotM - machine elf capsule

    Unknown item found: machine elf capsule (8706, 264186300) -------------------- 8706 machine elf capsule 264186300 machelfcapsule.gif grow t 0 Item machine elf capsule Free Pull -------------------- New familiar: "Machine Elf" (199) @ machelf.gif Using 1 box of Familiar Jacks... Unknown item...
  5. Fluxxdog

    Bug - Not A Bug r16495 - Mafia tries choice other than what's in preferences

    > choice-goal Requested choice (5) for choice #1116 is not currently available. choice 3: Look for some blood (fill bucket by 10-15%) choice 4: Raid the bar (acquire cocktail ingredients) choice 6: Raid... your way... out of the hotel (leave) Click here to continue in the relay browser. > get...
  6. Fluxxdog

    New Content - Implemented The Glaciest

    Unknown item found: airplane charter: The Glaciest (8674, 509021709) -------------------- 8674 airplane charter: The Glaciest 509021709 aircharter.gif usable t 0 Item airplane charter: The Glaciest Free Pull -------------------- Wal-Mart buy 5 shoulder-warming lotion ROW763 --------------------...
  7. Fluxxdog

    Bug r16311 - RecoveryManager.isRecoveryActive() returns true when disabled

    When hpAutoRecovery and mpAutoRecovery are set to negative values, the auto-recovery mechanism is effectively disabled. However, the mentioned method is returning true, causing aborts such as:Aborting implicit outfit change due to potential infinite loop in auto-recovery. Please buy the...
  8. Fluxxdog

    Feature - Implemented Track grains of salt used per day

    Grains of salt are limited to a maximum of 3 per day. catches it and deducts from the item pool, but there's nothing to track actually using it.
  9. Fluxxdog

    Bug - Fixed r15600 - ClassCastException on Mr. STore

    Getting a ClassCastException when I visit Mr. Store. Debug log and HTML attached <centeR> <table width=95% cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0> <tr> <td style="color: white;" align=center bgcolor=blue><b>Mr. Store</b></td> </tr> <tr> <td style="padding: 5px; border: 1px solid...
  10. Fluxxdog

    Bug - Fixed r15441 - available_amount($item[none]) returns non-zero value

    Ran this script on 2 different characters:print(available_amount( $item[none] )); print(closet_amount( $item[none] )); print(creatable_amount( $item[none] )); print(display_amount( $item[none] )); print(equipped_amount( $item[none] )); print(item_amount( $item[none] )); print(shop_amount(...
  11. Fluxxdog

    Bug - Won't Fix r15278 - Maximizer leaving slots empty

    -0.0625 ml, -10 combat -25 min, -buddy-bjorn, -crown-of-thrones, -familiar, moxie experience, -hat, -back,2 dump Maximizing... SLOT 0 [nasty rat mask (100), aerated diving helmet (100), crappy Mer-kin mask (100), Mer-kin gladiator mask (100), radiation-resistant helmet (100), snorkel (100)...
  12. Fluxxdog

    New Content - Implemented r15261 - Twin Peak - Carriers do not add bonus

    Unknown if this is a recent change or been there all along. When you Search the Pantry, bonuses provided by Crown of Thrones and Buddy Bjorn do not count towards the food bonus needed. During my run, I had 55% item drop, 10 of which came from a Bjornified Oily Woim. When I searched the pantry...
  13. Fluxxdog

    New Content - Implemented r15132 - Maximizer suggests Olympic pool when unavailable

    Running a standard path, the VIP Olympic Size swimming pool is unavailable. Tried maximizing -combat and it suggests sprints.
  14. Fluxxdog

    Bug - Fixed r15122-DFSS Gear Changer item loss

    When equipping two weapons, then unequipping you main hand weapon, Gear Changer unequips both. Clicking "change gear" works as expected, you no longer have anything in either hand. However, mafia loses track of the weapon in your offhand and does not account for it in your inventory until a...
  15. Fluxxdog

    Feature - Implemented Maximizer equips based on attack stat

    For a long time, if you wanted to use Muscle-based weapons, you would use 'melee' in the maximizer. Conversely, if you wanted to use Moxie-based weapons, you would use '-melee'. Then came Tricky Knifework and through that in the toilet. 'melee' and '-melee' have different meanings now, such as...
  16. Fluxxdog

    Feature - Implemented Make autoSatisfyWith a user preference

    Almost discovered the hard way that autoSatisfyWithCloset is a global preference. This is... surprising to say the least, since each character will want to handle their characters' inventories differently. The change to defaults.txt is easy enough, but it would have the preferences set in both...
  17. Fluxxdog

    @fewyn: Ads are starting to hijack pages

    I know ad revenue helps keep this site running, but today I started encountering ads that are hijack the pages. I'll go to view a topic, and my page gets redirected off of One of the sites is...
  18. Fluxxdog

    Feature - Implemented Pull available wads when casting Rainbow Gravitation

    Didn't realize I had a problem with this until recently. Rainbow Gravity won't cast unless you have the wads in inventory. I looked through and mafia thinks I can't cast it because I have no wads in inventory, which is correct, but I'd expect mafia to pull them. It turns out, mafia use...
  19. Fluxxdog

    Bug - Won't Fix Odd monster reading

    [9427] The Dungeons of Doom Encounter: Ferocious bugbear.</td></tr></table></td></tr></table> Strategy: F:\Programs\KoLmafia\ccs\default.ccs [default] Round 0: fluxxdog wins initiative!Caught sight of this as I was dancing around with teleportitis. It seemed I stepped into the Haiku Dungeon and...
  20. Fluxxdog

    New Content - Implemented Orc Chasm choice changed

    In the Choice Advs panel, the selection for choosing which scrolls to make is listed as a choice for the Orc Chasm. The location for that changed to The Valley of Rof L'm Fao. I created a patch. It's time I stepped up to help instead of just reporting. It's not much, but given what I've...