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    Bug - Fixed Trying to use an unusable item from the gCLI produces wrong error message

    r17438: This should work like so: This works correctly from the item manager.
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    Bug - Fixed KoLmafia attempts to repeatedly visit the rumpus room for a clanless character

    My alt DDStashBot is clan-less. When I log in as that character, KoLmafia tries to visit the Rumpus Room, and fails, repeats the request indefinitely, and no amount of typing "abort" in the gCLI or pressing Escape will make it stop.
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    Bug - Cannot Reproduce NPE setting prices in mall

    I tried to set the price of one random item I deemed worth selling in the Mall of Loathing, in KoLmafia's mall manager... and got a NullPointerException when I hit Enter to commit the change. KoLmafia r17225, macOS 10.12, Java 8u102
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    Bug - Fixed Reassured can be shrugged, but KoLmafia doesn't know this

    Reassured can be shrugged, but KoLmafia doesn't know this. It insists a SGEEA is needed, which is false (and fails to remove the effect without any). r17164.
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    Feature - Implemented Update a few default goals

    For Cyrpt: The Defiled Alcove: current default is "3 shysterweed". That item no longer drops there. Perhaps "none" is better? For Island: Belowdecks: current default is "1 Talisman o'Nam". This works OK in practice but should be changed to "1 Talisman o'Namsilat" for correctness. For Beanstalk...
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    New Content - Implemented KoL now displays max fullness / drunkenness in charpane

    The new display (of your fullness and drunkenness with limits) understandably confuses KoLmafia somewhat. KoLmafia r17067, Java 8u102.
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    Bug - Fixed Relay browser right click chat menu is missing options

    The right-click menu in KoLmafia's relay browser chat is missing options. Most notably, /msg isn't there in KoLmafia, but is in "vanilla" KoL, even if you turn the option off and back on then exit chat and re-enter. Using KoLmafia r16684.
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    Bug - Fixed Typo in r16690

    From the gCLI: Unknown concoction: quickssilver spurs Unknown ingredient (nugget of quickssilver) for concoction: quickssilver spurs That should be "quicksilver". r16690.
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    New Content - Implemented January 2016 IotM: X-32-F snowman crate

    This unlocks a new location: The Snojo, in the Big Mountains. Inside it are 4 things: A console, used to change the mode of the snowman (suspect this changes when you ascend, based on your class, if it's set to one of the stat modes - tournament mode probably does NOT reset) A leaderboard...
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    New Content - Implemented Mountain stream soda buffed

    Mountain Stream soda's MP restoration went WAY up. It used to be 6-8, it is now 30-40. KoLmafia's data needs updating to reflect this KoL change.
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    Bug SVN checkout twice = NPE

    This happened in the script manager, when I told it to install the same script twice, thinking it didn't respond the first time... Starting Checkout... Starting Checkout... Validating repo... Validating repo... Repo validated. Repo validated. <lots of SVN stuff> At revision X. <lots more SVN...
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    Firefox 44 marks HTTP login forms as insecure

    Available now for Nightly channel users; soon for Developer Edition; +6 weeks for Beta; +12 weeks (around New Year's Day 2016) for Stable. This change will likely force KoL to adapt sooner rather than later, to switch on HTTPS logins for everyone by default. This in turn will likely have a knock...
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    Launching KoLmafia.jar with -DuseCWDasROOT not working on Linux

    Not sure if this is a Java bug or a KoLmafia bug. In any case, KoLmafia on Linux, when launched with this option set, uses ~ (your home folder) as the "root". It's supposed to use the folder KoLmafia.jar is in, instead.
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    Bug - Fixed Frosty's frosty mug helper usage succeeds, but is detected as failure

    Bug description: Go to Booze section in Item Manager. Enqueue a Frosty's frosty mug. Enqueue two booze items. Make sure you have enough cold resistance / HP to survive. Drink the booze. First consumption will succeed with the helper. Second one will fail, leaving the mug still in the queue but...
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    Bug - Fixed Drunki-bear consumption confuses the queue

    Bug description: Make sure the food and booze queues are cleared. Consume a drunki-bear from the food area of the item manager. Go to the booze area. Notice that the drunk queue has now gone negative. KoLmafia r16228.
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    New Content - Implemented August 2015 Item of the Month: airplane charter: That 70's Volcano

    Details from KoL are here: (New page for us to handle. Whee!)
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    New Content 3 new Madness Bakery items

    All of these are obtained from the magical baguette, via its manipulate link. Looking at item #8181... Unknown item found: loafers (8181, 658560542) -------------------- 8181 loafers 658560542 loafers.gif accessory t,d 25 loafers 0 none Item loafers Initiative: +10, Single Equip...
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    New Content - Implemented miniature power pill is multiusable

    gCLI output: Verifying ingredients... Verifying ingredients for miniature power pill (60)... Creating 60 miniature power pill... miniature power pill is multiusable, but KoLmafia thought it was not You acquire miniature power pill (60) Successfully created miniature power pill (60) KoLmafia...
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    KoL kicks me out when I try to donate while logged in via KoLmafia

    I get the "not logged in" error now... this used to work. Wonder what changed.
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    KoLmafia and Java 9

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but last time I checked, KoLmafia still depended on internal Java APIs (in sun.* packages) in the current version. This may break horribly with Java 9 modules. I haven't tested on JDK 9 previews yet, but I plan to do so soon, and I will report back on...